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Why the Brazilian Blowout is Perfect for Singaporeans Now

The Singapore government loosened COVID-19 restrictions on the workplace. Now, up to 75 per cent of those working from home can return to their workplace from April 5. Plus, split teams are no longer mandated too. Whether you love your job (or not), there’s nothing like having a head of hair with beautiful curls, luminous locks to show who’s boss. Tropika Club thinks this fuss-free hair treatment is the perfect way to strut your stuff when you get back to your office. Not to mention, it’s a total game-changer for Singapore’s humid weather. Need we say more? Here’s why the Brazilian Blowout is perfect for Singaporeans now.

What is the Brazillian Blowout?

Simple, versatile, and effective, the Brazilian Blowout is a hair-straightening treatment that’s practically the stuff of dreams: it not only eliminates frizz, curl up your hair, and smoothes your hair texture, but it can provide an exquisite shine too.

As for its namesake, you can simply point to its ingredients. Acai berries, annatto seeds, camu camu; most of them are indigenous to Brazil.

How does the Brazilian Blowout Work Its Magic?

The treatment usually uses a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair, forming a protective layer around each strand. That’s how it can effectively diminish frizz and keep the shape of the hair’s curl. With the protective layer, the treatments can seal the cuticle and prevent it from external damage. Meanwhile, its active ingredients are the key to keeping your hair hydrated, frizz-free, and glossy. z

That’s not all. It’ll be more resilient to heat styling too. And, so long as you avoid shampoos with chlorine and sulfates, the treatment could last from three to four months—and longer if you don’t wash your hair often.

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Luscious Locks the Way You Want It

Still want some waves? The Brazillian Blowout lets you have it. You can always tell your hairstylist that you want to keep some of your curls or keep your frizz. The hair treatment actually let you tailor it to what you want.

Most of the time, the Brazilian Blowout aims to make your hair easier to work with. But take note if you have curly hair. After you get the hair treatment, you won’t get a pin-straight texture for your hair after you air dry. While you’ll still have volume and waves if you dry it, the hair treatment just helps you take less time blow drying your hair.

You don’t have to worry if you’ve dyed your hair either. You can still get a Brazilian Blowout even if you have coloured hair. In fact, it could even help you keep the colour for longer because it seals off the hair shaft. Some even follow up their hair-colouring session with a Brazilia Blowout since the hair cuticle is already open from the colour. But remember to let your stylist know because the hair treatment could make the colour brighter than usual though a skillful stylist would already know that.

Brazilian Blowouts vs. Keratin Treatments

They essentially do the same thing on your hair: vanquishing frizz and providing shine. And, both treatments are safe for most hair types and can be done on colour-treated hair.

But here’s the one defining advantage of Brazilian Blowouts over keratin hair treatments: it’s more customisable. With the myriad of keratin hair treatments out there, you’ll save yourself hours searching for the right one for your hair or the look you want. With the Brazilian Blowout, you can easily adjust the treatment to get different hair texture by simply controlling the temperature.

The Brazilian Blowout has less fuss for its post-treatment downtime too. You can still go about your regular styling routine afterwards. For keratin hair treatments, you can’t wash it for at least three or four days. Most of the time, you can’t even tie your hair up.


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Brazilian Blowout Dangers

As much as it’s effective, it’s worth noting the side effects of the hair treatment as well. The actual processes in the hair treatment pose no harm—it’s that some of the ingredients could be harmful to your hair and scalp. 

The ingredients for the hair treatment could include chemicals such as formaldehyde, formalin, formic aldehyde, methanol, methylene glycol, methylene oxide, oxomethane, oxymethylene, paraform, and timonacic acid.

Perhaps one of the more glaring ingredients in the hair treatment you might have heard of: formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical. One study that compared different Brazilian Blowout solutions discovered that the solution consisted of almost 12 per cent formaldehyde. It’s around three times higher than most other keratin hair treatments. 

There could be other side effects too. Though it’s more common for experienced hairstylists to experience them. The side effects could include headaches, dizziness, bleeding nose, nausea, chest pains, scalp burning, and more. And, since experienced stylists often use heat to seal in the keratin in the hair treatment, the chemicals in the hair treatment are released into the air. That could trigger breathing problems, asthma, or wheezing.

Some have had hair problems and hair damage after this hair treatment, and other hair-straightening hair treatments involving chemicals. Bear in mind, you might experience hair loss, hair breakage, as well as dry, brittle hair. Do check with your professional hairstylist about the ingredients in your hair treatment before you do it. Usually, reliable salons with professional service can help you steer clear of the dangers.

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