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Your Complete Guide to Facial Toner

Have you ever wondered how toner would help your skin in the long-run? What goes on right underneath the skin and why is it considered a necessity nowadays?  

When you walk into a store, a skincare specialist asked you this question. “Tell me about your skincare regime. Are you doing the 3(+1)-steps routine”? Asked yourself, were you caught off guard? What was your reaction- tongue-tied? 

Many of us do. In fact, a handful of us are not educated on the importance of a 3(+1) steps routine, which consists of Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise (+ Sunblock). Admit it, no one taught us the proper usage of the skincare regime and how important is it to have them applied every day. Fear not, Tropika Club will take you through this journey today. 

What Exactly is a Toner?

Toner- the very first step to the daily skincare routine right after you cleanse your skin, yet many do not understand the value of using a toner. It provides multiple benefits to your skin, and it caters to different skin types. One important question- alcohol-based or no?  

First and foremost, Toner serves multiple benefits to your skin-  

  1. Acts as a double-cleanse to your skin 
  2. Removes the last traces of dirt and excess oil on the skin 
  3. Prepares your skin for the next step of products- allowing for better absorption 
  4. Balances the pH on your skin 
  5. Control acne  
  6. Reduce the appearance of pores 

Looking at the list above, how close are you to getting a toner? Are you already sold? If you have more confusions, worry not! Read through for a deeper understanding on the big T word. 

Your Complete Guide to Facial Toner



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