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Your Top 11 Escape Rooms in Singapore – Can You Break Free?

Set out to think critically at these escape rooms that are loaded up with puzzles and vexing situations to test your companionship and your teamwork abilities. Without giving an excessive amount of away, we educate you concerning probably the best escape rooms Singapore brings to the table. Be vital about who you enter these simulations with – snatch a few your brainier companions and work your way through top picks that brought to you by Tropika Club!

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Explore thrilling escape rooms in Singapore: Get ready for an exciting adventure as you test your problem-solving skills and teamwork in immersive escape room experiences.
  • Choose from the top 11 escape rooms: Discover a curated list of the best escape rooms in Singapore, each offering unique themes, challenges, and puzzles to keep you engaged and entertained.
  • Challenge your mind with clever puzzles and clues: Put your critical thinking to the test as you unravel mysteries, decode clues, and solve puzzles within the given time limit to successfully escape the room.
  • Enjoy immersive and interactive environments: Immerse yourself in the intricately designed escape rooms that transport you to different worlds, complete with captivating storylines and attention to detail.
  • Suitable for individuals, groups, and special occasions: Whether you’re looking for a fun outing with friends, a unique team-building activity, or a memorable celebration, escape rooms offer engaging experiences for everyone.
  • Unleash your inner detective and experience the thrill of breaking free: Step into the shoes of a detective or an adventurer, embrace the adrenaline rush, and see if you have what it takes to break free from the challenges of the escape room.

1. V-Room


Escapee rooms are intended to completely drown players into totally unique, frequently perilous, worlds. Be that as it may, to keep away from any wounds they can indeed do a lot. Luckily, it’s the time of innovation – when Virtual Reality (VR) meets Escape Room, the potential outcomes are inestimable. Presently, you and a pal can encounter being stranded during a world flood with the multiplayer puzzle game, Sam and Dan: Floaty Flatmates. Together, endure the end of the world, get away from the pursuing hungry shark, and get onto the boat for security. On the other hand, give a shot the multiplayer shooter game, Arizona Sunshine, where you handle weapons with real-life movements to get away from the zombie swarm. Costs are $12 every hour on weekdays and $15 on weekends – after a necessary lifetime membership entry of $5.


2. Trapped Escape Room


Have you at any point watched a Blood and gore film and stated, “If I were in that situation, I’d totally find a way to get out of it”? All things considered, here’s your opportunity to demonstrate it. At Trapped Escape Room, you and up to nine different companions can encounter a night of the Purge. Together, handle and solve puzzles set by your captors to win your escape. Speedy, you just have an hour prior to they become upset – think quick and on your feet, it could have an effect among life and demise. On the off chance that the Purge isn’t just as you would prefer, give Tekong Army Bunk a shot where the phantom stories you’ve heard wake up, or the Mental Ward – where maybe it is you that is somewhat insane. Booking charges for an escape room are from $28.90 per individual.

Trapped Escape Room

3. Virtual Room


As its name proposes, Virtual Room is another VR-focused escape room giving you and your mates a vivid 3D true-to-life experience when you play its games. Right now, it has two alternatives on offer – Time Travel Chapter I and Time Travel Chapter II – both expecting you to go on missions that move over into chronicled periods, similar to old Egypt and the medieval ages, to help spare the world. Pick the previous and you’ll need to piece riddles to recoup essential data that disappeared when the Alpha group vanished during its last mission. On the other hand attempt, the last mentioned and discover the wellsprings of vitality fit for battling a plague that is compromising Earth. Every player gets the opportunity to move around, look for things, and manipulate objects in their own room that is outfitted with the most updated VR gear. Together with your mates, you will battle for Earth’s survival. Costs start from $44 per individual.

Virtual Room

4. Lost


Surrounding lighting and grasping sound effects become the dominant focal point at Lost, ensuring that members have a vivid encounter. We’ve heard that the entryways of this escape room are fitted with voice-initiated sensors so on the off chance that you shout sufficiently uproarious, they may very well open up. So, when all else comes up short, you comprehend what to do – or you could go ahead by calling in for pieces of clues. Give it a shot to The Exodus – a room approximately dependent on the scriptural excursion over the Sea of Reeds. At long last you are liberated from long periods of torment and enslavement, absorbed by the Egyptian-enlivened relics that add to a strangely persuading atmosphere that will have you accept you’ve been shipped back so as to a mysterious time. Costs start from $21.90 per individual.


5. Escape Hunt


When you’ve entered this Victorian period-themed escape room, there’s just one way out. Channel your inward Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew as you handle your very own homicide puzzle. A secret fathomed is its own prize, however, novice detectives are likewise served with hot tea and biscuits as a treat. Record your undertaking by posing dramatically with chic detective outfits and particular props. In case you’re available, participate in The Whitechapel Murderer case, where you need to distinguish the infamous sequential executioner – Jack the Ripper – within the stipulated time or become his next casualty. There’s no way like old homicide secret to get your adrenaline siphoning. Costs start from $38 per individual.

Escape Hunt

6. Captivate Escape Rooms

River Valley

Drawing on the aptitude of expert riddle architects, Captivate has refined every one of its rooms to perplex and confound – guaranteeing that just the most honed of brave players survive. Luckily, every session at Captivate keeps going a decent 75 minutes, which is significantly longer than the typical hour stood to patrons of other escape rooms. Set out to really utilize those additional minutes as you race with time as the opponent. Labyrinth has a fascinating local spin to it – making it chillingly relatable. Corpses of death row detainees are vanishing from the Changi jail funeral home and you must unwind reality behind the disrupting news. On the off chance that doesn’t stand out enough to be noticed, we don’t have a clue what will. Costs start from $22 per individual.

Captivate Escape Rooms

7. The Escape Artist

Bukit Merah

This is at present the main office in Singapore that houses two-story escape rooms – for double the good times. Ever needed to spare a city from a grimy bomb or rally a band of survivors during a plague episode? At The Escape Artist, you can do only that. Grasp the saint inside you by browsing a scope of unique forces that will demonstrate instrumental in helping you make all the difference. Costs start from $20 per individual.

The Escape Artist

8. Lockdown

Jurong East

From the brains behind enormous scope escape games in legacy regions like Chinatown and Haw Par Villa, Lockdown has no uncertainty that positively shaped Singapore’s escape room scene. Situations run from shockingly practical homicide investigations – think Cluedo on steroids – to revealing buried fortunes. On the off chance that you hit an impasse, claim to the savvy gamemasters for a clue or two. Did we notice that their Jurong East outlet even houses virtual reality escape rooms. An absolute necessity attempt is the VR Escape game – Abandoned Mine. Following a deplorable landslide, you’re caught inside a deserted mine and getting an old lift to work is your most obvious opportunity at survive. To compound the situation, the oxygen supply drains constantly. Costs start from $22 per individual.


9. Xcape


Challenge yourself at Singapore’s greatest escape room with more than 52 game chambers and 13 energizing computer game or film themes to browse. There are fantasy alternatives like Kungfu Panda X and Mission X – The Love Confession, exciting frightfulness puzzles, for example, The Morgue and Annabelle and adventure journey, for example, Tomb Raider and Resident Evil – fatigue is the exact opposite thing you’ll involve with Xcape Singapore. Costs start from $22 per individual.


10. FreeingSG

City Hall

Known everywhere throughout the world across ten nations, hop into your preferred computer games and web games, for example, Jurassic Park, Poseidon and Old Changi Hospital, as you tackle riddles, difficulties and secrets with your companions at Freeing SG. Under 30 percent of endeavors are fruitful, so be set up to break your minds, consolidating both rationale and imagination to getaway. Costs are from $32 per individual.


11. The Fragment Room


Not actually an escape room, The Fragment Room lets you escape from the pressure of reality by crushing and making things to you extremely upsetting to its substance. The ideal outrage treatment for busy people, the rage room permits you to discharge any smothered dissatisfactions through tossing around plates, glasses, electronic machines and more from $38. Moment satisfaction is ensured.

The Fragment Room


First off, you’ll get to explore these amazing escape rooms in Singapore. They offer a unique and exciting adventure where you can test your problem-solving skills and teamwork. It’s like stepping into a real-life puzzle where you have to find your way out! The article has curated a list of the top 11 escape rooms in Singapore. Each one has its own theme, challenges, and puzzles to keep you engaged and entertained. So you can choose the one that suits your interests and preferences.

In these escape rooms, you’ll face clever puzzles and clues that will challenge your mind. You’ll need to think critically, decode clues, and solve puzzles within a given time limit to successfully escape the room. It’s a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience! What’s really cool is that these escape rooms are designed with immersive and interactive environments. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a different world with captivating storylines and attention to detail. It’s like being inside a movie or a video game!

Escape rooms are not just for groups. They’re suitable for individuals too. So whether you’re looking for a fun outing with friends, a unique team-building activity, or a special occasion, escape rooms offer engaging experiences for everyone. It’s a great way to bond, have fun, and challenge yourselves together. So, my friend, it’s time to unleash your inner detective or adventurer and see if you can break free from the challenges of these amazing escape rooms. Get ready for an adrenaline rush and an unforgettable experience!

At Tropika Club Magazine, we strive to bring you the best recommendations for exciting and unique experiences in Singapore. Our curated list of the top 11 escape rooms in Singapore, featured in the article “Can You Break Free?”, showcases the thrilling and immersive adventures awaiting you. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast, a group of friends looking for excitement, or a team seeking a fun team-building activity, these escape rooms offer a fantastic opportunity to challenge your wits and enjoy an unforgettable time. Step into the world of mysteries, puzzles, and clues, and see if you have what it takes to break free! So gather your friends, put on your thinking caps, and embark on an adventure that will test your skills and create lasting memories. Can you break free? Find out in these amazing escape rooms in Singapore!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long do escape room experiences typically last?

Escape room experiences usually have a time limit ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. This time frame adds an element of urgency and excitement to the game, challenging participants to solve puzzles and escape before time runs out.

Are escape rooms suitable for children?

Many escape rooms have age restrictions, and the suitability for children can vary. Some escape rooms offer family-friendly themes and difficulty levels, making them suitable for children accompanied by adults. It’s important to check the age recommendations provided by the escape room operators before booking.

How many people can participate in an escape room?

The capacity of an escape room can vary, but most rooms can accommodate a range of group sizes, typically from 2 to 8 participants. Some establishments may offer larger rooms or the option to book multiple rooms for bigger groups or corporate events. It’s advisable to check with the escape room operators regarding their group size limits.

Can I book an escape room for a special occasion or event?

Absolutely! Escape rooms can be a unique and memorable activity for special occasions such as birthdays, team-building events, or even bachelor/bachelorette parties. Many escape room operators offer group packages and private bookings to cater to such events. It’s recommended to contact the escape room operators in advance to discuss your requirements and make necessary arrangements.

Are escape room experiences scary or claustrophobic?

Escape rooms are designed to be thrilling and immersive, but they are generally not intended to be scary or induce claustrophobia. However, certain themes or scenarios may involve suspenseful elements or confined spaces. If you have concerns about specific fears or phobias, it’s best to contact the escape room operators beforehand to inquire about the nature of the experience.

Can I book escape room experiences online?

Yes, many escape room operators offer online booking options through their websites. Booking in advance is highly recommended to secure your preferred date and time slot, especially during peak periods. The article on Tropika Club Magazine provides direct links to the websites of the top 11 escape rooms in Singapore, making it convenient for readers to access further information and make their bookings.

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