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Your Birthday Zodiac Star Sign Guide – Born on 17 May

People born on May 17 are great at making first impressions. You stumble upon as kind, classy, and outgoing. You believe in living life fully. Therefore, you are involved in a number of projects. You enjoy maintaining the firm of pals. From them, you obtain the vitality that you exhibit in life. Tropika Club shares with you an in-depth guide for your specific birthday and what it means for you. Here is your full horoscope profile to let you in on how robust your character is.

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Aries (March 21-April 19): You may feel restless and bored with your routine, but you can spice things up by trying something new or challenging yourself.
  • Taurus (April 20-May 20): You may be tempted to splurge on something you don’t really need, but you should be careful with your finances and avoid impulse buying.
  • Gemini (May 21-June 20): You may have a lot of ideas and plans, but you need to focus on one thing at a time and avoid getting distracted or overwhelmed.
  • Cancer (June 21-July 22): You may feel emotional and sensitive, but you can find comfort and support from your loved ones and friends.
  • Leo (July 23-August 22): You may be in the spotlight and enjoy the attention, but you should also be humble and generous with others.
  • Virgo (August 23-September 22): You may be busy and productive, but you should also take some time to relax and recharge your energy.

Below is your complete horoscope profile. It puts you in touch with your robust personality. Read on and also be enlightened! Your zodiac sign is Taurus. Your astrological sign is the Bull. This sign represents those born between April 20 as well as May 19. It provides you with such qualities as self-confidence, stamina, as well as decision.

The earth Venus puts in much impact on your life. This planet is responsible for your feminine strength. From this celestial object, you get such qualities as inspiration, dependability, and imaginative skill. The planet is your essential governing component. This element works alongside Fire, Water, and also Air to make your life more meaningful.

Your Astrological Chart

May 17 zodiac individuals get on the Taurus-Gemini Astrological Cusp. We refer to this as the Cusp of Energy. Getting on this cusp offers you some extremely special qualities. On this cusp, the Earth sign (Taurus) integrates with an Air sign (Gemini) to generate a massive amount of energy. 2 worlds, Venus and Mercury, govern these Cuspers. Therefore, you receive effective qualities from these two celestial bodies. For example, Venus provides you with womanly masculinity, enthusiasm, love, and also understanding. You need these high qualities to boost your connections.

On the other hand, from Mercury, you get such high qualities as dependability, practicality, and also stability. These qualities are available in convenient when you are running your different jobs. The Cusp of Energy has actually offered you great control over your financial resources. This arises from the fact that you are a hard worker. You recognize the strategies required to improve your ton of money. Your astrological chart shows that your body’s immune system is healthy. However, keep an eye out for weak points in your digestive system, neck, and also head. Being a Taurus, you are vulnerable to infections in these parts of the body.


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Love and Compatibility for May 17 Zodiac

May 17 zodiac people are really daring enthusiasts. You are a passionate individual, and also you will certainly go to great lengths to keep your fan pleased as well as web content. You want to ruin your companion to keep them thinking about the connection. This sort of excitement is what keeps relationships with each other. Therefore, you are likely to have a long, satisfying connection. Nevertheless, there’s a catch. You require to satisfy the best companion!

You are not quick to jump into relationships. You like taking your time to research your partner. This offers you the chance to know their antecedents before you commit yourself to them. In the same manner, your companion reaches recognize and values your robust personality. As a solitary Taurus, you invest substantial time in self-improvement. You utilize your solitary status as a possibility to develop in your education and also job. This means that you are most likely to be highly achieved by the time you join a relationship. The stars show that you will certainly settle when you satisfy your perfect companion. This is a person who is passionate, creative, and also enthusiastic. Simply put, they mirror your individuality.

Your partnership with such a companion will certainly be equally useful. You will certainly be a caring spouse and also a protective mom and dad to your kids. Subsequently, your family members will support you to soar higher in your picked field of proficiency. Companions birthed under the Scorpio, Virgo, and Capricorn zodiacs hold a very special place in your heart. You are extremely suitable with these locals because they are your excellent companions. Therefore, a connection with them will be extremely fruitful.

This is extra so if they were born on the 1st 2nd, fifth, 6th, 10th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 26th, 29th & 30th.


What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You


What are the Traits of a Person Born on May 17?

May 17 zodiac individuals are eager to contribute to the visual elegance of their environment. You think that it is possible to exist together quietly with all those around you. You have an eager, creative eye. You are worried about the safety and security as well as the welfare of your culture. Therefore, you endeavor to function in the direction of its unity. You are quick to utilize all the resources available to attain this.

You are fairly spiritual. Therefore, you like being at peace with nature. You like hanging out in meditation. Individuals appreciate your high levels of honesty. They seek your point of view whenever there is a debate, especially concerning moral as well as honest concerns. You are a kind spirit, as well as you attempt to spread your love and heat to those you satisfy in life. As such, you are efficient in making new connections. However, you have a few defects that you need to service. These weaknesses impede you from accomplishing certain essential turning points in your life.

For example, you are commonly hesitant as well as unclear. You have a tendency to postpone in the hope that the issue will certainly disappear. Just know this: procrastination is the biggest burglar of time! Also, you often sacrifice your spirituality at the altar of product gain. You can achieve a great deal with your spirituality. Do not compromise it for anything. Altogether, Mother Nature has bestowed you all you require to accomplish true greatness. All you require is to merge the numerous facets of your character.

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Common Characteristics of People Born on May 17

May 17 zodiac individuals are in the third decan of Taurus. You are on the same team as those birthed in between May 11 as well as May 20. The earth Saturn plays a really essential role in this decan. Therefore, you exhibit the stronger qualities of Taurus. For instance, you are clever, patient, as well as regular. You are a really accountable individual. This arises from your wish to attain stability. You encounter as a sensible person. Individuals appreciate the truth that you have the ability to come up with services to societal challenges. If you are the defiant type of Taurus, you can do some incredibly stunning things. For every favorable element of your character, you have a strong, much less enjoyable one.

Your Career Horoscope

You can do very when in art-oriented careers. This may come as a surprise because your artistic nature is not so obvious. Believe me; you are highly gifted in this area! The world of arts is all about interacting with the various elements in your environment. You are very good at this. Therefore, you can make a good manager in art projects. You are a highly friendly being. You enjoy relating well with others. You delight in holding discussions where they get to reveal their viewpoints. Also, you are innovative. You can stand out as an arbitrator, teacher, professor, TV program host, and events moderator.

Famous People Who Share the May 17 Birthday

You share the May 17 birthday with many famous people. These consist of:

Jien, birthed 1155– Japanese monk, poet, and historian
Edmund, born 1443– Earl of Rutland
Peter Hinwood, born in 1946– an English star
Ryan Ochoa, born 1996– American actor
Mio Tomonaga, born 1998– Japanese vocalist


If you were born on May 17, you belong to the zodiac sign of Taurus, the Bull. You are a loyal, dependable, and sensual person who enjoys the finer things in life. You have a strong sense of values and a practical approach to your goals. You are also a bit of a mystery to others, as you can be unpredictable and adventurous at times.

As a Taurus born on May 17, you have some unique traits that set you apart from other Taureans. You are influenced by the planet Uranus, which gives you a rebellious streak and a desire for change. You are not afraid to challenge the status quo and try new things. You are also very creative and original, with a flair for innovation and invention.

You are attracted to people who share your passion for life and can keep up with your dynamic pace. You need someone who can stimulate your mind and your senses, as well as respect your independence and individuality. You are generous and affectionate with your loved ones, but you can also be stubborn and possessive at times. You value stability and security, but you also crave excitement and variety.

Some of the famous people who share your birthday are singer-songwriter Enya, actor Bob Saget, boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, singer Jordan Knight, actress Sasha Alexander, and comedian Tina Fey.


If you are looking for a birthday gift for someone born on May 17, you might want to consider something that appeals to their artistic and adventurous nature. A camera, a musical instrument, a painting kit, or a travel voucher are some of the options that could make them happy. You could also surprise them with a personalized horoscope reading or a zodiac-themed jewelry piece.

Tropika Club Magazine hopes that this guide has helped you understand yourself or your loved ones better. We believe that astrology is a fun and insightful way to explore your personality, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and potential. However, we also remind you that you are more than your sun sign and that there are many other factors that influence your destiny. We encourage you to explore your natal chart and discover the richness and complexity of your astrological profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the zodiac sign for May 17?

A: The zodiac sign for May 17 is Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Taurus people are known for their loyalty, patience, stability, and sensuality.

Q: What are the personality traits of a Taurus born on May 17?

A: According to the horoscope, a Taurus born on May 17 is elegant, kind, and adventurous. They have a strong sense of aesthetics and enjoy living life through all their senses. They are also determined, resilient, and resourceful, able to overcome any obstacles in their way. They value harmony, security, and comfort in their relationships and surroundings.

Q: What are the best matches for a Taurus born on May 17?

A: The best matches for a Taurus born on May 17 are other earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn) and water signs (Cancer and Pisces). These signs share a similar approach to life and can offer emotional support, practical assistance, and sensual pleasure to a Taurus. The worst matches are air signs (Gemini and Aquarius) and fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius). These signs are too restless, unpredictable, and impulsive for a Taurus, who prefers stability, consistency, and loyalty.

Q: How can I celebrate my birthday if I am a Taurus born on May 17?

A: There are many ways to celebrate your birthday if you are a Taurus born on May 17. You can treat yourself to a spa day, a gourmet meal, or a shopping spree. You can also enjoy nature, art, music, or romance with your loved ones. You can also check out our birthday deals for some great offers and discounts on various services and products in Singapore. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you indulge your senses and pamper yourself on your special day.

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