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10 Best Sustainable Restaurants in Singapore

10 Best Sustainable Restaurants in Singapore

10 Best Sustainable Restaurants in Singapore

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  • Green Dot – Experience delicious plant-based dishes that are eco-friendly and good for your health at Green Dot.
  • The Social Space – A unique combination of a café, fair-trade retail, and a nail spa promoting sustainability and social impact.
  • Real Food – Savor organic, wholesome meals that are ethically sourced, and support sustainable agriculture at Real Food.
  • The Living Cafe – Dive into a menu filled with raw, vegan, and gluten-free options at The Living Cafe, a haven for health-conscious foodies.
  • Afterglow – Indulge in guilt-free, organic, and raw vegan cuisine at Afterglow, a pioneer in the Singaporean sustainable food scene.


In the bustling city-state of Singapore, where food is a national obsession, a new culinary trend is taking root—sustainability. As we become increasingly aware of our environmental impact, many Singaporeans are seeking out dining options that align with their eco-conscious values. But where to start? Fret not! We’ve got you covered with our list of the 10 Best Sustainable Restaurants in Singapore. These eateries are not just serving up mouth-watering dishes; they’re also making a positive impact on Mother Earth.

1. Open Farm Community

BodyNestled in the heart of Dempsey Hill, Open Farm Community is more than just a restaurant; it’s a revolution. With an on-site garden and partnerships with local farmers, this eatery takes the farm-to-table concept to a whole new level. You can taste the freshness in every bite, from their herb-infused cocktails to their seasonal vegetable dishes. Sustainability is not just a buzzword here; it’s a way of life.

2. The Social Space

Located in Chinatown, The Social Space is a multi-concept store that includes a tea bar, a fair-trade retail area, and a nail salon. But what steals the show is their café, which offers a range of organic, vegetarian, and vegan options. They are committed to reducing waste by using reusable containers and sourcing ingredients locally. It’s a place where you can eat, shop, and relax, all while being kind to the planet.

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3. Artichoke

Artichoke is a Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant in the heart of Singapore’s Arts and Heritage district. At the helm is chef-owner Bjorn Shen, who’s been slinging out plates of tasty food to you beautiful peeps since 2010. Artichoke is an extension of Bjorn’s slapstick personality; inspired by his favourite movie, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

4. Origin Grill

A journey of fresh, authentic flavours Origin Grill is inspired by the origin of flavours, travel adventures and Singapore’s illustrious history of bountiful trade, colonial charm and tropical splendour. The restaurant showcases fresh, authentic flavours from curated, unique and quality-driven ingredients. Menu selections include line-caught sustainable seafood from marine-certified coasts in Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand, and a bespoke beef selection featuring grass- and grain-fed, pure-, cross- and full-blooded Angus and wagyu beef from Australia and Ireland, and snow-aged wagyu beef from Niigata, Japan.

5. The Lokal

This Aussie-style café in Neil Road is a hit among locals and expats alike. What sets The Lokal apart is their commitment to making everything from scratch, including their sausages, smoked salmon, and even their butter. They source their produce locally whenever possible and are transparent about their suppliers. It’s comfort food with a sustainable twist.

6. Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar

Onaka stands for Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts, and they live up to their name. Located at Alexandra Road, this restaurant specializes in wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. They use organic, pesticide-free ingredients and also offer gluten-free and vegetarian options. Their dishes are as beautiful as they are delicious, making it a feast for the senses.


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7. Real Food

With multiple locations across Singapore, Real Food is a haven for health-conscious diners. They serve up a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, made from scratch with no processed ingredients, artificial preservatives, or trans-fats. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice of organic produce and eco-friendly packaging.

8. Brewerkz

What distinguishes Brewerkz the most from other restaurants and brewpubs is the offering of a wide variety of fresh, hand-crafted beers that are made using high-quality ingredients procured from all over the world. Therefore, their brewery is an essential part of the identity and success of Brewerkz

9. Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong

This seafood restaurant in Haji Lane is unique because it sources its seafood directly from Ah Hua Kelong, a local fish farm. By cutting out the middleman, they ensure freshness and quality while supporting local businesses. Their menu features inventive dishes like ‘Seabass Congee’ and ‘Mussels with Laksa Leaf Cream Sauce.’

10. Afterglow by Anglow

Located in Keong Saik Road, Afterglow offers a range of raw and vegan dishes. They collaborate with local farmers and even have a small garden where they grow their herbs. Their ‘Raw Zucchini Linguine’ and ‘Vegan Nut Cheese Platter’ are must-tries. It’s a place where you can indulge without guilt.


So there you have it, our top picks for sustainable dining in Singapore. These restaurants are not just offering scrumptious meals; they’re also contributing to a more sustainable future. It’s a win-win situation for your taste buds and the planet. So the next time you’re planning a meal out, why not choose to dine sustainably? After all, good food should feel good, inside and out.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What makes a restaurant sustainable?

A: Sustainable restaurants prioritize eco-friendly practices, sourcing local ingredients, reducing food waste, and often offering organic and plant-based options.

Q: Are these sustainable restaurants affordable?

A: Many sustainable restaurants in Singapore offer a range of price points, from budget-friendly to upscale dining experiences.

Q: Can I find vegan options at these restaurants?

A: Yes, most of the listed restaurants offer vegan and plant-based dishes, catering to diverse dietary preferences.

Q: Do these restaurants have options for gluten-free diners?

A: Absolutely, several of these sustainable restaurants provide gluten-free menu options for diners with dietary restrictions.

Q: Is it necessary to make reservations at these sustainable restaurants?

A: It’s advisable to make reservations, especially during peak hours, to ensure you secure a table at these popular dining spots.

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