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Everyone Should Be Talking About Vegan Beauty

This should also be the new normal that we should be talking about. Selena Gomez and Alicia Keys are starting new vegan beauty brands of their own. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is partnering with the cruelty-free vegan beauty brand The Lip Bar as a power move to help more Americans register to vote. With vegan beauty, Tropika Club discovers that you don’t need to sacrifice being good when you’re looking and feeling good.


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Vegan Beauty vs. Cruelty-Free Beauty vs. Clean Beauty

It feels like they all mean the same thing. But don’t fall for it. To keep it simple: 

Vegan products

It means that the products are free of any animal ingredients, such as wool wax, honey, and beeswax. When it comes to animal ingredients in makeup, keep an eye out for carmine, a red pigment derived from beetles, as well as gelatin – which usually comes from boiled animal bones. There may be synthetic alternatives too, in addition to the usual plant-based alternatives and botanical ingredients. 

A common mistake is to avoid preservatives in vegan beauty products. However, natural ingredients are more prone to ingredient separation and bacteria growth. So having some additives could not only avoid contamination and prevent them from spoiling, but also maintain the efficacy of the products.

Cruelty-free products

This mean that the products are free of animal testing. Some new beauty products are tested on living animals before they enter production to assess its effectiveness, its effects on human health, as well as environmental safety.

 The case against animal testing has been gaining traction. Testing new products on animals could inflict physical and psychological distress on the animals, and the effect may not be translated to the human body – nine out of every 10 candidate medicines that appear safe and effective in animal testing fail when given to humans. Not to mention, it’s time- and resource-intensive, not all substances can be tested on animals.



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