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10 Fun free online courses for the Circuit Breaker

10 Fun Free Online Courses to Learn Something New

As the world goes into social distancing, we’ve seen everyone from yoga instructors to ballet dancers turning to teaching online. After all, now’s the perfect time to learn something new, or brush up on old skills to pass time. From photography to gardening, Tropika Club shares 10 fun free online courses for the Circuit Breaker.

1. Fender Guitar Lessons 

Be the next Ed Sheeran! Fender is offering three months of free access to their Fender Play Through courses after they received overwhelming responses COVID-19. Their courses also cover the bass and ukulele. With bite-sized lessons and professional-grade video lessons, you’ll be making some pretty sweet music during the Circuit Breaker. 

2. Self-Discovery through Writing 

The quiet of your room provides the perfect backdrop for self-reflection. This course nurtures confidence and mindfulness through six meditative writing prompts. You can access this course once you sign up for a two-month free trial of Skillshare Premium. 

10 Fun free online courses for the Circuit Breaker


omg there's so much free courses

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