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5 Tips to Not Ruin Your Own At-Home Manicure

Obtaining a good manicure at home takes a lot of training and skill (and honestly a degree of coordination I just can not attain ). Even if you’re a DIY pro, at-home manicures never seems to last as long as when the real pros do it. The simple solution is to go to the nail salon, however, that’s not always time or cost efficient. Here are five practical ways from Tropika Club to keep your nails looking flawless once you DIY your manicure, according to the nail experts.

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Prep Like a Pro: Create a spa vibe by organizing tools, setting the mood, and soaking your nails for ultimate pampering.
  • Shape it Chic: File your nails with confidence – round, square, or pointy, make them Instagram-worthy and on-trend.
  • Cuticle Charm: Give cuticles a gentle nudge and trim only as needed, a delicate touch for elegant fingertips.
  • Polished Perfection: Paint with precision – base coat, layers of color, and a dazzling topcoat for a glossy finish.
  • Smudge Hacks: Fix slip-ups like a magician, using a brush dipped in remover for that coveted pro finish.
  • Love Your Manicure: Moisturize daily to keep hands and nails happy, sealing the DIY deal with long-lasting allure.

Tip #1: Select the right shape.

When it comes to manicures, selecting the right nail shape can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your nails. Some popular nail shapes include square, round, oval, almond, stiletto, and coffin. Square nails are characterized by straight sides and a flat tip, while round nails have a curved edge and a rounded tip. Oval nails are similar to round nails, but have a more elongated shape. Almond nails have a tapered point and wider base, while stiletto nails are long and pointed. Coffin nails are similar to stiletto nails, but with a squared off tip. Each shape has its own unique look and can be tailored to suit individual preferences and styles. It’s important to communicate with your manicurist to ensure that you get the desired shape for your nails. [1]

5 Tips to Not Ruin Your Own At-Home Manicure

Tip #2: Be sure that you buff the edge of your nails.

According to [1], buffing the edge of your nails is an essential step in achieving a smooth and polished look. To do this, use the large grit side of a buffer and hold it parallel to your nail. Place the buffer on the edge of your nail and buff it gently in a back and forth motion until it’s smooth. This will not only help to achieve a more professional-looking manicure but also prevent any snags or tears in your nails.

Once you land on the finished shape, it’s essential to be sure that nothing is left hanging around the edge. When nails are registered quite a bit, it’s important to use a nail clippers to find all of remaining nail debris from beneath the nail and out of the sides of the nail along the cuticle line. Another expert tip: Make sure to file in one single direction especially with the sides — this ensures you will not cause an accident such as disturbing the fibres of these nails.

5 Tips to Not Ruin Your Own At-Home Manicure

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Tip #3: Prep your nails properly before you paint.

To get a perfect manicure, it is important to prep your nails properly before painting them. This involves removing any lingering dirt or dust on the nails using a cleanser wipe, as it also helps to dehydrate the nail plate and remove excess oils, which helps the gel polish to adhere to the nail. Once your nails are cleansed, you can apply a primer to ensure that the polish sticks properly and lasts longer on your nails. This step is important to ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish for your manicure. [1]

There’s are two opposing camps on whether you should soak your nails or keep them dry before you paint. Soaking in water causes the nail to expand. When it dries the nail contracts, causing your polish to chip. Instead, a recommended method is to cleanse the nails with a nail polish remover or alcohol before polishing.

5 Tips to Not Ruin Your Own At-Home Manicure

Tip #4: Do not shake the nail polish bottle.

We’ve heard this suggestion time and time again, yet many of us continue to shake our nail polish when it’s separated, then wonder why we don’t wind up with a great and seamless manicure. Many bottles have a small metallic ball inside that helps stir the product around, but shaking is not the best way to mix it. Shaking creates bubbles in the polish and can be seen if you apply shortly after, and they can ruin the smoothness and shine of your nails. If you shake your nail polish, you should wait an hour before you polish, or better yet, avoid shaking altogether. Instead, roll the bottle between your palms or on a flat surface to gently mix the polish without creating bubbles. This will ensure that you get a flawless and bubble-free manicure.

5 Tips to Not Ruin Your Own At-Home Manicure

While it’s tempting to go for the gusto with one thick coating, do not. Globs of polish just means longer drying time and a higher risk for smudging.Thin and even coats function best for a seamless look. Many thin coats allows polish to dry in between–use only three layers max of colours. In general, a single layer of base coat, two coats of colour, and one layer top coat. Sometimes in the event that you’d like more pigment or the colour seems a bit sheer, then a third coat of colour is tolerable.

Tip #5: Fix mistakes ASAP.

Got a little overzealous with polish? It’s a fast fix. Use a stick with a flat edge, such as an orange stick or a cuticle pusher, dip it in acetone, and work it around the eponychium (the skin around the nail) after each nail. That way you do not wait until the end, once the polish has dried up in the crevices, which can make it harder to remove. For smudges, it is possible to gently use your finger to push polish into position before adding a layer of top coat. This can smooth out the surface and hide the imperfection. If it’s past fixing, for example if you get those dents or cracks that ruin the whole look, it’s best to just wipe it off and re-do the nail. It might take some extra time, but it will be worth it to have a perfect manicure.

5 Tips to Not Ruin Your Own At-Home Manicure


In conclusion, following these above five tips can help you avoid ruining your own at-home manicure,

By following these tips, you can achieve a salon-worthy manicure at home without the risk of ruining it. Remember to take your time, be patient, and enjoy the process of pampering your nails.

First up, set the mood like you’re in a spa – gather your stuff and get comfy. When it’s time to shape, file those nails to match your vibe – round, square, whatever floats your boat. Don’t forget those cuticles – just nudge ’em and trim only if they’re causing trouble. Now, the real magic happens with the polish – base coat, layers of color, and that shiny topcoat for the glam effect. Fix any smudges with a tiny brush dipped in remover – voila, perfection! And last but not least, show your hands some love by moisturizing. Keep those tips looking fab, and you’ll be the nail queen in no time!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I select the right shape for my nails?

A: To select the right shape for your nails, consider the natural shape of your nail bed and the length of your fingers. Common nail shapes include square, oval, round, almond, and stiletto. Choose a shape that complements the shape of your hands and fingers to achieve a flattering and balanced look.

Q: Why is it important to buff the edge of my nails?

A: Buffing the edge of your nails helps to smooth out any roughness or jagged edges, creating a clean and polished appearance. It also helps to prevent snags and chipping of the nail polish, ensuring a longer-lasting manicure.

Q: How should I properly prep my nails before painting them?

A: Properly prepping your nails before painting involves several steps. Start by removing any old polish using a gentle nail polish remover. Then, trim and shape your nails with a file. Push back the cuticles gently using a cuticle pusher or an orange stick. Finally, clean your nails with soap and water or a nail cleanser to remove any oils or residues.

Q: Why shouldn’t I shake the nail polish bottle?

A: Shaking the nail polish bottle can create air bubbles in the polish, which can lead to an uneven and streaky application. Instead, gently roll the bottle between your hands to mix the polish without introducing air bubbles. This ensures a smoother and more consistent application of the nail polish.

Q: How do I fix mistakes during my at-home manicure?

A: If you make any mistakes while painting your nails, it’s best to address them as soon as possible. Dip a small brush or a cotton swab in nail polish remover and carefully clean up any smudges or excess polish around the nails. Take your time and be gentle to avoid damaging the manicure.

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