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Be a True Keyboard Warrior during the Circuit Breaker

The average person types around 40 words per minute, but you can actually type twice that speed. So instead of slogging through rows and rows of endless text, Tropika Club shares how you can learn to let your fingers speed across the keyboard, and be a true keyboard warrior.

A Handy Skill 

As keyboards become the translators of our thoughts in the digital realm, it’s easy to forget the value of typing faster. One study even found that faster typists usually are more accurate with their typing. On the other side of the coin, slower typists make more mistakes and take more time to identify and correct them. This is one benefit of being an expert keyboard warrior.

But like any other skill, there’s no sure-fire method you can learn to type better and faster. However, we found that there are a few tricks you can learn that has evidence of improving the ability of typists. Rest assured, with the tips below you won’t have to slog through typing your briefs or emails at home during the Circuit Breaker.

The Ways of the Master Typist 

How to type faster? Start with changing your posture: keep your back aligned with the chair, your elbows bent, and your feet on the ground. With proper posture, you can ease the stress on your wrists, so you can type more comfortably as a true keyboard warrior.

Be a true keyboard warrior during the Circuit Breaker

As for your hands, start with placing your left index finger on the ’F’ key, and your right index finger on the ‘J’ key. With that, the rest of your fingers should naturally fall on the ‘home-row keys’: the middle row of the keyboard. 

Of course, you have to type on keys outside of the home rows too. You can type faster by simply moving your nearest fingers up or down. For maximum efficiency, you can just use your pinkie to press ‘Shift’, and your thumbs to press the space bar. 

The Secret to Typing Faster

Trust Your Muscle Memory. One way to train it is to type without looking at the keyboard–in other words, touch typing. If you type without looking on the keyboard, you can actually type faster.  

And you can practice typing faster at the comfort of your home during the circuit breaker. Just find any online typing tests to see how many words you can type in a minute. After you get used to it, you can literally type with your eyes closed. Keep practising, it’s only a matter of getting used to where each key is and typing faster.

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