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Dinosaur Hunting at the Changi Jurassic Mile, Singapore

Singaporeans can now dodge dinosaurs on a jogging and biking path extending from Changi Airport to East Coast Park. The “Changi Jurassic Mile” opened the other day and is part of the 3.5-kilometre (not mile) path between the airport’s Terminal 2 and the coastal park’s entryway. Twenty-two dinosaur figures, including a T-rex and brachiosaurus towering 5 meters can be discovered along the trail, which likewise comes with details boards about the prehistoric creatures along with music and occasional growling noises in the background. Read more about this trail from Tropika Club below.


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It Might Be a Scary Trip for Your Pets

Many like-minded Singaporeans are flocking to this new attraction in the far eastern part of Singapore. And they are not only bringing their kids but also their pets. Now, the menacing creatures might give your pets a scare, so do remember to hold on to those leashes when you go through the mile with your furry ones.

As the area is narrow, there are limited spaces for your pets to do their “business”, so remember to bring along some poo bags to keep the place tidy and clean.

Do Not Pet the Dinosaurs

No, the dinosaurs do not bite, but due to the recent spade of vandalism (intentional or otherwise), several creatures have lost their bite, literally. Several dinosaurs were found to have their teeth removed by accident. So, when you are enjoying the trail, try not to manhandle (or dino-handle) these creatures so that they may live another day. RAWR!!

It’s a Narrow Mile that Will Leave You Claustrophobic

One word of care though, the route can be rather narrow with sharp bends at some points. And since pedestrians and bikes share the exact same path, cyclists can forget a smooth ride towards Jurassic Mile and pedestrians (particularly those with kids) will have to bear in mind making any abrupt movements. Strolling in a file is recommended.

The Mile itself extends for about 1km with dinosaurs behind the fenced up trail on one side and tall concrete walls on the other; one can imagine the dinos to have a Prison Break moment and dash along the track at any time.

While the track is narrow, it certain creates the feeling of being imprisoned with the menacing critters. Time to run?

There are Cutie Baby Dinosaurs too!

The kids are certain to like these cute baby dinosaur hatch-lings. They may be a little hard to find, so keep your eyes glued to the rocks that lay strewn along the landscape. Being adorably cute on the grassy ground, these babies are also at the right height for some lovely photo moments with your kids. Just make sure not to touch the display so that other visitors can enjoy them too.

Have Lots of Fun Posting Scared

Along the entire stretch of the Changi Jurassic Mile, there are numerous photo opportunities. The creators have also incorporated murals and wall designs to convey the same feeling and ambience from the Jurassic Park movie franchise. Time to get creative and find that instagram-worthy pose!

How to Get There?

The new tourist attraction, which stretches for about 1km, is part of the brand-new Changi Airport port which connects Changi to the East Coast.The starting point at Changi, whether you plan to walk or cycle, begins with the entrance to the T2 carpark, right where the Hub & Spoke coffee shop is.

To get there from the MRT station, follow the ample signs that will assist you to Hub & Spoke cafe located right at the other end of T2. You’ll have to walk through the entire terminal and take a lift down which will open up to the multi-storey carpark.



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