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Be a true keyboard warrior during the Circuit Breaker

Don’t be a Covidiot

Instead, be a smart CCB (Community Circuit Breaker, in case you didn’t know). COVID-19 is changing almost every aspect of our lives, even the way we speak. Let’s see if you’re in the know. Here are some COVID-19 slangs Tropika Club discovered so you won’t be a Covidiot. 

1. Covidiot, n.

Individuals who ignores public health advice, and/or behaves irresponsibly as the virus spreads. 

This is to all those who hoarded toilet papers, exercised in groups, and those who went to shopping centres even though they didn’t need to before the Circuit Breaker measures kicked in. Yes, you’re a covidiot too if you share conspiracy theories about COVID-19 on group chats. 

Don’t want to be a Covidiot? Stay home! If you want to run at the park, run alone, and check the live crowd updates by the National Parks Board. And always, always remember what the new Dua Lipa song tells you to do

2. 抄作业 (chāo zuò yè), v. 

抄: to copy 

作业: assignments, or homework 


– To copy someone’s homework. 

– To steal China’s COVID-19 solutions without giving them credit 

There are a few ways you can use this: to say other countries are copying the work is to be patriotic, but with a hint of snark. But as a strange kind of normalcy returns to China, some users of the phrase say it when other countries execute strategies first seen in China without giving credit. 

Our next-door neighbour was already caught in the act: a user in Weibo noticed some public-service posters across Malaysia had the style of Chinese propaganda posters: red banners with health advisories in white. But maybe copying someone else’s homework isn’t so bad, especially since the virus continues to leave countries across the world scrambling in its wake.  

Don't be a Covidiot



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