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The Essential Guide for Treating Bacne

That pesky acne sure does get around. Yes, you’ve done it all: you eat right, you sleep right, you work out. But you still find clogged powers and bumps on your back, even if acne was on the back of your mind. How can you get rid of it? Read on for Tropika Club’s very own Essential Guide for Treating Bacne.


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The Causes of Back Acne

Just like the pimples you get from your face, excess sebum is often the leading cause of bacne. Sebum is produced in the glands of your hair follicles, and it moves up from there to moisturise your skin and hair.

Over time, sebum and dead skin cells build up on your skin, blocking your skin pores and trapping bacteria on your skin. That’s how you get your pimples (not that everyone is a fan) because your body detects that as a foreign substance. So your body triggers inflammation when that happens as a defence.



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