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How to Care for Your Hair Between Salon Visits

You may have a busy work schedule. You might want to keep longer hair, but the hassle of having to have it trimmed and cared for sometimes prevent you from keeping your hair long. However, if you skimp on hair trims and leave your split ends unchecked, it could potentially lead to a major hair disaster. If you want healthy, long hair, there are no shortcuts to this. You need to care for your hair between salon visits. For women growing your hair out, you need to learn how your hair turn unhealthy and the ends begin to split. The split ends actually continue to split upwards until they affect the healthy hair, leading to breakage. In this article, Tropika Club will share on how you can care for your hair between the salon visits. Do the right thing and save your hair!

1. Follow the advice of your hairstylist

If you regularly get blown out or design your hair, you should just as frequently get treatments. Much like the haircut, you don’t wish to miss or push these treatments off. Heat styling strips the hair of moisture, dries it out, and causes your colour to fade. These remedies will help to re-hydrate, repair and rejuvenate the hair against the damage done during heat styling.

How to Care for Your Hair Between Salon Visits

2. Go for hair treatments

Remember to sign up for your hair treatments if you blow and style your hair on a regular basis. Heat styling and dyeing strips the hair of their natural moisture, leading to dry and brittle hair. Hair treatments will help to restore the hair from the damage sustained, and will help reduce overall hair damage in the long run.

3. Work with your expert to find the ideal hair-care range for you.

Recognizing that there are a lot of good products on the current market, DiVine underscores that it’s important to discover what works best for your unique hair. “Simply because something is excellent for your friend does not mean it’s the ideal line for you,” she stresses. “Many products will have silicones in them that create a film over the cuticle of the hair that does not come off during your shampoo.

From Being Homeless to Owning a Hair Care Brand Worth $2M

How to Care for Your Hair Between Salon Visits

4. When you’ve identified the proper products, utilize them.

Always employing a heat protectant when styling is essential to reduce damage from sexy tools and blow dryers. Each hair type will require products that address particular needs. Your hair is prone to dryness so use a sterile leave in and curl primer.

5. Turn down the temperature.

If you can’t give up the heat, use less of it. Many hot tools can reach high temperatures while some heat protectant products don’t protect the hair from damage, especially at high temperatures. Most women don’t need their hot tools to maintain such high temperatures. Turn down the temperature to a lower setting. This will prevent excessive heat damage and allow most heat protectants to perform their job.

6. Don’t go too long.

Lastly, be smart in your salon visits by keeping them routine, extending the time between them only as much as you totally need to. Take exceptional care of your hair and keep in mind that even with all of the steps, you should not extend the length of time between haircuts too long. Work closely with your stylist, make sure that they understand what goal you’re working toward, and create a plan that gets you there while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

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