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How To Find The Best Face Mask For Your Skin Type

No matter what skin type or what you’re looking for — whether it is firming, acne-fixing, blackhead-removing, a drugstore bargain, mud masks, and overnight masks – it is important to find one that really works. No matter what your skin type, you will need to re-hydrate and plump up those skin cells. Luckily, there is a facial mask for every skin type that can jump-start repairs and help combat party-induced woes. Not sure which face mask is right for you? Let us share with you on how to find the best facial masks for your ski type for 2020 and 2021, as recommended by the Tropika Club team. 

Why do you need a face mask?

Using a (right type of) face mask or sheet mask can be a good boost to your skin-care regimen. Depending on the unique requirements of the skin, masks can pump up the moisture, help supercharge exfoliation or simply calm the skin when it’s irritated. Despite the fact that you have your morning and night-time regimens, masks can be helpful tools for tailoring or customising your routine to address specific concerns, like a stubborn pimple or seasonal dryness. 

Incorporate one into your regimen once or twice per week by applying it on your clean, dry face, avoiding the eyes and mouth (unless the mask is made for those areas). Remove it per packaging instructions, and follow with other leave-on skincare products as directed or needed. 



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