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30 Nov, Monday
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How to Overcome Stage Fright in Children

As long as not to extreme levels, jitters in children before a dance recital, school concert or class presentation, is common. How you (as a parent) deal with it, however, plays a major role in letting your child learn how to cope and overcome it. 

Naturally, parents hate to see their children suffer from any sort of discomfort – many would move mountains to ease their child’s worries and fears by allowing them to avoid or run away from a situation triggering the anxiety. While this flight strategy works in the short-term, it doesn’t necessarily allow them to build the resilience they need to learn to cope with these normal levels of anxiety which are inevitable even in the later stages of their life. Here are some ways you can help your child overcome stage fright or performance anxiety.


Rather than respond to your child’s nervousness with phrases like “Don’t worry,” or, “Don’t be silly.”, explain to them that the jitters they are experiencing are normal. Empathise with them and comfort them by offering to help figure out ways to cope.

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