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5 Habits for New Mums to Get back to Fitness & Health

Your body has just encountered one of the most remarkable things it will probably ever go through: growing another human being inside of it. Throughout your pregnancy, you most likely had to adjust your eating and lifestyle to facilitate the growth and development of your baby.   

Whether or not you had a healthy routine of habits before your pregnancy, these common lifestyle changes mums have to make during their pregnancy can throw a lot of them off-track. If you’re like most new mums looking to get back on track for a fit and healthy life, read on as personal trainer and mother of two, Flavia, shares some simple lifestyle habits to help steer you back on track as a fit and healthy new mum! This article is curated by Tropika Club.

1. Get the sleep you need 

After having a baby, your body will need more sleep than ever before. But of course, if your baby is awake, so are you. This means that essentially, new parents are constantly on call to comfort and feed the baby throughout the night resulting in a very fragmented sleep schedule. It’s typical for new parents to find themselves sleep-deprived, but there are some helpful sleep tips to help you reach your sleep quota. 

Make up for lost sleep by allowing yourself to sleep a little bit more on the weekends. Two or three extra hours can be beneficial, but just don’t overdose on sleep either as this can start to interfere with bedtime, ultimately causing an entirely new cycle of deprivation. 

Especially on days when you’re running on a mere few hours of sleep, make sure you prioritise taking some downtime to rest. Whenever the baby is asleep, put aside your phone, forget about responding to messages or doing chores, and take the opportunity to catch a well-deserved nap too.

2. Meditate 

During the third trimester of pregnancy, breathing may get more difficult and shallow depending on the position of the developing baby’s head. There’s a connection between breathing and pelvic floor activation, and this is where meditation can help women re-train her breathing pattern to bring it back to normal. 

Many women feel like they should be meditating, but never really know how. There are several meditation phone apps that can help guide you through your meditations, so have a browse through a few and see which ones work best for you!  

Besides being one of the ways to retrain your breathing patterns, meditation and mindfulness exercises can also help new mums take control of their day and remain calm as they adjust to a new life. It’s a great way to help women cope with the demands of being a new mom.

3. Get your nutrition right

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