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The Best Guide for Men Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Singapore

We all have unwanted hair across parts of our body where we’d prefer to have smooth skin. But finding the most effective treatment for men’s hair removal isn’t the easiest of chores. Especially when many hair removal salons are touting so many different types of permanent hair removal treatments. But laser hair removal is one of the best solutions for permanent hair removal or permanent hair reduction. They curtail hair growth and can help deal with ingrown hair. The side effects are minimal, and you get to enjoy quick downtimes. Gentlemen, time to get smooth with the most effective hair removal technique. Here’s Tropika Club’s Best Guide for Men Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Singapore.

There is plenty of reason why it’s the go-to solution for permanent hair reduction or permanent hair removal treatment in Singapore. It’s a painless hair removal technique that can remove unwanted body hair with the help of laser light. The energy from the laser light penetrates the hair shaft, then kills the hair root. Though it doesn’t kill the hair follicles, so another hair can grow in its place. But it’s usually difficult for that to happen, and you can expect lasting results from laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective treatments because they tend to have coarse body hair. The treatment removes body hair without the pain of razor burn, ingrown hairs, or chronic irritations from conventional methods of hair removal like waxing, shaving, and sugaring.

SHR vs IPL: The Two Main Types of Laser Hair Removal – Which is Better

There are mainly two options for laser hair reduction: Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Super hair removal (SHR). IPL uses a single pulse of light energy on the skin. The hair follicles are then damaged, inducing the hair to go into the resting phase and fall out. 

Super Hair Removal is a newer update in laser hair removal technology. This newer form of laser hair removal uses rapid low-energy diode lasers at a higher frequency. It’s one of the most effective treatments for laser hair removal you can find in Singapore. So the heating effect is gentler on the skin. It’s much more precise than IPL hair removal too—50% of the energy is targeted at the cells responsible for melanin production, while the rest targets the stem cells that produce hair.

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Most of the time, people prefer Super Hair Removal for permanent hair removal treatment because it uses gentler pulses of energy. So there’s less trauma on the skin, and it works on more skin types, including sensitive skin. Plus, since Super Hair Removal targets the stem cells responsible for hair reduction, its efficacy in removing coarse hair and fine hair.

As for IPL, it’s more effective on people with dark and coarse hair. Because the pigments there can absorb more energy. As such, IPL usually has little effect on finer hair and people with darker skin tones. This could mean a more uncomfortable session for people with dark skin tones too. Because dark-coloured skin absorbs more energy during IPL laser hair removal sessions.

Common Areas for Men Laser Hair Removal

  • Back & Shoulders: These areas are the hardest to reach, unless you do yoga every day. Laser hair removal can easily remove hair in these areas. So let’s bring the tank top back, shall we?
  • Beardline & Neck: Enjoy a sharp beard edge with the help of laser hair removal in this area. You’ll be free of razor burn and ingrown hair in the more sensitive area.
  • Backside: There’s no shame in a smooth ass. And you’re not the only one that wants one. Lasering this area not only give you an extra boost of confidence, it’ll help decrease the likelihood of acne and ingrown hairs.
  • Nether Regions: Some like it smooth under there too. It’s often referred to as the ‘Boyzilian’, ‘Brozilian’, or the ‘Mankini’. Usually, the aesthetic clinic or the laser hair removal clinic will cover the base of the penis, the shaft, the testicles, and the butt crack.
    • And you don’t need to worry about getting erect unintentionally. After all, accidents happen. The skin around that area is pretty sensitive too. The staff is often trained to carry on as usual (so long as you act appropriately).

Pre-Session Prep for Effective Laser Hair Removal

The more professional hair removal salon will help guide you through the session if it’s your first time. They’d make sure to check if you haven’t had any waxing or plucking of the area a few months before.

Most of the time, the aesthetic clinic or laser hair removal clinic will ask you to shave the treated area the day before your appointment. You should shave down to the skin with a quality shaving cream to avoid razor burns.

Try not to work out before your appointment too. Because your body might retain the heat from the workout, making your skin extra sensitive to the laser. Also, try not to get under the sun for too long before your hair removal treatment either. Because tanned skin might increase the risk of laser burns.

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Getting to Your Laser Hair Removal Session

It may vary a little between the different laser hair removal clinic and aesthetic clinic that you might visit. But the procedure is pretty straightforward. The laser technician would aim the handheld device with the laser at the area that you want to treat. They’d pull the skin tight, and then direct the laser to remove the hairs. There’s usually a slight smell, but it often dissipates quite quickly.

It only takes a couple of minutes for a small area, for example, the upper lip. For larger areas like your legs or your back, the laser treatment could take up to an hour or more. And don’t worry, laser hair removal for men isn’t as painful as you think. You could go prepared with some over-the-counter pain medication before the session. Or you could request an ice roller or numbing cream from the aesthetics centre you go to. But not all lasers can work with numbing cream. You can also talk to the staff at the aesthetics centre about your pain tolerance so that they can turn to a lower power setting for the laser for a comfortable experience.

Most of the time, you’d feel like a rubber band being slapped repeatedly on your skin. But over time, as you go for multiple sessions, the pain intensity diminishes as the hair follicles reduce in size and thickness.

You can see the results pretty much immediately. Though you’d still need a series of follow-up treatments to achieve permanent hair removal. Depending on the area(s) you are treating, it could take 6-8 sessions. The sessions are done 4-6 weeks apart to target the growth cycle of the hair. You might even need to do a few touchup sessions too.

In light of that, some salons offer sessions package ranging from a few months to a whole year. Some laser clinics can even bundle numbing cream and shaving services in the package.

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