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The Best Ways to Heal Dry, Cracked Hands

With information of more and more potential cases of this new COVID-19 around the world., now is the time to acquire your hand-washing game on point. But all that washing may also have you ever worrying about a common skin issue: itchy, itchy, red, painful skin on your palms. Tropika Club talked to experts about how to manage and heal these tender, cracked hands in the safest way possible.

How does dry skin happen?

Dry skin happens on your palms for basically the very same reasons it happens elsewhere on your body. It is made up of skin cells, which behave like bricks, and lipids (fats), which behave as mortar. Consequently, if there is something wrong with the skin barrier, then moisture will probably be more likely to escape out of the epidermis. When you clean your hands, you’re literally drawing moisture out of the epidermis and stripping it of the organic wholesome fats which are supposed to be there. And things like using hot water, using harsh antibacterial soaps, and not moisturising afterward can make all that worse.

On the milder end, you might feel like the skin on your hands is dry, red, tight, or a little itchy. However, on the more serious end, you can experience a lot of irritation, intense itchiness, and even cracks in the skin, which can actually increase your risk of infection. Individuals who are prone to eczema might even require prescription topical treatments to manage symptoms like these. So, yes, it’s great that you are being diligent about washing your hands. But if you do not also take some precautions, your palms will not be happy with you.

Here are some easy, expert-approved ways to keep your hands clean and moisturized.

Use gentle hand soaps.

Hand washes with antibacterial ingredients as well as alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be particularly harsh and drying in your skin. You do not really need to use those types of additives to get rid of germs–that the friction created by the mechanical act of washing your hands as well as the cleansing ingredients in the soaps is what actually removes the microbes out of your palms. Although our understanding of how the new coronavirus spreads and how to protect ourselves out of It’s still growing, regularly washing your hands with soap and water. So, yes, that does mean that actually washing your hands correctly–and for at least 20 minutes –is completely needed.

Wash with lukewarm water.

Washing your hands with water that is too cold or hot is, just, uncomfortable. Plus, using hot water is a simple way to wash your skin out even more. That is why she recommends using a comfy lukewarm water temperature.

The Best Ways to Heal Dry, Cracked Hands


Dry skin can be a very terrible condition. Thanks for sharing the article.

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