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Top 10 Best Cat Litter in Singapore

Top 10 Best Cat Litter in Singapore

Line your litter boxes with the best cat litter in Singapore. This are important for our feline friends so that they can feel safe and comfortable when they’re doing their ‘private business’, and it keeps health issues at bay. With so many varieties nowadays, you can easily find the type of cat litter you need for your cat litter box. There are the non-clumping cat litter even it comes into contact with liquids, some can also absorb the odour from solid waste. Here are the best cat litter in Singapore.

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Premium Quality: Explore top-rated cat litters for superior odor control and absorption.
  • Natural Ingredients: Find eco-friendly options made with natural materials like bamboo.
  • Low Dust Formula: Enjoy cleaner air and less mess with low dust formulas.
  • Clumping Action: Effortlessly scoop away waste with powerful clumping action.
  • Multi-Cat Homes: Suitable for households with multiple cats for convenience.
  • Budget-Friendly: Get quality litter without breaking the bank for affordability.

1. Nurture Pro Tofu Cat Litter


  • Featuring natural tofu that is biodegradable, this litter effectively counters odors 
  • 99% dust-free, does not track and is gentle on the paws.
  • It is free of synthetic additives or chemicals.
  • Made with all-natural tofu without chemicals-
    • Quick clumping and lightweight.
    • Effective absorbency and odor control.
  • Scoop-able, flushable and easy to dispose.

About Company:

Nurture Pro was started from a team of animal lovers and their mission till this date is to nourish beloved pets with their holistic recipes. The multi-faceted team at Nurture Pro is made up of nutritionists, veterinarians and animal experts – with a common desire to improve the health and well-being of pets everywhere. Nurture Pro pet food contains a perfect formulation of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for pets living in Asia, and reduces problems such as overheating, excessive sweating, dust allergies and so on.

Pricing: $53.35

Where to Find: Buy at Shopee


2. Aatas Cat Kuick Klump Bentonite Cat Litter


  • Natural & Safe.
  • 98% Dust-Free.
  • Odour Control.
  • Instant Clump.
  • Easy to Scoop.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • Ultra Absorbent.
  • Paw Friendly.

About Company:

Aatas Cat sets to deliver affordable gourmet meals loaded with quality ingredients and irresistible taste because they believe every cat deserves to be served the best.

Pricing: $27.84 – $76.89

Where to Find: Buy at Shopee


3. Catsan Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter 5L Deodorizer


  • Specially designed for the comfort and hygiene of cat
  • Highly absorbent
  • Prevents the development of odour
  • Easy to clean and disposal

About Company:

CATSAN® products have been keeping Australian cats happy and comfortable for more than 20 years. When it comes to hygiene, cats have high standards – they often feel happiest when everything is comfortable and clean at home.

The hygienic cat litter, consisting of granules containing thousands of micropores, acts like a sponge and aids in the absorption of liquid. The litter tray liner consists of an impermeable bottom underlay and a scratch-resistant upper layer that draws liquid through and into the super absorbent core, where liquids are bound to a gel. Then simply pull up the draw string for clean and easy disposal!

Pricing: $15.00 – $20.00

Where to Find: Buy at Shopee


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4. Cats Valley Cat tofu litter


  • Fast Absorption
    • Fast absorption & clumping without sticking to bottom of litter tray.
  • Hard Clumping
    • Harder clumping action than similar products leads to complete removal after use.
  • Long-lasting Odor Control
    • With more interspaces inside, the product is better in odor control to stop bacterial and always keeps the air fresh.

About Company:

They strive to provide a kennel free, cage free, fear free environment for your furbaby! They treat every furbaby as their own. The Pet Garage is home, away from home! Your fur baby’s safety, comfort, happiness and care is their top priority and they strive to provide a service they would want every pet to receive. They are dedicated to show you and your furbaby the love and support they want and need! After all, they are the ones that show them what unconditional love is!

Pricing: $6.50

Where to Find: Buy at Shopee


5. DOMO+ Premium Bentonite cat litter


  • DOMO+ Premium cat litter made from 100% Sodium Bentonite and enhanced withe perfume silica beads for superior odour contral and highly absorbency,providing excelent odour control and ease of cleaning .
  • Its superior quick-clumping abilities makes clean up a breeze.
  • Just simply scoop the clump and thow it away. the rest of the litter remains clean, odourless and reuseable.

About Company:

DOMO+ is a leading brand in pet care products, specializing in innovative solutions for pet owners. With a commitment to quality and reliability, DOMO+ offers a range of premium products designed to enhance the well-being of pets and their owners.

Pricing: $7.88

Where to Find: Buy at Shopee


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6. ARISTO CATS Natural Pine Cat Litter


  • Chemical Free
  • Neutralizes Odor Naturally
  • No Dust
  • No Tracking

About Company:

Aristo-Cats® has been making a difference with their team of professional veterinarians and pet nutritionists in the cat food and pet accessories manufacturing industry since 2001. They aim to help you improve the quality of life of your pet with their wide variety of canned and dry cat food and pet care items. Cats are considered to be fussy eaters, but fear not, as Aristo-Cats® has ensured that in their recipes only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients have been used, ensuring hearty and savoury meals.

Pricing: $17.99

Where to Find: Buy at Shopee


7. Angel Pure premium Activated Charcoal Cat litter


  • 100% Natural & unscented Activated charcoal for improved odour control
  • Anti-bacteria pellets for cleanliness
  • Excellent clumping effect
  • High absorption capacity

About Company:

Angel Pure is a reputable brand in pet care, offering a range of premium cat products designed to enhance the well-being of your feline companion. With a focus on quality and innovation, Angel Pure provides solutions for cat owners seeking the best for their pets.

Pricing: $48.00 – $75.00

Where to Find: Buy at Shopee


8. Premium Fussie Cat Litter


  • Economical
  • Highly absorbent
  • Hard clumping
  • Low tracking
  • 99.9% dust free
  • Lasts longer & scoopable
  • Tougher on odors & easier on your cat

About Company:

Fussie Cat takes away the fuss in finding tasty food for your picky feline. Co-created by cats and taste-tested by their actual feline friends, all of their recipes are bursting with delicious flavor and are packed with wholesome nutrition.To satisfy even the fussiest of cats’ tastebuds, Fussie Cat has created 3 irresistibly delicious lines of highly palatable food including their Fussie Cat Premium, Super Premium, and Market Fresh Recipes—along with one extremely enticing line of velvety Puree Treats. 

Pricing $9.19

Where to Find: Buy at Shopee


9. Nature’s Eco Cat Litter 30L


  • Made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Excellent odour control.
  • Super absorbent & lightweight.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Minimal dust & low tracking.

About Company:

The Nature’s Eco Cat Litter is an environmentally friendly way of cycling through your cat’s litter.Extremely absorbent, the litter is eco-friendly and lightweight. Easy to change over, it contains no chemicals because it is made from 100% recycled paper. Specifically developed to eliminate bad odours, the litter is also ideal for grounding bad smells that cat urine has the tendency to generate. Designed for low tracking, the mix generates little dust. Your cat will notice the difference and feel more comfortable when going to do their business.Switch to the litter that the environment and your cat will love.

Pricing: $33.50

Where to Find: Buy at Shopee


10. Kit Cat SOYA Cat Litter


  • Quick Clumping
  • Eco Friendly
  • Scoop & Flush
  • Virtually 99,9% Dust Free
  • Non Toxic & 100% Safe
  • Odour Control
  • Suitable for All Life Stages
  • Suitable for Multi-pet Households
  • Soft & Gentle on Paws
  • No Tracking

About Company:

For the two brothers, sharing the same passion for animal welfare, shelters and stray cats has been their main catalyst to start the company. Founded in 2013, Kit Cat International Pte Ltd is a destination for specially made, wholesome and natural cat products that is made up of the freshest raw materials.

Their dedication towards ensuring the best interests of cats can be seen through their careful selection of the right ingredients for their products. Kit Cat International is committed to create the highest standards quality products to deliver visible benefits for your cats.

Pricing: $8.90

Where to Find:Buy at Shopee



Through my research and insights, I’ve discovered the top 10 best cat litters that cater to various needs and preferences of cat owners in the city-state. From premium quality options to budget-friendly choices, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly materials, low dust formulas, or powerful clumping action, this list has got you covered. With these top picks, maintaining a clean and odor-free litter box for your furry friend has never been easier. Happy scooping!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I use clumping cat litter for kittens?

A: Yes, clumping cat litter is safe for kittens, but avoid scented varieties.

Q: How often should I change my cat’s litter box?

A: It’s recommended to scoop waste daily and completely change the litter weekly.

Q: Is silica gel cat litter safe for cats?

A: Yes, silica gel cat litter is safe, but monitor for ingestion as it can be harmful.

Q: Can I flush cat litter down the toilet?

A: No, flushing cat litter can harm waterways. Dispose of it in the trash.

Q: What’s the difference between clumping and non-clumping litter?

A: Clumping litter forms solid clumps for easy scooping, while non-clumping absorbs moisture without clumping.

Q: How do I transition my cat to a new type of litter?

A: Gradually mix the new litter with the old over a week to avoid upsetting your cat.

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