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Top 10 Best Facial Oils in Singapore

Facial oils can be one of the skin care products that you have not used yet. It helps in promoting a healthy glow. It can also help foundation apply more smoothly. Facial oils can even protect skin from harmful pollutants. Lastly, it adds extra nourishment to skin surface. The Tropika Club team has rounded up Top 10 Best Facial Oil in Singapore. Read on!

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Why facial oils? They nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin with natural ingredients and antioxidants.
  • How to choose the right one? Consider your skin type, concerns, and preferences. Look for quality, purity, and sustainability.
  • What are the benefits of facial oils? They can improve skin texture, tone, elasticity, and radiance. They can also balance oil production, calm inflammation, and heal scars.

1. Chanel Huile De Jasmine

Description: With HUILE DE JASMIN, CHANEL reinterprets a timeless skincare product from its heritage, created by Gabrielle Chanel in 1927. Pure and simple, HUILE DE JASMIN is composed almost entirely of naturally-derived ingredients. At the heart lies a jasmine extract from Grasse, exclusive to CHANEL. Smoothing, nourishing and fortifying, its formula infuses the skin with its revitalising properties, while delivering comfort and suppleness.

How to Use: HUILE DE JASMIN can be applied every day or as an intensive treatment, depending on the skin’s needs and one’s mood.

  • 1. On its own, for women who like the sensory qualities of an oil.
  • 2. Under a serum or a cream, for women whose skin feels tired and lackluster.
  • 3. Mixed with a cream, for women who want extra comfort in a single application, or mixed with foundation for an additional touch of radiance.

Pricing: $216 for 50 ml

Where to Find: Available at all Chanel beauty boutiques and counters.

2. Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

Description: This precious blend includes antioxidant-rich seaberry oil (also known as seabuckthorn oil), cranberry seed oil, and camellia seed oil—all packed with nourishing omegas. Grapeseed and sweet almond oil round out the mix, delivering a hit of hydration for soft, supple, dewy skin.

How to Use: After cleansing and toning, lightly massage 1 to 2 drops onto the face. For extra nourishment, follow with your favorite face cream.

Pricing: $84 for 50 ml

Where to Find: Sephora

3. Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil

Description: It’s infused with azulene oil, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, that aids in reducing redness, clarifying the complexion and balancing hydration—especially for combination, oily and blemish-prone skin types. Herbivore’s facial oils contain no fillers and are formulated with only natural ingredients. They absorb easily to get moisture, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants into your skin, and they form a natural lipid barrier to lock moisture in and protect against dryness and heat.

How to Use: Apply 3-10 drops to cleansed and toned skin morning and night. Massage in and allow to absorb for 1–3 minutes before applying makeup. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Pricing: $112 for 50 ml

Where to Find: Sephora

4. KENZOKI Sacred Lotus Face Oil (Belle De Jour)

Description: BELLE DE JOUR Sacred Lotus Face Oil, with its fine sensory texture, nourishes, moisturises and plumps up the skin with new radiance, leaving a revitalised complexion and visibly younger-looking skin, from the first application.

How to Use: After cleansing, warm two to three drops in your hands and press softly onto your face for a unique sensation of absolute comfort, or mix with the serum to feel beautiful. It can also be combined with your favourite liquid foundation for a more unified and radiant look.

Pricing: $120 for 30 ml

Where to Find: Sephora

5. Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil

Description: Contains 151 green tea seeds harvested from the tea garden in the pure island of Jeju. A moisturising nourishing oil made of green tea seeds full of natural energy from Jeju Island. A combination of green tea seed and green tea leaf for deep hydration and brighter skin tone. Hydration-enriched with a wealth of natural vitamin E and amino acids of green tea seed strengthen skin barrier and provides an excellent moisturising and hydrating effect. Soft texture to fill the skin with moisture from deep within Rice bran oil fills the skin with moisture from inside and makes the skin non greasy.

How to Use:

  • 1. Apply 2-3 drops of oil onto face as you massage after using fluid.
  • 2. This product can be variously applied onto other dry parts of skin besides face.

Pricing: $32.80 for 30 ml

Where to Find: Shopee

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6. LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil

Description: Effect of applying “moisture ampoule + oil” all at once!The crystal droplets made of moisture and oil provide the effect of having applied both moisture ampoule and oil all at once by pushing moisture into skin and by wrapping the surface of skin upon contact.Moisture-Roof™, the technology for skin’s optimal oil and moisture balance.Moisture Roof™ realizes a moisturizing moisture film through which oil pushes moisture inside skin and wraps the surface of skin.Hydro Ion Mineral Water – Small, fast water providing abundant moisture to skin.Laneige’s moisture water “Hydro Ion Mineral Water” fills skin with water as it is absorbed fast into skin.

How to Use: Before use, be sure to shake the container fully (more than 10 times). After using toner, lotion, and essence, dispense 4-5 droplets onto the palm.Mix well with both palms and evenly apply on the entire face in a massaging motion.With both hands, steadily press the face to promote absorption into skin.

Pricing: $38.00 for 50 ml

Where to Find: Shopee

7. The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Description: A pure blend of cold-pressed and organic rosehip oil which hydrates and supports healthy skin.
Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, rosehip oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. This silky oil helps to calm redness, hydrate dry skin, treat scars and burns, brighten skin, and regenerate damaged tissue. Rosehip – A naturally sourced hydrating oil, rich in Vitamins E and C, and fatty acids

How to Use: Apply to the face once a day, ideally at bedtime after application of water-based treatments.

Pricing: $21.08 for 30 ml

Where to Find: Lazada

8. L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil

Description: Formulated with 100% natural oils, making it suitable even for troubled skin. Contains a potent blend of 8 natural oils, including L’OCCITANE’S iconic Immortelle essential oil to provide essential nutrients to deeply nourish and repair your skin. Smooth and lightweight texture penetrates skin to firm, lift and moisturize. Skin looks plump, radiant and youthful again.

How to Use: Simply warm up one drop of the Divine Youth Oil with your palms and pat it gently all over face. You can also add it to your favourite serum as a booster for it.

Pricing: $178 for 30 ml

Where to Find: L’Occitane SG

9. SUNDAY RILEY U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil

Description: A fast-acting, quick-drying, medicated oil that clears acne and blackhead-causing buildup and debris from congested pores for smoother, blemish-free skin. Tea tree oil and black cumin seed oil support clear skin, while hexylresorcinol and liquorice naturally brighten the appearance of old acne discolourations for a more even-toned complexion. Counterbalancing the potentially drying effects of salicylic acid, milk thistle and cucumber seed oil nourish the skin and smoothen the appearance of lines and wrinkles, without leaving a greasy residue. Chamomile and neroli soothe stressed, blemish-prone skin.

How to Use: Apply a few drops to clean skin. For skin prone to purging, use 2-3 times a week to start with. Layer on top of Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel toner for more oily skin support. Follow with a brightening treatment, like Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream to help combat the appearance of acne discolouration. Mix three to four drops of U.F.O. into foundation before application to give hydrating, acne-fighting power to your makeup routine. * Precautions: As with all salicylic acid products, please consult with your doctor before use if you are pregnant or allergic to salicylates (like aspirin). Not intended for use by children. Using other topical acne drugs at the same time or right after use of this product may increase dryness or irritation of the skin.

Pricing: $113.00 for 35 ml

Where to Find: Sephora

10. SEKKISEI SUPREME Whitening Herbal Oil

Description: Contains Oleric Acid, which blends well into the skin, moisturizes and softens skin so that whitening ingredients “enters deeply into the skin,” “stays there” and is “sealed in”.-Controls melanin production while preventing spots and freckles due to UV-rays.-Prevents sebum oxidation and discoloration after acne and breakout. skin becomes clear and fine.-Oil softens the skin which has been hardened and boosts the efficacy of active ingredients by helping them penetrate well into the skin. skin recovers its moistures, firmness and clarity.-in addition to the brisk fragrance of Oriental herbs, essential oils of Lavandin, Rosemary, Chamomile, etc are blended to help users experience a “healing” sensation so they feel more relaxed

How to Use: Use between facial wash and lotion. Apply 2-3 drops to the entire face gently with the palms of hands

Pricing: $74 for 40 ml



Tropika Club Magazine has compiled a list of the top 10 best facial oils in Singapore. These oils have been carefully selected for their ability to nourish, hydrate and protect the skin. The list includes high-end brands such as Chanel Huile De Jasmine, which is composed almost entirely of naturally-derived ingredients and is available at all Chanel beauty boutiques and counters. It also includes more affordable options such as Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil, which is available at Sephora and contains a blend of antioxidant-rich seaberry oil, cranberry seed oil, and camellia seed oil. Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil is another popular choice on the list, known for its ability to reduce redness, clarify the complexion and balance hydration. With so many great options to choose from, there’s sure to be a facial oil that’s perfect for your skin type and needs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the benefits of using facial oils?

A: Facial oils can provide a range of benefits for the skin. They can reduce wrinkles by preventing free radical damage caused by unprotected ultraviolet light 1. They are also good for dry skin as they can be more effective at moisturizing than standard over-the-counter lotions and creams 1. Facial oils can protect the skin by penetrating deep into the skin and trapping water and other moisturizing goodness in while keeping toxins and other bad stuff out 1. Some facial oils can even act as a primer for makeup, helping foundation apply more smoothly 2.

Q: How do I choose the right facial oil for my skin type?

A: It’s important to choose a facial oil that is suitable for your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, you may want to look for oils that are rich in hydrating omega-3 fatty acids, such as almond oil 1. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may want to avoid oils that are comedogenic (meaning they can cause blackheads by blocking your pores) 3. It’s always a good idea to consult with a dermatologist before starting a new skincare regimen.

Q: Can facial oils be used on oily or acne-prone skin? 

A: Facial oils can be used on oily or acne-prone skin, but it’s important to choose the right oil. Some oils may be comedogenic (meaning they can cause blackheads by blocking your pores) and should be avoided 3. It’s also a good idea to avoid strong fragranced oils like lavender or tea tree, as they can be irritating or even potential allergens 3. It’s always a good idea to consult with a dermatologist before starting a new skincare regimen.

Q: How do I incorporate facial oils into my skincare routine?

A: Facial oils can be incorporated into your skincare routine in several ways. You can apply them after cleansing and toning by warming a few drops in your hands and pressing them softly onto your face 1. You can also mix them with your favorite serum or moisturizer for extra hydration 1. Some people even mix a few drops of facial oil into their foundation before application to give hydrating, acne-fighting power to their makeup routine 1

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