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Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes in Singapore

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes in Singapore

If you’re in need of some new content for your Instagram feed and are looking for the most picturesque cafes Singapore has to offer, look no further! This list of the top 10 Instagrammable cafes in Singapore will give you plenty of ideas for where to go and what to order. From flower walls to stunning latte art, there’s something for everyone. So grab your camera and head to one of these cafes for your next photo op!

#1 – Le Jardin


Delight in the charm and beauty that is Le Jardin, a cosy, serene restaurant serving up French and European cuisine, located in historical Fort Canning Park.

As you step through their doors, prepare to be transported to Monet’s garden in Giverny, Paris. Evoke images of the grand palace gardens of Europe with their Victorian-style interiors and stunning floral art. Let yourself be enchanted by the sweet, refreshing perfume of fresh-cut blooms and preserved flowers.

Dine indoors in style or al fresco in nature’s embrace. Le Jardin’s spacious location at the Fort Canning Arts Centre offers diners a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of our metropolitan city.

Menu Items:

  • Croissant Waffle (Price $24)
  • Black Angus Short Ribs (Price $38)
  • Le Jardin Salad (Price $16)
  • Duroc Pork Belly (Price $35)

Location: 5 Cox Terrace, Level 2, Fort Canning Arts Centre, 179620

Contact: +65 8338 8281

Website: Website Link Here

#2 – Café De Nicole’s Flowers


It was the love of gorgeous blooms and mouthwatering home cooked food that brought about the birth of Café de Nicole’s Flower. The brilliant marriage of flowers and gastronomy truly shines with the carefully crafted menu that is on offer at their café as their artisans are constantly hard at work crafting delightful bouquets that tantalize the senses while their skillful chefs work in the kitchen to whip up delectable food and drinks.

In addition to its appetizing cuisine and enjoyable ambience, Café de Nicole’s Flower also takes pride in its selection of robust coffee made from freshly-roasted coffee beans and their seasonal interiors. Visit them at various times of the year to bask in their Sakura-themed spring decorations or during the holiday season when their café will be decked out in Christmas adornments.

It is always a different experience at Café de Nicole’s Flower.

Menu Items:

  • Tiger Prawn Laksa Spaghetti (Price $20.90)
  • Nicole’s Lobster Roll (Price $31.90)
  • Specialty Drinks – Peaches In Georgia (Price $8.90)
  • Specialty Drinks – Smooth Like Butterscotch (Price $9.90)

Location: 224 Telok Kurau Rd, #01-01, Singapore 423836

Contact: +65 8338 8511

Website: Website Link Here

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#3 – Carrotsticks & Cravings


Carrotsticks & Cravings is a healthy food haven that brings you delicious and nutritious lovingly prepared to recharge and nourish your body, heart and soul. Founded by Melbourne-born Terri-Anne, her penchant for healthy eating and cooking led her to bring an Australian-inspired healthy cafe experience to life — helping everyone to live healthier and happier.

Menu Items:

  • Signature Smashed Avo (Vegan) (Price $18)
  • Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon (Price $22)
  • Sandwiches – Chicken Goat Cheese (Price $22)
  • Keto Chicken Avo (Gluten Free) (Price $15)

Location: 7 Rodyk St #01-34 238216

Contact: +65 8128 9326

Website: Website Link Here


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#4 – Open Farm Community


Open Farm Community (OFC) is Singapore’s pioneering urban farm and restaurant concept; a timely reaction to the increasing disconnect between people and their food. Acting as the missing link in the modern fabric, OFC’s vision is to strengthen the understanding and respect for food and its origins.

Showcasing local and regional produce like never before, their team aspires to elevate the produce of the land with an international lens.

Menu Items:

  • Toasted Focaccia (Vegan) (Price $10)
  • Crab Fries (Price $20)
  • Sparkling Wine (Bottle) – PARÉS BALTÀ | PINK N/V (Price $76)
  • Rosé (Bottle) – CHÂTEAU MASSEREAU | CLAIRET 2018 (Price $15)

Location: 130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819

Contact: +65 6471 0306

Website: Website Link Here

#5 – My Awesome Café


From thrifted furniture and vintage dinnerware, to found objects and unfinished concrete walls, their café is filled with things that tell many a great story. With new meaning and purpose, these represent what we always want My Awesome Café to be – a place where they bring out the Awesomeness in each other. 

Menu Items:

  • My Awesome Salad (Price $17)
  • Perigourdines Salad (Price $21)
  • Awesome Burger (Price $28)
  • Keto Latte (Price $8)

Location: 202 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068639

Contact: +65 8798 1783

Website: Website Link Here

#6 – Wheeler’s Yard


“Step into the world of Wheeler’s Yard, where bicycles, coffee, food and all things vintage meet. Located right along the Whampoa park connector, a hidden

bicycle-themed cafe awaits your discovery.

Whether it’s cycling down for a hearty meal with a group of friends or spending an afternoon reading a book while sipping on a warm cup of coffee, one can easily find a reason to visit Wheeler’s Yard.

Housed within a massive industrial warehouse, the luxury of space here allows everyone to break away from feeling claustrophobic and slow down their pace while soaking up the atmosphere.”

Menu Items:

  • Crab Mayo Croissant (Price $19.90)
  • Chili Crab Pasta (Price $18.90)
  • Ultimate Beef Yard Burger (Price $27.90)
  • Desserts – Crazy About Orh Nee (Price $10.90)

Location: 28 Lor Ampas, Singapore 328781

Contact: +65 6254 9128

Website: Website Link Here

#7 – Chin Mee Chin


Housed in the very same shophouse where they started, the space has been lovingly restored with original elements for lasting preservation. As one of the oldest coffeeshops in Singapore, the nostalgic ambience and experience is for all generations to savour. Step into their revamped home and choose between indoor seating for marbled tables on vintage tiles, or their outdoor patio against a backdrop of potted plants and passing cars.

Whether you’re here with family or friends, just order your favourite old school pastries, kopi or teh done your-way, and let the feeling of yesterday sink in.

Menu Items:

  • Kaya Toast Set (Price $4.90)
  • Luncheon Meat Bun (Price $2)
  • Cheesecake Brownie (Price $2.60)
  • Kopi O/ Teh O (Price $1.60)

Location: 204 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428903

Contact: [email protected]

Website: Website Link Here

#8 – Wildseed Café


Nestled atop the gentle hill of Telok Blangah and the countryside plains of Seletar, Wildseed offers freshly-roasted coffee, floral cakes and pastries, hearty weekend brunches and casual, all-day fare.

A home away from home, Wildseed Café is where you can truly escape from the city with your friends, families and pets.

Menu Items:

  • Fresh Mud Crab Omelette (Price $24)
  • 100 Hour Mayura Brisket (Price $45)
  • Big Pan Breakfast (Price $28)
  • Wagyu & Pork Ragout Linguine (Price $25)

Location: 3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387

Contact: Book Online

Website: Website Link Here

#9 – Breakfast Club


“Not a cafe, not a shop, not a branch, not a unit, not a restaurant. Just a caf.

There was also a time they called us a hipster hangout but thankfully that was just a passing phase. We don’t profess to being cool, because we’re not.

We make comfort food.

We make warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach food. We make ‘is my gran in your kitchen?’ food. We make ‘3 star ethically sourced good for the planet’ food.

Everyone is welcome. Me, your mum, my grandad, your uncle Albert, little Jonnie and all our best pals. Everyone is welcome.

At one point we tried to save the world with varying degrees of success. But we’ll leave that to Greta as we feel she’s doing a much better job. We’ll stick to being a caf and supporting our local communities.

Release your inner cafness.” – Breakfast Club

Menu Items:

  • Avocado on Toast (Price $8)
  • Blueberry Pancakes (Price $7/ $10.50)
  • All American Pancakes (Price $16)
  • Big Monty Burger (Price $12.50)

Location: 941 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534709

Contact: Click Here

Website: Website Link Here

#10 – Brown Butter Café


“We both believe that food and drink is an essential part of everyone life. Not only as a necessity to survive, it’s more than that. We believe that it is what brings people together, what opens them up. Yes, we love cooking and creating our own dish, but what we love the most is getting to know you, and we hope you feel the same. And we hope that it goes further than that. Maybe you will strike up a conversation with the guy sitting next to you about our food. Maybe the conversation will move on to another topic. We know, that might not happen everyday but maybe. Just maybe, on one of these faithful days, you’ve met a friend, or two. And that right there, is exactly why we’re here.” – Brown Butter Cafe Founders

Menu Items:

  • Avocado Fries(Price $12.90)
  • Salmon Mentaiko Cheese Toastie (Price $18)
  • Avocado Pesto Pasta (Price $18)
  • Coffee Avocado Smoothie (Price $9.50)

Location: 583 Orchard Rd, #01-18/19, Singapore 238884

Contact: +65 6219 3018

Website: Website Link Here

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