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Top 10 Restaurants in ION Orchard

This is one of the signature malls along Orchard Road. ION Orchard sits right atop Orchard MRT, and its one of the most popular shopping mall in the area. The choices for food at ION Orchard covers a wide variety of cuisine. You can find anything from a French fusion restaurant-cafe with a Japanese twist to even a slice of Ondeh Ondeh cake. So whether you’re craving a cup of coffee or a plate of angus beef that’s grilled to perfection, here are the Top 10 Restaurants in ION Orchard, the best food at ION Orchard you can find.

1. Sen-Ryo

Introduction: Originating from Tochigo in Kanto, Japan in 1999, sen-ryo will delight diners here in Singapore with Japanese creations that are authentic, exquisite, and exceptional. These dishes are masterfully crafted by an experienced ‘shokunin’ (artisanal) team whose attention to deal will make every dining experience an unforgettable one.


  • Tori Nanban
  • Australian Wagyu Don with tender simmered beef slices
  • Kitsune Udon

Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #03-14, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: 11am – 10pm

Contact: (+65) 6974 6782

Website: https://www.facebook.com/senryosing

2. Putien

Introduction: PUTIEN restaurant began as a coffee shop in Singapore’s Kitchener Road in 2000 and has since grown into a popular chain with over 60 outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai and Beijing. PUTIEN serves cuisine from the Fujian Province in China: characteristically light, down-to-earth, and flavourful food with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. PUTIEN prides itself on fulfilling its mission to create an exceptional culinary experience to diners from all over the world.


  • Click the link for menu
    • Fujian Red Mushroom Seafood Lor Mee
    • ‘100-Second’ Stewed Yellow Croaker
    • PUTIEN’s Bian Rou Soup
    • Fresh Seaweed and Mini Shrimps

Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #04-12, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: 11:30 am – 09:00 pm

Contact:  +65  6509 4296

Website: https://www.putien.com/

3. Saint-Louis House

Introduction: Saint-Louis House is a chic and unique lounge where whisky aficionados & business associates can enjoy some of the world’s rarest and finest whiskies.


  • Tweeddale 28 YO
  • Macallan Triple Cask 18 YO
  • Abundane Menu
  • Auspicious Menu

Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #05-02, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday to Thursday
    • 3.30 pm – 11.30 pm
  • Friday, Saturday, and Eve of Public Holiday
    • 3.30pm – 1.00 am
  • Closed on Mondays

Contact: +65 8809 0048

Website: http://www.saint-louishouse.com/

4. The Marmalade Pantry

Introduction: The Marmalade Pantry flagship store has open its doors in September 2009, after moving from its Orchard Road flagship to this highly anticipated iconic development at the very heart of Orchard Road. Located in a stunning central atrium, this 100-seater ‘modernist larder’ will continue to deliver the best of all its favorites alongside a brilliant new menu and an ever-growing list of addictive desserts.


Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #04-11A, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Contact:  +65 6734 2700

Website: https://www.themarmaladepantry.com.sg/

5. Taste Paradise

Introduction: Taste Paradise offers an elaborate menu of traditional Cantonese cuisine with an innovative touch, and embraces the culture of wine pairing with over 200 exquisite labels, all in an elegant contemporary setting to delight diners.


Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #04-07, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: 10:30 am – 09:00 pm

Contact:  +65 6509 9660

Website: https://www.paradisegp.com/

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6. Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine

Introduction: With its vast array of iconic Chinese delicacies and its commitment to impeccable service, Imperial Treasure has become synonymous with authentic fine Chinese cuisine. Since the establishment of their first restaurant in 2004, Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group has won the hearts of gourmands and casual diners alike.


  • Chilled Flower Small Crab in Teochew Style
  • Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig In Teochew Style (Advance Order Required),
  • Marinated Duck
  • Empurau (Advance Order Required)

Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #03-05, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 09:00 pm

Contact:  +65 6736 2118

Website: https://www.imperialtreasure.com/restaurant/ImperialTreasureFineTeochewCuisine-4

7. Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

Introduction: With a diverse selection of soup bases, fresh seafood, and ingredients, Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant serves only the freshest and finest ingredients.


  • Imperial Drunken Chicken Soup
  • Four Treasure Ball Platter
  • Live Seafood

Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #04-12A, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 09:00 pm

Contact:  +65 6636 9339

Website: https://www.imperialtreasure.com/restaurant/ImperialTreasureSteamboatRestaurant-9

8. 1-Atico

Introduction: FLNT (“flint”) is a buzzy social spot for occasions throughout the day and late into the evening. As Singapore’s only Nikkei-influenced sumiyaki Bar and Grill, FLNT’S food and bar program are a progressive union of Japanese-meets-Peruvian, with elevated cocktails, and specialty sakés, and elegant dishes. The chic and luxurious rooftop space, with dramatic city views and lush natural lights flooding in from the lofty windows, is a multi-sensory experience. An open galley treats guests to the chefs at work in the kitchen, where a plethora of sharing plates is prepared with immaculate precision over a binchotan-fueled grill.


Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #55-01, #56-01, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours:

  • Daily (Subject to changes) FIRE and FLLNT
    • 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
  • Daily (Subject to changes) 1-Atico Lounge
    • 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Contact:  +65 8028 1489

Website: https://flnt.sg/

9. Jumbo Seafood

Introduction: JUMBO Seafood is where it all began. Their most prominent brand had humble beginnings in 1987, operating from a single outlet in East Coast Seafood Centre. The restaurant soon gained a loyal following, garnering a reputation for serving only the freshest seafood cooked to perfection, with iconic dishes such as the Singapore Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab capturing the hearts of locals and overseas gastronomes. As its reputation grew, so did the number of outlets. Today, JUMBO Seafood comprises multiple restaurants in Singapore and The People’s Republic of China, with franchises all over Asia. In addition to serving its JUMBO Award-winning Chilli Crab, JUMBO Signature Black Pepper Crab, Golden Salted Egg Prawns, and Crispy Fried Baby Squid, the chain of restaurants offers other innovative and distinctive menu items, including special seasonal dishes. JUMBO Seafood has garnered many prestigious culinary and service accolades over the years.


  • Click link for menu
  • Chilled Shredded Roast Duck Salad
  • Award-Winning Chilli Crab with Fried ‘Man Tou’
  • Live Boston Lobster Braised with Superior Stock

Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #04-09/10, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours:

  • Daily (Subject to Change)
    • 11:00 am – 02:00 pm
  • Daily (Subject to Change)
    • 05:00 pm – 09:00 pm

Contact:   +65 6737 3435

Website: https://www.jumboseafood.com.sg/en/home

10. Violet Oon Singapore

Introduction: Violet Oon Singapore at ION Orchard marries all-day dining with exquisite dishes from Violet Oon’s original recipes.


  • Hainanese Pork Chop
  • Fish Curry with Roti Jala

Location: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #03-22/28-29, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 09:00 pm

Contact:  +65 9834 9935

Website: https://violetoon.com/

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