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Top 14 Best Flute Lesson Teachers and Schools in Singapore

Want to learn how to play the flute? In this video, Tropika Club Magazine is going to show you the best flute lesson teachers in Singapore and give you a list of some of the best schools that offer music lessons. If you play the flute and want to learn how to play it better, you need to find the best teacher for your skill level. Let’s take a look at these flute lesson providers and teachers in Singapore.

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1. Yamaha

About Company:

Yamaha’s history began when its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. Shortly thereafter, he successfully completed the first reed organ. More than 130 years after our founding in 1887, they defined the Yamaha Philosophy as the philosophical framework that underpins business management at the Yamaha Group.
Furthermore, in 2019, they established their new brand promise “Make Waves” to capture that special moment when our customers’ hearts tremble.

Location: Multiple Location

Contact: Multiple Location

Website: https://sg.yamaha.com/en/education/adult_courses/flute/index.html

2. Stradivari Strings

About Company:

Two things Stradivari Strings is passionate about: music and education. They love imparting the interest of music in our students, whether adults or kids.

Stradivari Strings also takes pride in curating the range of music instruments for our retail shop. They have an awesome collection of fine, handcrafted violin, cello, viola and bows. In addition, They also have a range of saxophones, flutes, guitar, ukulele, books and music instrument accessories and cases for sale.

Location: 100 Jln Sultan, #02-23 Sultan Plaza, Singapore 199001

Contact: +65-98137769

Website: https://www.stradivaristrings.com/lessons/flute-lessons/

3. Flute and Music Academy

About Company:

Before 2012, Four music lovers who were experts in their respective professional fields (professional musician, educator, repair technician and band conductor) often heard a common gripe from their music students that one could not find quality woodwind education and retail at one place (Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe & Bassoon).

Determined to fill this void in the Singapore music scene, the four founders collaborated and gathered the top woodwind artists, educators, technicians and suppliers in Singapore to form the premiere Music School that specialises in woodwind. Hence, FAMA started in August 2012.

Location: 1 Marine Parade Central, #12-07, Singapore 449408

Contact: +65 6345-2993

Website: https://www.fama.com.sg/index.html

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4. Absolutely In-tuned

About Company:

Absolutely In-Tuned is a successful go-to agency that is well connected to an extensive pool of dedicated, highly qualified and highly trained Music Teachers in Singapore. They have been helping interested parents, teenagers, adults and children of all levels find certified experienced teachers since October 2007.

Absolutely In-Tuned loves helping people, of all ages from all walks of life, make their musical dreams come true. They are down-to-earth and treat both their teachers and students with sincerity, honesty and integrity.

Don’t waste your time surfing websites and googling for reviews, because that cannot show you how capable the music teachers really are and if they are the perfect fit for you. Talk to they personally. Absolutely In-Tuned has a ready pool of pre-screened music teachers ready to cultivate your talent, and with more than 10 years of experience, rest-assured we will help you pick the right one!

Location: Online Class

Contact: +65 8168-8251

Website: https://www.absolutelyintuned.com.sg/flute-2/

5. Edvox Music School

About Company:

As one of Singapore’s top music schools, Edvox Music School has a proven track record of high Distinction scorers in ABRSM music exams. Their students are guaranteed an all-rounded music education and full support from our approachable and highly qualified music instructors.From music recitals to competitions, master classes and the end of year concert, Talento, their students will have the chance to showcase their talents and build their confidence onstage.

Location: Multiple Location

Contact: +65 6100 3380

Website: https://www.edvox.com/

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6. Eason Music School

About Company:

Eason Music / Eason Enterprises is a family business set up in 1978 with the goal of bringing Chinese traditional and classical music to the masses.

They strive to provide the whole range of Chinese traditional music instruments from the most common to the most obscure. Their musical instruments are personally and painstakingly sourced from reputable makers in China, to give their customers the assurance of quality.

Eason Music / Eason Enterprises is the sole distributor of the largest Chinese music instruments maker in China – Shanghai Dunhuang Musical Instruments CO., Ltd which is the maker of ‘Yun’ brand.

Besides Chinese music instruments, they also deal in western stringed instruments like the Violin, Cello, Double Bass as well as the ukulele. You can also find a wide assortment of music accessories like music tuners, music stands, metronome and strings in our shop.

Location: 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #02-66 (Lift Lobby 2) Singapore 338729

Contact: +65 9754 3879

Website: https://www.easonmusicschool.com/music-lessons/private/dizi/

7. KJ Music Studio

About Company:

Tan Kian Joo (KJ), the founder of KJ Music Studio, he graduated with a Master of Music degree in Flute performance from the Royal Northern College of Music at Manchester, United Kingdom. He has been awarded the Fellowship from the Royal School of Music (FRSM) and a high distinction in his Licentiate in Flute performance from the Trinity College of London. He has experiences playing in various ensemble settings ranging from Baroque quartet to Jazz ensemble. He has also played with the Singapore Lyric Opera Orchestra, The Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Boys Choir together with the Kids’ Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, Kian Joo undertook music pedagogy studies during his time at the Royal Northern College of Music and was attached to a music school in UK for his practicum. He was selected and offered a teaching position at an established international music school in Abu Dhabi even before graduation.

Kian Joo is also a competent pianist and keyboardist. He has been awarded a Licentiate from the Royal School of Music (LRSM) and the Trinity College of London (LTCL) in Piano performance and a Yamaha Teacher’s grade in Electone performance. He has frequently accompanied soloists for public performances at notable venues such as the Esplanade and the grand 5,000-seat Star Theatre. He was also involved in Mediacorp TV projects and performances.

Location: 533 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Singapore 479283

Contact: [email protected]

Website: https://www.kjmusicstudio.com/

8. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

About Company:

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts offers courses in Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree level. The NAFA Diploma programmes provide comprehensive arts and design education appropriate of Singapore’s polytechnic-level for students who had successfully completed their secondary school education which is 10-years of studies in Singapore.

Location: 80 Bencoolen Street Singapore 189655

Contact: +65 6512 1381

Website: https://www.nafa.edu.sg/courses/courses-for-children/gifted-young-flutists-course/

9. Eight Tones

About Company:

Eight Tones Music School was established by local Singaporean musicians who met through their love for Traditional Chinese Music. With over 500 students enrolled and 250 lessons weekly, Eight Tones Music School is the biggest Chinese Music school specializing in providing traditional Chinese music instrument lesson for the following instruments: Dizi, Erhu, Guzheng, Guqin, Hulusi, Liuqin. You are not required to have any prior musical background and also not required to have your own instrument before booking a trial lesson with us. To suit your needs, they have flexible scheduling system, they open till late evenings, local bilingual teachers, and various different syllabuses designed for you.

Location: 465 North Bridge Road, #02-5039, Singapore 191465

Contact: +65 9836 2072

Website: https://eight-tones.com.sg/dizi/

10. SIFA

About Company:

Established in 1949, Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS) functions as a Society of Members where each student belongs to the institute not just as a learner but also as a contributor to the growth and development of the Society.

Location: 2A Starlight Road,  Singapore 217755

Contact: +65 6299 5929

Website: https://www.sifas.org/carnatic-flute.html

11. Tanglewood Music School

About Company:

Established since January 2000, Tanglewood Music School offers a unique teaching system constructed and designed by the experts in the respective instruments. The School provides uncompromising lessons directing at enabling students to perform locally and overseas. Lessons are taught through a one-to-one session for undistracted interaction and exchange between teacher and student.

Performances are held regularly for students to improve their skills and confidence. Students are selected to play under the in-house groups, namely, the Tanglewood Orchestra, Violin Ensemble, and Guitar Ensemble, to gain local and overseas performance exposure.

Location: 896 Dunearn Road, #04-01A/C, Singapore 589472

Contact: +65 6733 1730

Website: https://tanglewood-music.com/

12. Harmony Pitch

About Company:

Harmony & Pitch provides individual as well as group music lessons for various instruments including Piano, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Vocal and more! They provide a stimulating environment for learning where students are able to develop fundamental skills and right techniques while enjoy playing the instrument of choice.

Harmony & Pitch designed their music courses to allow for specialisation and flexibility, which will give our students choices in their musical pursuit. Every student can select an examination–focus or leisure–learning course, a stage performance–focus or music improvisation course or a combination of different approaches through one of our Music Programmes.

Location: 9 King Albert Park, #02-­17, Singapore 598332

Contact: +65 6251 0730

Website: https://harmonynpitch.com.sg/

13. Flute Lessons Online

About Company:

The two co-founders designed the project as a grassroots initiative. The idea was born from a family need when, for our kids, Flute Lessons Online began a search on the web for Tutors, specifically Chinese, who were available for face-to-face or online lessons. The difficulties encountered planted the seed of an idea on a continuum of learning. They felt that this was an important need to be fulfilled by many families in Singapore including, those with kids with special needs. The founders have dedicated several years, during their professional career, to design projects dedicated to kids with special needs and have gained knowledge and increased understanding of their needs in the process.

Flute Lessons Online’s vision is to simplify access to greater learning opportunities for all the families, with personalized and professional support; a community of highly specialized professionals provides tutoring sessions in a vast array of subjects, including sports and music.
The online platform is designed to identify specialized and professional tutors in different disciplines, with simple and user-friendly features, enabling each student to select the most suitable coaching experience based on individual needs.
Their motto is: “Every tutor shapes your life” and we would like to be part of this important journey with you!

Location: online

Contact: [email protected]

Website: https://www.easylore.com/tutors/flute/


14. MYC Pasir Ris

About Company:

Music for Young Children is an educational music program designed to teach music to young children. The philosophy of the MYC program is to help children develop the happy habit of learning music.
Designed for parents who want to introduce piano to their young children, MYC provides a comprehensive music program that integrates keyboard, singing, ear training, sight reading, creative movement, rhythm, music theory and music composition. The result is a music program that provides a broader foundation than beginner private piano lessons. Children between the ages of 2 – 11 and their parents benefit by acquiring solid music education in a fun group-based environment that enhances parent/ child involvement.

Location: 257 Pasir Ris St 21 #01-299 S510257

Contact: +65 6100 1129 

Website: https://www.sunnymusicstudio.com/



Flute is an instrument that can bring joy and satisfaction to anyone who plays it. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you can always find a suitable flute teacher or school in Singapore that can help you improve your skills and knowledge. However, choosing the right one can be tricky, as there are many factors to consider such as the qualifications, experience, curriculum, facilities, fees, location, etc. of the flute teacher or school.

That’s why we have done the research for you and ranked the top 14 best flute lesson teachers and schools in Singapore based on these criteria. We hope that this list can help you narrow down your options and find the best match for your needs and preferences. Of course, you should also do your own due diligence and visit the websites or contact the schools directly to get more information and details.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful. If you did, please share it with your friends and family who might be interested in learning flute too. Also, feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any questions or feedback. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading Tropika Club Magazine, your one-stop destination for beauty, wellness, lifestyle, food, travel, and entertainment news in Singapore. Stay tuned for more updates and articles from us. Happy fluting! 🎶


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I choose the best flute teacher or school for me?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question, as different flute teachers or schools may suit different students depending on their goals, preferences, learning styles, budget, etc. However, some general factors that you may want to consider are:

  • The qualifications and experience of the flute teachers
  • The curriculum and syllabus of the flute lessons
  • The facilities and equipment of the flute school
  • The feedback and reviews from the students
  • The fees and location of the flute school

You may also want to visit the websites or contact the schools directly to get more information and details. Alternatively, you can check out our list of the top 14 best flute lesson teachers and schools in Singapore and see if any of them appeal to you.

Q: What are the benefits of learning flute?

A: Learning flute can bring many benefits to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Some of the benefits are:

  • Improving your breathing and lung capacity
  • Enhancing your coordination and dexterity
  • Developing your musical ear and sense of rhythm
  • Stimulating your brain and memory
  • Boosting your confidence and self-expression
  • Relieving your stress and anxiety
  • Expanding your social network and opportunities

Q: What are the different types of flutes?

A: Flutes are classified into two main categories: Western flutes and Eastern flutes. Western flutes are the ones that are commonly used in classical, pop, or jazz music. They have a cylindrical tube with holes that are covered by keys. They are usually made of metal, such as silver, gold, or platinum. There are different types of Western flutes, such as:

  • Concert flute: The standard flute that is used in orchestras, bands, or solo performances. It has a range of about three octaves and is pitched in C.
  • Piccolo: The smallest and highest-pitched flute that is often used for special effects or melodies. It has a range of about three and a half octaves and is pitched in C or Db.
  • Alto flute: A larger and lower-pitched flute that has a warm and mellow tone. It has a range of about three octaves and is pitched in G.
  • Bass flute: A very large and low-pitched flute that has a rich and deep tone. It has a range of about two and a half octaves and is pitched in C.

Eastern flutes are the ones that are used in traditional or folk music from Asia. They have a cylindrical or conical tube with holes that are covered by fingers. They are usually made of bamboo, wood, or bone. There are many types of Eastern flutes, such as:

  • Dizi: A Chinese flute that has a distinctive sound due to a membrane that covers one of the holes. It has a range of about two octaves and is pitched in various keys.
  • Xiao: Another Chinese flute that is played vertically like a recorder. It has a range of about two octaves and is pitched in various keys.
  • Shakuhachi: A Japanese flute that is known for its expressive and meditative sound. It has a range of about two octaves and is pitched in various keys.
  • Bansuri: An Indian flute that is used in classical or folk music. It has a range of about three octaves and is pitched in various keys.

Q: How much does it cost to learn flute in Singapore?

A: The cost of learning flute in Singapore varies depending on the type, level, duration, frequency, location, and teacher of the flute lessons. Generally, individual lessons are more expensive than group lessons, as they offer more personalised attention and flexibility. However, group lessons can be more fun and interactive, as they allow you to learn from others and play together.

According to our research, the average cost of individual flute lessons in Singapore ranges from $156.60/month to $240/month for 30 minutes per lesson. The average cost of group flute lessons in Singapore ranges from $135/month to $180/month for 1 hour per lesson.

Of course, these are only estimates based on the information we gathered from the websites or contacts of the top 14 best flute lesson teachers and schools in Singapore. You may find cheaper or more expensive options elsewhere. You may also want to factor in other costs such as buying or renting a flute, buying books or materials, taking exams or performances, etc.

Q: How long does it take to learn flute?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question, as different students may learn at different paces depending on their aptitude, motivation, practice time, guidance, etc. However, some general milestones that you may expect to achieve are:

  • After 3 months: You can play simple songs with basic notes and rhythms. You can also read music notation and play with proper posture and breathing.
  • After 6 months: You can play more complex songs with intermediate notes and rhythms. You can also play with more expression and dynamics. You may be ready to take the Grade 1 or 2 exam from ABRSM or Trinity College London.
  • After 1 year: You can play advanced songs with high notes and fast tempos. You can also play with more techniques such as vibrato, articulation, and ornamentation. You may be ready to take the Grade 3 or 4 exam from ABRSM or Trinity College London.
  • After 2 years: You can play professional songs with challenging notes and rhythms. You can also play with more styles and genres such as classical, pop, or jazz. You may be ready to take the Grade 5 or 6 exam from ABRSM or Trinity College London.

Of course, these are only estimates based on the average progress of most students. You may achieve these milestones faster or slower depending on your individual factors. The most important thing is to enjoy the learning process and have fun playing the flute.

Q: Where can I buy or rent a flute in Singapore?

A: If you are looking for a flute to buy or rent in Singapore, you have several options to choose from. Some of the places where you can find flutes are:

  • Flute and Music Academy: This is a music school that specialises in woodwinds. They have a wide range of flutes for sale and rental at their store. They also offer free consultation and trial for their flutes.
  • Stradivari Strings: This is a music school that offers flute lessons for all levels. They have a wide range of flutes for sale and rental at their store. They also offer guidance on how to select the right flute for your level and budget.
  • Swee Lee: This is a music store that sells various musical instruments and accessories. They have a selection of flutes from brands such as Yamaha, Jupiter, Pearl, etc. They also offer online shopping and delivery for their flutes.
  • Carousell: This is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of various items. You can find new or used flutes from different sellers at different prices. You can also chat with the sellers and arrange for payment and delivery for your flutes.

These are some of the places where you can buy or rent a flute in Singapore. However, you may also want to do your own research and compare the prices, quality, and service of different flutes before making your decision.

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