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Tropika Club Launch Promos Bonanza [Slimming and Sculpting Promos]

Get the beach bod you deserve

We’re launching Tropika Club with a bang! We’ve teamed up with a few of Singapore’s top body sculpting salons for a launch promotion of between 30% to 50% for you, for the duration of launch till end August 2020. With these Slimming and Sculpting Promos, you’ll be showing off your new bod at East Coast Park by the time we hit Phase 3.

How to find your Slimming and Sculpting Promos?

As you browse through the various service providers, you will see these percentage symbols: %%%%%. Every % that is shaded in yellow means a 10% discount. If it’s half-shaded, its a 5% discount. You can then scroll through the date and time to find that special offer and book it!

The special offer will only be available at a specific time and date. You need to find the special offer you want with the exact date and time to book it!

  • %%%%% No Discount
  • %%%%% 10% Discount
  • %%%%% 20% Discount
  • %%%%% 30% Discount
  • %%%%% 40% Discount
  • %%%%% 50% Discount

Look fantastic with our Slimming and Sculpting Promos:

Royal Pine TCM – 30% off 10 Slim Management Sessions

Tropika Club Promo


Looking for something other than the Slimming and Sculpting Promos? Explore more of the Tropika Club Promo Bonanza below:



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