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What’s the Correct Order of Skincare?

Is the skincare order of application confusing the hell out of you? Don’t worry, let Tropika Club guide you through all these confusion. With so many beauty products flooding the market, the sequencing of applying skincare during different times of day can be really confusing to many. In fact, many people do it wrongly, while others simply give up and just use one application.

From glycolic acid to vitamin C serums to retinol and much more, for a whole lot of us that our skin care regimen is no more a case of just cleansing and moisturising. Therefore, in the event that you end up being confused, we have the advice for you.

The sequence varies between skin types

The sequencing of skincare application actually depend upon the skin type, and that’s why when reading sites and internet articles you need to remember that the individual writing may have completely different skin needs for you. For instance, dry and responsive skin won’t require a toner and oils are not suited to each skin. A fantastic way to remember the way to coating merchandise is: thinner, water-based products followed by oil-based, thicker goods, and always finish with SPF or sunblock during daytime.

Below you’ll get a useful cheat sheet for your sequence of skincare application.

Below you'll get a useful cheat sheet for your sequence of skincare application.

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