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Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

Let Tropika Club walk you through around all the rooftop bar in town! Nothing could beat the sentiment of the breeze in your hair and a tipple in your grasp at the city’s swankiest rooftop bars. Take toasting to the next level while the night is still young. There are foundations like Smoke and Mirrors, which offers a top-notch perspective on the Padang and Marina Bay Sands or move higher to LeVeL33, the world’s tallest urban miniaturized scale brewery with extraordinary nibbles. You get quite a slick perspective on our lovely city horizon from up there as well – we propose heading up during nightfall – so whip out your cameras to capture the moment on the ‘Gram.

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Sky-High Delights: Discover a compilation of the best rooftop bars in Singapore, offering stunning views of the city skyline and beyond.
  • Unparalleled Ambiance: Experience the unique and vibrant ambiance of these rooftop bars, perfect for romantic dates, casual hangouts, or celebrations.
  • Exquisite Culinary Offerings: Indulge in a range of delectable food and beverage options, including signature cocktails, fine wines, and mouthwatering dishes, crafted by talented chefs.
  • Diverse Locations: Explore rooftop bars situated in different parts of Singapore, each offering its own charm and atmosphere, allowing you to choose the perfect spot for your evening out.
  • Entertainment and Events: Some rooftop bars host live music performances, DJ sets, or special events, providing an extra layer of entertainment to enhance your experience.
  • Insider Tips: Get insider tips and recommendations on the best time to visit, dress codes, and other details to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable time at these rooftop bars in Singapore.
Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore
Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

1. The Other Roof

Tanjong Pagar

Scenery Just like how The Other Room re-imagined speakeasies in Singapore, The Other Roof is out to increase current standards of rooftop bars. Take the lift up to the highest point of Ann Siang House and be welcomed by the gigantic space that seats 75 (or even 150 upon demand). There’s a perspective on Chinatown and the encompass of Ann Siang locale however, the genuine attraction must be the sight which beholds that rush to this bar after work.

Beverages Blending tea time with cocktail o’clock, the bar offers drinks like Stairway to Heaven ($22), a love-it-or-hate-it creation of pineapple, coriander, celery and vanity tea rum, or La Boheme ($22), a reviving mix of créme de cassis, bubbly and black currant soul tea gin.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

2. Smoke and Mirrors

City Hall

Scenery Perched at the National Gallery, Smoke and Mirrors is a prime spot for speculation on the city from the Padang to the Bay. After dark is the best time to take in the night gleam of the city.

Beverages With another head barkeep at its steerage, Smoke and Mirrors dispatches its Illusions of Flavor menu, which comes with imaginativeness and science. Smoke and Mirrors creates exemplary mixed drinks by utilising systems, for example, refining, safeguarding and maturation to make drinks like The Heart of Vincent ($28), an agave-based together with a cocktail that respects a statement by the craftsman that references the ocean and The Japanese Gang is Still Alive ($25), a test wind on a whisky acrid with contacts of nearby fixings.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

3. LeVeL33

Marina Bay

Scenery From the outside porch of this microbrewery roosted on the Marina Bay Financial Center, the Marina Bay, Esplanade and the city’s eastern neighborhoods spread out under its perch.

Beverages The craft lagers fermented in-house go for $9.50 for 300ml before 8 pm, moving to $12.50 per hour after. In case you don’t know what to go for, platters of five 100-milliliter samplers of LeVel33’s blond lager, IPA, stout, house porter, and wheat beers can be requested at $23.50. These blends likewise go into brew cocktails, yet in case you’re maintaining a strategic distance from malt inside and out, go for the not-too-fancy wines or premium vintages.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

4. 1-V:U


Scenery Roosting up on the seventh floor of the sumptuous The Outpost Hotel is an eatery and poolside day club, 1-V:U. Offering an elevated scenery on Sentosa’s warm orange nightfall, Palawan Beach and the Singapore Straits, the way of life goal is the place you can party from sunset till the early morn to the tunes of resident DJs Sherpa and Kaylova.

Beverages Kick up your feet on the turquoise sunbeds by the endlessness pool as you taste on tropical cocktails. Service here can run somewhat slow, so you should order Head In The Clouds ($60) a 500ml punchbowl of matured pineapple, rum and elderflower syrup that will keep a group upbeat.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

5. Vue

Raffles Place

Scenery It’s unmistakable what this rooftop eating goal is known for; Vue is the French interpretation of the word ‘see’. From its high floor-to-roof windows, appreciate stunning scenery on the Civic District from the nineteenth floor of OUE Bayfront. The outside space is likewise home to Singapore’s first rooftop spritz bar.

Beverages Pair the emotional perspectives with lively spritz cocktails. The Basil Spritz ($20) is a reviving blend of dry gin, basil, and lemon, or attempt the exceptional Reiwa Highball ($18) made with umeshu and rum with traces of shiso and mint. Drop by somewhere in the range of 5 pm and 7 pm – prime hours to get the sunset – and appreciate complimentary servings of canapés with your beverages.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

6. Mr Stork Rooftop Bar


Scenery Perched on level 39 of Andaz Singapore, Mr Stork has teepee cabins covered up in the midst of lavish greenery for you and your date to settle in while getting a charge out of all-encompassing perspectives on the city horizon. Request a beverage from the striking bronze structure bar and walk around the cobbled ways that breeze around the whole level, giving you a 360-degree city-seeing experience.

Beverages Choose Ruby ($22) – a citrusy creation of lemon, ginger, new mint, vermouth and Ceylon arrack – served in a staggeringly Insta-commendable elephant mug. The individuals who like their beverages bubbly can decide on Rhubarb ($22), a mixture of rhubarb puree, strawberry and lemon juice, sparkling wine and a shot of vodka.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

7. Loof

City Hall

Scenery The OG of neighborhood rooftop bars may be – actually – dominated by more youthful upstarts on taller structures, yet LOOF hasn’t lost its place on our rundown of watering gaps for an enjoyable night out. The brew is cool, the vibe is easygoing, and the nourishment presently merits exceptional notice, because of Bjorn Shen.

Beverages To combine with Shen’s acceptable and oily grub, there are privately roused cocktails like the Kopi Cat ($19), a heavy drinker takes on the morning meal espresso staple made with salted caramel vodka, kopi, hazelnut and condensed milk. The spiked bubble tea cocktails (from $22) are an enjoyment treat to suck on as well.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

8. Spago

Marina Bay

Scenery Cinematic (read: long and limited) perspectives on the city and waterways waters. Periodically the dream is broken by a half-togged limitlessness pool swimmer walking by, yet the vibe is in any case über-cool at Spago.

Beverages A considerable rundown of blended tipples. A few, similar to the Run Like Hell ($26) and I’m So Sexy ($26), are convey overs from the bar at CUT by Wolfgang Puck, discovered first floor. Contacts of Asian flavours – guava, Thai basil, calamansi and lychee, for example – appear in the cocktails, as well.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

9. Dusk

Bukit Merah

Scenery Escape the clamor of the city, and views on the concrete jungle, and exchange it for the ocean. Roosted on Faber Peak some 100m above ocean level, Dusk gives all-encompassing perspectives on the water and Sentosa Island – best delighted in, obviously, at sunset.

Beverages They are as sensational as the views. Like the smoking nitro margarita ($16), or the Nitro-ice caviar martini ($16) beat with organic product caviar for pizazz and enhance. From 10 pm to 12 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, a choice of beverages goes for only $20 for three, with light snacks like truffle steak fries and crispy chicken mid wings going at $20 for two.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

10. The Lighthouse

Raffles Place

Scenery Enjoy stupendous views on Marina Bay from the grandiose statues of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. What used to be a beacon that guided boats to port securely is presently home to a private Italian eatery, bragging sees the Marina Bay horizon from its rooftop bar.

Beverages A flawless choice of beverages is all around spoken to here. Get a basic Campari Soda ($28) or the namesake, The Lighthouse ($26), made with Campari, gin, and vermouth; or toast to the night with a glass of Prosecco (from $24) or wine (from $19). Little chomps like truffle fries ($17) and calamari ($29) are likewise accessible when you’re feeling puckish.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

11. Aqua Luna

Bukit Merah

Scenery Unlike other halfway-found bars that brag about the scenery on the city’s horizon, Aqua Luna’s western area gives a quiet view of verdant greenery at The Southern Ridges. The view, encircled by Park Hotel Alexandra’s 25-meter interminability pool, features our Garden City in the most ideal light.

Beverages The choice is lean, yet stand-outs incorporate a mojito shaken with acrid plum ($18) and the collagen margarita ($25) you can toast to great well-being. Likewise, on the menu is an anticipated beer (from $12) and spirit (from $13) determination.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

12. Lavo

Marina Bay

Scenery Take in the scenery on the Marina Bay territory from 57 stories up. The windy rooftop lounge offers postcard-commendable previews of Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore River.

Beverages Craft your own negroni ($25) in case you’re in the temperament, or essentially kick back and appreciate a handmade cocktail ($25). It ranges from the vodka-based Dragon Spritz with Aperol and dragonfruit, to the sparkly Frozé made with rosé wine and raspberry.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

13. Zafferano

Raffles Place

Scenery Zafferano‘s out-of-this-world area in the CBD gives it an unmatched scenery on Singapore’s cityscape. Absorb the last gleam of daylight of the day during a brilliant hour over a few beverages. The Terrace Lounge in the open-air space is additionally fitted with a shade of blossoming tulip umbrellas that give cover from the components as well as are set aglow with beautiful tones around evening time. DJs likewise take the deck to set the temperament on chose evenings

Beverages Cocktails lean toward the fruity side with any semblance of Zafferano ($20), saffron gin hit with citrusy lime and passionfruit, and the rum-based Perk Me Up($20) of pumpkin, lime and bean chilli padi. Post for the fresh fruit martinis ($20) that consists of Guanabana-tini of gin, lemon and soursop, and the Strawberry Royal, a boozy blend of vodka, Cointreau and prosecco, made fruity with strawberry and lemon.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

14. Bar Canary


Scenery It’s a pity that Bar Canary doesn’t offer quite a bit of a view – an impressive divider cordon off the edge that watches out to the clamoring street, trailing up to Mount Elizabeth Link. Yet, the outdoor, skyscraper space at Grand Park Orchard despite everything makes for a swell rooftop bar. The beautiful nursery setting, chipper in the open-air decorations, for example, folding chairs and larger than average bean packs make for loosening up condition to loosen up with a tipple close by. Around evening time, Bar Canary is mystically lit with pixie lights and the tall high rises that stand defiantly against the dull.

Beverages Aside from the anticipated brew, wine and spirits list, Bar Canary grasps Singapore’s unending summer heat with a large number of boozy ice pops. Offered by the stick or introduced abounding in an intense cocktail, these liquor-bound popsicles come in six delectably novel flavours, for example, Imperial Tea Garden ($6 per stick, $18 per glass), including a mix of Earl Gray tea and Sake, and The Exotic Escape ($6 per stick, $22 per glass) where a dragonfruit popsicle is served in a reviving lime and tequila mixture.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

15. Kinki Restaurant and Bar

Raffles Place

Scenery Decorated with feisty urban wall paintings to mirror its way of thinking and mainstream society philosophy, the outdoors Kinki Rooftop Bar on the third floor is the place you can get a quieting vista of the Marina Bay horizon and waterfront with a container of five lagers ($50/6-9 pm) or one-for-one house pours (5-8 pm).

Beverages The trellis-lined bar and Japanese composition of bamboo add to the underground, grand slam feels of this spot, regardless of whether the menu strikes an alternate harmony: somewhat less than a large portion of the beverage’s menu is Japanese, while the cocktails have Western components shaken in. The house extraordinary Spicy Hachimitshu ($19) is a refreshingly fiery martini glass of vodka, nectar umeshu, a tinge of wasabi Gomme, crisp lemon and Japanese cucumber.

Your Best Compilation of Rooftop Bars in Singapore

16. 1-Altitude

Raffles Place

Scenery 360º scenes of the city, 282 meters above ocean level, with Marina Bay, the CBD and the winding banks of the Singapore River in its prompt region. Those glass dividers are not for the vertigo-inclined, however, it means you can hold situates by them to make the most of your sundowners.

Beverages 1-Altitude stirs up its own brand of cocktails (from $18) that accompany idiosyncratic names like the vodka-based Pink Floyd and gin-blended beverage, Berry Crush. Likewise, on the menu, bubblies pour from $30 a woodwind while a bourbon determination begins at $16 a glass.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a unique and captivating drinking experience, the rooftop bars in Singapore are an absolute must-visit. With breathtaking views, a vibrant ambiance, delectable food and drinks, and entertainment options, these establishments offer everything you need for a fantastic night out. So gather your friends, put on your favorite outfit, and get ready to elevate your nightlife experience at the best compilation of rooftop bars in Singapore.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What makes rooftop bars in Singapore special?

A: Rooftop bars in Singapore offer a unique experience with their stunning views of the city skyline and beyond. They provide a picturesque setting to enjoy drinks and create unforgettable memories.

Q: What can I expect from the ambiance at rooftop bars in Singapore?

A: The ambiance at rooftop bars in Singapore is unparalleled. With stylish decor, cozy seating, and an open sky above, you’ll be immersed in a magical atmosphere perfect for relaxation and enjoyment.

Q: Are rooftop bars in Singapore only suitable for romantic occasions?

A: No, rooftop bars in Singapore cater to various preferences. While they are ideal for romantic dates, they also make great spots for casual hangouts, celebrations with friends, or even solo outings.

Q: What kind of culinary offerings can I find at rooftop bars in Singapore?

A: Rooftop bars in Singapore offer a range of culinary delights. You can expect handcrafted cocktails, an extensive selection of wines and spirits, and delectable dishes crafted by talented chefs to enhance your drinking experience.

Q: Where are these rooftop bars located in Singapore?

A: Rooftop bars in Singapore are found in different locations across the city. From the bustling city center to serene waterfront areas, there is a rooftop bar to suit every preference and provide a distinct atmosphere.

Q: Do rooftop bars in Singapore offer entertainment options?

A: Yes, some rooftop bars in Singapore host live music performances, DJ sets, or special events to enhance your experience. This adds an extra layer of entertainment, making your visit even more enjoyable.

Q: Are there any dress codes or entry requirements for rooftop bars in Singapore?

A: Some rooftop bars may have dress codes or entry requirements, especially during peak hours. It’s advisable to check in advance to ensure you comply with any guidelines and have a hassle-free experience.

Q: Can I make reservations at rooftop bars in Singapore?

A: Yes, many rooftop bars in Singapore accept reservations. It’s recommended to make reservations, especially for popular establishments or during peak times, to secure your preferred spot and avoid any disappointments.

Q: Are rooftop bars in Singapore suitable for large groups or events?

A: Some rooftop bars in Singapore can accommodate large groups or host private events. It’s best to check with the individual establishments regarding their capacity and event arrangements.

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