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Your Updated Wedding Ang Bao Red packet Guide for 2020

Staring at the wedding invitation blankly and racking your brains over how much to pack in those red packets? Fret not! Let Tropika Club take you through this journey- Consider this a #tips101 on us. Here’s your updated wedding Ang Pow red packet guide for 2020 in Singapore.

”Siao liao lor!” If that’s the first thing that came to your mind. “How much am I supposed to give? What is the current market rate? What if I gave them too little?” 

Trust us, we have seen too many scenarios like this and we are an expert to this. If you have no clues at all, or if you find yourself calling your friends frantically over the phone and asking for advice- this is what you need. A guide to Singapore’s wedding ang-bao rates! Find out how much you should insert into the red packet before getting to your friend’s wedding dinner venue.

Your Updated Wedding Ang Bao Red packet Guide for 2020

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