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28 Nov, Saturday
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Join The Waterless Shampoo Revolution

In Singapore’s climate, going waterless when washing your hair seems to be a forlorn idea. After all, who likes having limp, greasy hair when you’re out all day long? The premise of waterless shampoo holds so much promise such that even a bunch of MIT scientists made their own version of it with their specially formulated molecule. It’s time for a new era. Tropika Club finds out why you should join the waterless shampoo revolution.


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Waterless Shampoos Existed Earlier Than You Think

While you may have heard of it only recently through the news or online blogs, waterless dry shampoo has been around for quite a while. We Asians used powdered clay in our hair as early as the 15th century.

In the 18th century Britain and America, when long hairs was a signal of masculine prestige, dry powders was used by the elites to absorb the excess oils in the hair and wigs of the time.



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