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The Top 10 North Indian Restaurants in Singapore for Every Foodie and Budget

The Top 10 North Indian Restaurants in Singapore for Every Foodie and Budget

The Top 10 North Indian Restaurants in Singapore for Every Foodie and Budget

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  • Culinary Journey in Singapore: Discover diverse North Indian eateries, catering to all palates and budgets, promising authentic flavors.
  • Sensational Spice Adventures: Embark on a taste expedition through aromatic curries, fiery kebabs, and delectable breads, igniting your senses.
  • Budget-Friendly Gastronomy: Savor rich, affordable North Indian fare, proving that exquisite flavors need not empty your wallet.
  • Cultural Fusion on Plates: Experience a delightful blend of North Indian traditions and Singaporean vibes, infusing innovation into classic dishes.
  • Chef-Driven Authenticity: Relish dishes crafted by skilled chefs, staying true to their roots while adding modern twists to timeless recipes.
  • Cosmopolitan Curry Haven: Immerse in a vibrant culinary scene, offering not just food but an exploration of cultures and tastes.


North Indian cuisine is a rich and diverse culinary tradition that originates from the states of Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kashmir, and more. It is characterized by the use of wheat, dairy, meat, and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and saffron. North Indian dishes are often creamy, buttery, and aromatic, with a variety of breads, curries, kebabs, biryanis, and desserts. Some of the most popular North Indian dishes are naan (leavened flatbread), butter chicken (chicken cooked in a tomato-based gravy), dal makhani (black lentil curry), palak paneer (spinach and cottage cheese curry), tandoori chicken (chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and cooked in a clay oven), and kulfi (frozen dairy dessert). If you are craving some authentic and mouth-watering North Indian food in Singapore, you have many options to choose from. Whether you want to enjoy a fine dining experience with exquisite dishes, a casual meal with your friends and family, or a quick bite with street food favorites, you can find a restaurant that satisfies your taste buds and budget. Here are some of the best North Indian restaurants in Singapore that you should check out.

#1 – Tiffin Room

Introduction: A part of Raffles Hotel Singapore’s history since 1892, Tiffin Room continues to serve up delectable North Indian cuisine, offering authentic specialties served in tiffin boxes. Relish the splendor and heritage of the beautifully restored Tiffin Room while you enjoy an interactive dining experience with tableside service by chefs, complete with freshly ground spices and Indian brews to enhance the occasion.

Menu Items:

  • Palak Channa Chaat (Price $21)
  • Lahsuni Paneer Tikka (Price $26)
  • Hari Tawa Tikka (Price $23)
  • Jhinga Kebab (Price $62)

Location: 1 Beach Rd, Singapore 189673

Contact: +65 6337 1886

Website: Website Link Here


#2 – Punjab Grill


Inspired by the splendor of India’s Maharajas, Punjab Grill, Singapore has been designed to capture the zeitgeist of that era. Singapore-based international architecture and interior design firm, Space Matrix, realised the vision with the abundant use of glass and high-polish metal, combined with plush, upholstered panelling. The glass façade at the entrance of the restaurant gives a full view of the wine cellar. At the private dining area, a glass window offers a wonderful view of the kitchen where one can see the chefs in action at the stunningly designed hand-beaten copper Tandoors. The kitchen view has the backdrop of a full titanium-alloyed wall. The restaurant has a chic and modern take on the glamour of Indian royalty.

To dine at Punjab Grill is to take an epicurean journey through India’s richly diverse Northwest Frontier Province — the undivided Punjab region. Food from gourmet metropolises like Lahore, Peshwar, Rawalpindi, Kabul, Amritsar, Multan, and Patiala, formed the urbanized melting pots of different cultures.

These cities and cultures were the source of inspiration for their menus. The vast menu at Punjab Grill, Singapore is where every day “sarson da saag” (a vegetarian curry made of mustard greens and spice) and “makki di roti” (a flat, unleavened bread made of corn flour) meet the secret recipes of the royal kitchens — with a dash of panache and modernity thrown in.

Menu Items:

  • Mango Lassi (Price $14)
  • Veg Platter (Price $52)
  • Tandoori Lamb Chop (Price $60)
  • Parda Nashi Subz Briyani (Price $48)

Location: 2 Bayfront Ave, B1 – 01A, Singapore 018972

Contact: +65 6634 1701

Website: Website Link Here


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#3 – Yantra


Inspired by India in every aspect – from our silk wallpapers to our stately, fort-inspired door, celebrated designers Matthew and Paul of MSDO have artfully composed five uniquely Indian spaces within Yantra. Drawing on décor that wends masterfully through the depths of the subcontinent, each visit to Yantra promises a new adventure.

Blending a culinary philosophy that pays tribute to India’s rich legacy, culinary historian Pritha Sen and Executive Chef Pinaki Ray create an extensive menu offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Featuring niche ingredients sourced across the Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, a poetic and irreverent experience awaits.

Menu Items:

  • Chaat Banarasi (Price $26)
  • Adraki Chaamp (Price $42)
  • Lobster Chiney Kebab (Price $52)
  • Beef Ularthiyatu (Price $48)

Location: 163 Tanglin Rd, #01-129/130/131, Singapore 247933

Contact: +65 6836 3088

Website: Website Link Here



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#4 – Rang Mahal


Centrally located in the heart of Singapore’s city center, Rang Mahal is one of the oldest fine dining restaurants in Singapore, established in 1971. Consistently being ranked as one of the best Indian Restaurants in Singapore, Rang Mahal ensures a delightful and glamorous meal for all diners. Since its inception, Rang Mahal has consistently married luxurious interiors with authentic flavors from all the regions of India. Rang Mahal prides itself on using freshly sourced ingredients paired with culinary finesse to entice worldwide gourmands.

Rang Mahal’s history is rich in its culinary heritage reflecting a legacy of 5 decades and continues to serve generations of customers whilst staying true to its authentic brand.

Menu Items:

  • Palak Chaat (Price $22)
  • Chonka Palak (Price $22)
  • Konkan Prawn Curry With Aapam (Price $52)
  • Lychee Kulfi (Price $22)

Location: 7 Raffles Blvd, Level 3 Pan Pacific, Singapore 039595

Contact: +65 6333 1788

Website: Website Link Here


#5 – Shahi Maharani North Indian Restaurant


Recognized as one of the prominent Indian restaurants in Singapore, Shahi Maharani continues to deliver traditional Indian cuisine passed down from the yesteryears of the Maharajas.

Established in 1983, by the late Mrs. Duru Mirpuri, Shahi Maharani is a business venture of Shahi Foods Pte Ltd. Shahi Maharani was established in 1997 and was relocated to Raffles City in 2001. Shahi Maharani, is owned by Mr. Kishore Mirpuri, and it is run by his daughters, Ms. Hoori Sharma and Ms. Chitra Mirpuri – as directors of Shahi Foods Pte Ltd, they continue their mother’s legacy.

Menu Items:

  • Pakoras (Price $9)
  • Milli Jhuli Thali (Price $26)
  • Tandoori Chicken (Price $48)
  • Tandoori Paneer (Price $34)

Location: 252 North Bridge Rd, #03–21B, Singapore 179103

Contact: +65 6235 8840

Website: Website Link Here


#6 – Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Bar

Introduction: Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Bar is a fine dining establishment that serves Indian cuisine with a modern twist. It is located at 9A Duxton Hill, Singapore, on the second floor of a traditional shophouse. The restaurant was opened in July 2014 by Chef Abhijit Saha, who is an award-winning chef from India. Chef Saha is known for his innovative and creative approach to Indian food, using techniques such as cold smoking, cryogenic freezing, and molecular gastronomy. He also showcases the diversity of regional Indian cuisine, drawing inspiration from different parts of the country. Some of his signature dishes include three flavors of mini idli, Zafrini chicken kebab, prawn Milagu roast, and red wine poached fig kulfi. The restaurant also has a terrace bar that serves Indian-inspired cocktails and tapas, such as saffron delight, Indian mojito, and new-age pina colada. The restaurant aims to provide a high-quality dining experience with exquisite presentation and attentive service. It has received positive reviews from various media outlets and food critics

Menu Items:

  • Three flavors of mini idli (Price $18)
  • Zafrini chicken kebab (Price $28)
  • Prawn Milagu roast  (Price $38)
  • Red wine poached fig kulfi (Price $16)

Location: 1 St Andrew’s Road, #01-03, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore 178957

Contact: +65 6223 7321

Website: Website Link Here


#7 – The Song of India


The Song of India is a fine-dining restaurant that serves Indian cuisine in Singapore. It is located in a colonial bungalow along Scotts Road, near Orchard Road. The restaurant was opened in 2006 by chef Milind Sovani, who wanted to showcase the diversity and richness of Indian food to the world.

The restaurant’s executive chef is Manjunath Mural, who joined the team in 2006 as a sous chef. He has since introduced innovative dishes that blend traditional Indian flavors with contemporary ingredients, such as laksa chicken, sambal barramundi, and tandoori turkey2. He also created a menu called “A Journey Through India”, which features dishes from different regions of India.

In 2016, The Song of India became the first Indian restaurant in Singapore to receive a Michelin star from the MICHELIN Guide Singapore2. The restaurant has retained its star for four consecutive years, from 2016 to 20191. Chef Mural said that receiving the Michelin star was a proud moment for him and his team, as well as for Indian cuisine in general.

The Song of India is not only known for its food but also for its elegant and spacious interior. The restaurant can accommodate up to 120 guests and has four private dining rooms for special occasions. The restaurant also has a collection of paintings and sculptures by Indian artists, which add to the cultural and artistic atmosphere.

The Song of India is one of the iconic restaurants of Singapore and has received many accolades and positive reviews from customers and critics alike. It is a place where you can enjoy the finest Indian cuisine in a beautiful and historic setting.

Menu Items:

  • Tandoori Platter (Price $38++)
  • Laksa Chicken (Price $28++)
  • Sambal Barramundi (Price $32++)
  • Tandoori Turkey (Price $36++)

Location:  33 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228226

Contact: 6836 0055

Website: Website Link Here


#8 – Tandoor

Introduction: Tandoor Indian Restaurant is a well-established and award-winning restaurant that has been serving authentic North Indian dishes in Singapore since 1985. The restaurant is located at the Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, and has a spacious dining hall and a private dining room called the Maharajah Suite. The restaurant also has two custom-made copper tandoors where diners can see the chefs preparing the food. The menu features a variety of dishes that showcase the rich culinary heritage of India, such as keema naan, ashmiri naan, masala naan, tandoori chicken, lamb chops, fish tikka, dal makhani, palak paneer, and more. The restaurant also offers a Sunday brunch buffet with a wide selection of dishes and live stations. Tandoor Indian Restaurant is a popular destination for both locals and tourists who want to experience the authentic flavors of North Indian cuisine in Singapore.

Menu Items:

  • Gourmet Trail Set Menu $68++ per person)
  • Tandoor Business Lunch Set Menu (Price $38++ per person)
  • a la carte menu (wide range of appetizers, soups, salads, kebabs, curries, breads, rice dishes, desserts, and beverages) (Price $8++ to 48++ )

Location: 11 Cavenagh Rd, Singapore 229616

Contact: 6733 8333

Website: Website Link Here


#9 – Khansama Tandoori Restaurant


Khansama Tandoori Restaurant is a popular Indian restaurant in Singapore that offers a variety of authentic and exotic dishes from different regions of India. The restaurant was established in 1999 by Dr. Rakesh Kumar, a medical doctor who has a passion for cooking and serving quality food to his customers. The restaurant has several outlets across Singapore, but the main branch is located at 166 Serangoon Road, near the junction of Norris Road. The restaurant is famous for its tandoori dishes, which are cooked in a traditional clay oven using natural ingredients and spices. The restaurant also has a full North Indian menu, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. Some of the signature dishes include butter chicken, fish tikka, chicken curry, mutton kaathi kebab, pepper chicken, paneer, and roti. The restaurant also offers a variety of drinks, such as whisky, wines, beers, cognac, yogurt drinks, and Khansama special drinks.

The restaurant has a unique decor that reflects the theme of a Pakistani village, with colorful paintings, lanterns, carpets, and cushions. The restaurant has two levels of seating: an open-air alfresco area on the ground floor and an air-conditioned dining hall on the second floor. The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 guests and is suitable for family gatherings, large groups, friends and colleagues. The restaurant also provides catering services for events and functions. The restaurant has received many positive reviews from customers and critics alike and has won several awards and accolades over the years. Some of the awards include the Singapore Best Foods Award 2003-2004, the Singapore Service Star Award 2009-2010, the Singapore Halal Certification 2011-2012 and the Singapore Quality Brands Award 2013-2014. The restaurant is also featured on various media platforms, such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, Facebook, and Chope.

Khansama Tandoori Restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine in Singapore. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes that cater to every palate and preference. The restaurant also has a friendly and attentive service staff that ensures a pleasant dining experience for every customer.

Menu Items:

  • Paneer Tikka (Price $18.73)
  • Veg Kebab (Price $17.12)
  • Hara Bhara Kebab (Price $13.38)
  • Tandoori Chicken (Price $17.12)

Location: 166 Serangoon Road Junction of, Norris Rd, 218050

Contact: 6299 0300

Website: Website Link Here


#10 – Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine

Introduction: Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine is a restaurant in Singapore that specializes in authentic Punjabi cuisine. It offers a variety of dishes, such as butter chicken, dal makhani, tandoori roti, and kadhai paneer, that are self-served over the counter. The restaurant also serves India’s favorite Kingfisher beer and other beverages.

Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine dates back to a century ago when it started as a small hawker stall catering to the port labor force near the harbor. It has grown into a much sought-after restaurant in the last four years or so, attracting customers with its delicious and affordable food. The restaurant is named after its founder, Jaggi Singh, who migrated from Punjab to Singapore in the early 1900s. He learned the art of cooking from his mother and grandmother and passed it on to his son and grandson, who now run the restaurant.

Menu Items:

  • Butter Roti (Price $3.20)
  • Bindi Masala (Price $4.30)
  • Jaggi’s Butter Chicken (Price $9.50)
  • Mutton Kebab (Price $8)

Location: 36 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218554

Contact: 6296 6141

Website: Website Link Here



In the vibrant culinary landscape of Singapore, North Indian cuisine stands out for its rich flavors and diverse offerings. At Tropika Club Magazine, we understand the value of a delightful dining experience that caters to various tastes and budgets. Our curated list of the top 10 North Indian restaurants in Singapore aims to guide both locals and visitors toward the best dining choices.

Tropika Club Magazine is committed to celebrating the culinary diversity of Singapore and assisting food enthusiasts in making informed dining decisions. Our top 10 list reflects not only the flavors and affordability but also the unique charm and ambiance that each restaurant brings to the table. We encourage you to explore these North Indian eateries with the confidence that your taste buds will be delighted and your budget well-respected.

As you embark on this flavorful journey through the top North Indian restaurants in Singapore, remember that a satisfying meal is not just about taste; it’s about the memories created, the company enjoyed, and the cultural tapestry woven through every dish. Tropika Club Magazine proudly presents this list as a guide to enhancing your culinary adventures and making every dining experience truly special.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the difference between North Indian and South Indian cuisine?

A: North Indian cuisine is influenced by Central Asian, Persian, and Mughal cuisines, and features more wheat-based dishes like roti, naan, and paratha. South Indian cuisine is influenced by Dravidian, Portuguese, and Arab cuisines, and features more rice-based dishes like dosa, idli, and appam. Both cuisines use a variety of spices, herbs, and dairy products, but differ in their use of coconut, tamarind, mustard seeds, and curry leaves.

Q: What are some of the most popular North Indian dishes?

A: Some of the most popular North Indian dishes are butter chicken, dal makhani, palak paneer, biryani, tandoori chicken, chaat, samosa, and kulfi. These dishes are rich in flavor, texture, and aroma, and can be enjoyed with various types of breads or rice.

Q: What are some of the health benefits of eating North Indian food?

A: North Indian food can provide various health benefits, such as boosting immunity, improving digestion, lowering cholesterol, preventing anemia, and enhancing skin and hair health. This is because North Indian food uses ingredients that are high in protein, iron, calcium, antioxidants, and vitamins. However, moderation is key, as some dishes can also be high in fat, sugar, and salt.

Q: Where can I find the best North Indian restaurants in Singapore?

A: You can find the best North Indian restaurants in Singapore by reading our blog post on The Top 10 North Indian Restaurants in Singapore for Every Foodie and Budget. We have curated a list of the most authentic, delicious, and affordable places to enjoy North Indian food in Singapore. Whether you are looking for fine dining or casual dining options, we have something for everyone.

Q: How can I make a reservation at the North Indian restaurants in Singapore?

A: You can make a reservation at the North Indian restaurants in Singapore by using our online booking platform Tropika Club. Tropika Club is a one-stop destination for all your beauty and wellness needs. You can browse through hundreds of deals and discounts on various services and products. You can also book your table at any of the North Indian restaurants featured in our blog post with just a few clicks.

Q: How can I learn more about North Indian food and culture?

A: You can learn more about North Indian food and culture by following our Tropika Club Magazine. Tropika Club Magazine is your ultimate guide to beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and entertainment in Singapore. We publish informative articles on various topics related to North Indian food and culture. You can also join our community of like-minded readers and share your opinions and experiences.

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