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Top 10 Best Cheng Tng in Singapore

Cheng tng, meaning clear soup, is a traditional Singaporean sweet treat that is commonly enjoyed as a dessert. Although the ingredients may vary, the dish is typically made by combining dried longan, white fungus, gingko nuts, red dates, pearl barley, large sago pearls, lotus seeds, and candied winter melon. The ingredients are simmered in water with sugar and pandan leaves until they become soft. Once cooked, the soup is usually enhanced with dried persimmon and pang da hai (Sterculia lychnophora), and it can be consumed either warm or chilled. [source]. Tropika Club aggregated rankings or “ranking of rankings” compared from the following sources to further ascertain the final rankings. This is further refined using the TripAdvisor rankings to decide between the position in case there is a tie. Read on to find out where are the Top 10 Best Cheng Tng in Singapore.

The Top 10 Best Cheng Tng in Singapore Rankings

1. No Name Cheng Tng

Introduction: No Name Cheng Tng owner uses grade A longan from Thailand and the rest of the ingredients are also impressive. The Cheng Tng ($1.60) here really is a thirst-quencher. Just like others, it has the usual ingredient. The only difference is that it was the sweetest amongst the rest listed.

Offerings: The soup is excellent. It is “Cheng” (clear) as what Cheng Tng should be and so you won’t expect the longan flavour to be as robust as it is. The dried persimmon, winter melon, Pong Dua Hai (Malva nut, Sterculia lychnophora, those frilly brown stuff), white fungus, sweet potatoes, glutinous rice balls are all there.

Location: Blk 69 Bedok South Avenue 3 #01-490 Singapore 460069

Contact: +65 9181 1909

Website: NIL


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2. Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng

Introduction: One of those pioneers Cheng Tng stalls that lasted over the years. Ye Lai Xiang started with a stall by the seaside. As time passes, it can now be found at Bedok Corner Food Centre. Yue Lai Xiang offers Cheng Tng that has 11 different ingredients concocted with soups from 2 different troughs. The combination makes for a very tasty and special Cheng Tng that has lasted 3 generations.

Offerings: The Cheng Tng ($3) was not as sweet as No Name Cheng Tng. It has sweetness from the dried longans, dried persimmons and candied winter melon. The sweet potatoes were cut to small cubes and were soft to eat.

Location: Stall #31, Bedok Corner Food Centre, 1 Bedok Road, Singapore 469572

Contact:  +65 9299 5062

Website: NIL

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3. Four Season Cheng Tng

Introduction: Four Seasons Ching Teng is one of the best spots to visit with some well-deserved comfort food. Prepared using only the freshest and most delicious ingredients, every dessert is bound to satisfy the taste buds. Located at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market & Food Centre and just a few minutes away from Toa Payoh MRT Station, Four Seasons Ching Teng is a great place where families and friends can share and indulge delicious and flavorful dessert for a refreshing day in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Offerings: Most hawker stalls tend to sell a variety of food to attract customers. Yet, Four Seasons Ching Teng only sells hot or cold Cheng Tng, priced at $2 per bowl. The Cheng Tng has a hint of longan flavour and was not too sweet. There were gingko nuts, white fungus, served along with the other usual ingredients.

Location: Blk 210, Toa Payoh Lorong 8, #01-34 Singapore 310210

Contact:  NIL

Website: NIL

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4. Xi Le Ting Dessert

Introduction: With a history of 60 over years, Xi Le Ting still sticks with only 4 traditional dessert soup: green bean, red bean, white oats and cheng tng. Light and sweet, the Cheng Tng remains flavorful with the taste of the dried longans.

Offerings: For those looking for something refreshing, the cheng tng would be the best option. It is sweet without being cloying and is filled with white fungus, dried longan, barley as well as a slice of dried persimmon. The Cheng Tng is served in a traditional porcelain bowl truly brings about a nostalgic taste.

Location: Blk 119 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-70, Singapore 140119

Contact:  NIL

Website: NIL

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5. Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert

Introduction: Located at Adam Road Food Centre, Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert is just a distance away from the famous nasi lemak.

Offerings: The least traditional amongst the rest listed, the cold Cheng Tng ($1.80) is served with shaved ice. Surprisingly, there were not only dried longans, but they’ve also added the canned longans. The light sweetness would be a great choice for people who are worried about desserts being too sweet.

Location: Adam Road Food Centre, Stall 31, 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876

Contact:  NIL

Website: NIL

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6. 88 San Ren Hot & Cold Dessert

Introduction: Brightly lit with colourful LED, 88 San Ren Hot & Cold dessert is located at Newton Food Centre.

Offerings: The Cheng Tng ($2.50) was full of ingredients. Flavoured with sweetness from red dates and dried longans, the soup was also well balanced with the other ingredients and there was even barley.

Location: Newton Food Centre, Newton Circus, 500 Clemenceau Avenue North, #01-05, Singapore 229495

Contact:  NIL

Website: NIL

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7. Mohammad Sultan Road Hot and Cold Cheng Tng

Introduction: Mohamed Sultan Road Hot and Cold Cheng Tng serve Asian desserts. They are known for their Cheng Tng hot and cold, Ginko Nut Longan Soup and Sweet Potato Soup.

Offerings: Cheng tng the hot bowl has all the usual condiments like longan soup, dried longan whereas for the cold one has canned lychee and longan, and instead of longan soup. Each bowl costs $1.50 and there is quite a difference between the cold and hot option.

Location: 70 Zion Road #01-24 Zion Riverside Food Centre Singapore 247792

Contact:  +65 6275 2163

Website: NIL

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8. Dove Desserts

Introduction: Dove Desserts specializes in traditional desserts such as Ice Kachang, ABC (Air Batu Campur), Cheng Tng and many other delicious desserts.

Offerings: The hot Cheng Tng ($1.50) which comes with persimmon, winter melon and all the real traditional stuff.

Location: 22 Lor 7 Toa Payoh, #01-21, Singapore 310022

Contact:  +65 9272 5712

Website: https://www.facebook.com/DoveDesserts/

9. Jin Jin Dessert

Introduction: Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts has a very nostalgic value to the residents of ABC Food Centre and Market. Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert the humble stall has changed owners to a younger duo that retain the integrity of classic desserts like cendol, ice kacang, cheng tng and red ruby, just reworked with flavourful twists of their own, another favourite that checks all the right nostalgic boxes.

Offerings: The normal bowl of Cheng Tng would cost $1.50 but this was a special edition bought on top of their usual bowl of Cheng Tng. The only thing special was that it was added with 2 big pieces of sweet potatoes, boiled and softened in texture. The Cheng Tng alone was cooling and not very sweet.

Location: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-21 ABC Brickworks Market Food Centre, Singapore 150006

Contact:  +65 9093 2018

Website: http://www.jinjindessertclub.com/?fbclid=IwAR0ek2cVcSgnivSrrFH-JSTxi5OWl_7lJ_t4k7pIdYG9Cyvln-d1N9z_4jI


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10. House of Cheng Teng

Introduction: Memory lane with a bowl of Cheng Tng, which means clear soup. It is a dessert that is light and refreshing, sold in the olden days

Offerings: House of Cheng Teng sells traditional Cheng Tng and Ginko Lotus Logan dessert.

Location: Blk 724, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 #01-11 SIngapore 569922

Contact:  NIL

Website: NIL

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11. Geylang Serai Chee Kong Chng Tng

Introduction: Geylang Serai Chee Kong Chng Tng serves Singaporean desserts. This is a Chinese own stall in Geylang Serai Market for more than 40 years. Chee Kong is the Malay translation of the popular Chinese dessert called Cheng Tng. They are known for their Cheng Tng and they are the best dessert stall in the market.

Offerings: It was full of different ingredients such as sweet potato, gingko nuts, barley, sugared winter-melon sticks, lotus seeds and white fungus, not too sweet and flavourful, quite delicious and different from the cheng tng normally eaten. The cheng tng is freshly cooked daily, contain several ingredients in it that includes barley, sago, longan and many more. The sweetness is not too sweet and is just nice, taste refreshing and cooling. The cheng tng comes in two types which is the cold and the hot version.

Location: Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre, 1 #02-149 ,Singapore 402001

Contact:  NIL

Website: NIL

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12. Qing Tian Cold & Hot Desserts (Redhill Lane)

Introduction: The particular dessert stall was in the news recently. It reported that the Prime Minister went to queue at this stall after had his fried chicken wings in the food centre. This stall starts at 4 pm to 11 pm and their off days are on every Monday and Tuesday.

Offerings: Qing Tian Cold and Hot Desserts serve Asian desserts like cheng tng and ice kachang. Desserts like Cheng Tng was more or less similar to the usual ones we had from food courts and hawkers. The only difference that I notice was that red beans were part of their ingredients.

Location: 85 Redhill Ln, #01-60, Singapore 150085

Contact:  NIL

Website: https://www.facebook.com/thedancingicekachangman/

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13. Rong Fa Cheng Tng

Introduction: Serving local desserts, the stall is located at Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre. Rong Fa Cheng Tng at Havelock Road Food Centre has cheap traditional desserts and the stall steals dessert as cheap as $1. This is a price point that you hardly can find it at food centre anymore.

Offerings: The Cold Cheng Tng ($1) ingredients the substitution of the traditional ingredients used in the traditional dessert with canned peach and jelly. The longan soup was bland.For an additional $2, you get to have gingko nuts.

Location: 22B Havelock Rd #01-09 Singapore 162022

Contact:  NIL

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rong-Fa-Cheng-Tng/290798264987520

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14. He Cheng Cheng Tng

Introduction: He Cheng Cheng Tng is at a hawker centre resided within the once-bustling old town centre near the Woodlands causeway. It had moved to the Marsiling area for quite a while.

Offerings: He Cheng Cheng Tng serves a variety of tasty desserts and drinks. They offer Cheng Tng, Barley Drink, Cocktail Jelly and many more. The ingredients were aplenty and you still get your usual dried longans, sweet potatoes (nice), barley seeds. jelly bits and even ginkgo nuts (natural tasting, likely not from a can).

Location: 4 Woodlands Street 12, #01-55 Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre, Singapore 738620

Contact:  NIL

Website: NIL

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15. Ice Dessert’s Traditional Cheng Teng

Introduction: Ice Dessert’s Traditional Cheng Teng is situated ard Old Airport Road,

Offerings: There are a lot of ingredients and the owner wasn’t stingy like in the case of some stalls. The cheng tng is filled with white fungus, ginkgo, dried longan, sweet potatoes, dried persimmons and bits of a dried winter melon!

Location: 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-31, Singapore 390051

Contact:  NIL

Website: NIL

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