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Top 10 Best Omakase in Singapore

Top 10 Best Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Few formal dining experiences are as revered or as frightening as omakase, a kind of Japanese dining in which visitors leave themselves in the hands of a chef and get a meal which is seasonal, classy, artistic and uses the finest ingredients readily available. In lots of methods, omakase is a spiritual buddy and counterpoint to kaiseki, the elaborate multi-course Japanese meal constructed around seasonality, quality components and basic preparations. There is one essential distinction. While kaiseki is a highly ritualized meal with a specific ups and downs, omakase changes with each celebration, with the chef making decisions about what to cook mid-course. The fact of omakase lies in the word itself– directly translated, it indicates “I leave it up to you.”

Omakase (Japanese: お任せ) is a phrase that translates to ‘I’ll leave it to you’. It’s commonly used when dining in Japanese restaurants, where a customer requests the chef to serve seasonal specialities, so as to ‘leave it to the chef’. Usually, this means that the customer is expecting the chef to innovate and surprise, as the meal is approached like an artistic performance. Now, get ready to feast! Sit back, relax, as Tropika Club presents you with the Top 10 Best Omakase in Singapore.

These are Tropika Club’s very own aggregated rankings, or ‘rankings of rankings’. We collect information from a variety of sources to ascertain the final rankings here. This is further refined through consulting the TripAdvisor rankings to decide the position of the choices here when there’s a tie.

2. Ki-sho

Introduction: Everything here is timeless, from its heritage black-and-white bungalow to the age-old tradition of omotenashi – service from the heart. Ki-sho, meaning “aristocratic craftsmanship”, aims to satisfy not only your appetite but your soul as well. With its L-shaped hinoki wood counter, and only two other dining rooms, Ki-sho lets you focus on the food on the table, and the people you’re eating with.

<They are re-opening on 29 June>

Offerings: Just like the wild blossoms in springtime Japan, the Uni and Cavier dish is simply decadent – a harmony created with creamy Hokkaido sea urchin, luxurious Italian caviar, shiso flower and corn on a wasabi leaf. For a truly spirited evening, do try pairing their titillating dishes with sake recommended by their very own sommelier.

Location: 29 Scotts Road, Singapore 228224

Contact:  +65  6733 5251

Website: https://ki-sho.com.sg/

3. Shinji by Kanesaka

Introduction: This is an expansion of the 1-Michelin-Star restaurant in Ginza, helmed by its eponymous Chef Shinji Kanesaka. It’s an Edo-style sushi restaurant, fueled by Chef Kanesaka’s desire to share his love for timeless Japanese culinary traditions.

Offerings: A team of Japanese artisan chefs prepare all the dishes here, under the watchful eyes of Master Chef Koichiro Oshino. During their lunch service, they offer the Omakase Yume, a selection of appetiser, sashimi, cooked dishes, nigiri sushi, before ending it with soup and Japanese fruit. Of course, you can truly leave it all to the chef with the Chef’s Omakase Special.

They also have the Setsugetsuka Sushi Course Sets, which come in 9 pieces, 12 pieces, or 15 pieces (the 9 pieces set is only available at the Carlton Hotel branch).

But dinner is where they shine. You can feast with the Omakase Shin, their premium course offering an appetiser, sashimi, cooked dishes, nigiri sushi, soup and Japanese fruit. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch the Omakase Wa, their seasonal course.

Location: Carlton Hotel: 76 Bras Basah Road, Lobby Floor, Singapore 189558 | St. Regis: 29 Tanglin Road, Lobby Floor, Singapore 247911

Contact:  Carlton Hotel: +65 6338 6131 | St. Regis: +65 6884 8239

Website: https://www.shinjibykanesaka.com/

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