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Top 10 Spa And Massage Services In South-Eastern Singapore

Unwind yourself in one of the top picks spa and massage services in the South-East region of Singapore.

Everyone deserves to be treated with love. The fact that society is running at full speed, stress is taking a toll on our lives. Sometimes, you just need a massage to rid the stress and refresh the body. As they always say, “you are one massage away from good mood”. Today, The Tropika Club Team has rounded up the Top 10 Spa & Massage Services in the South-East region of Singapore (this includes Queenstown, East Coast and Parkway Parade areas) that will help you to find that perfect place. Read on, and pamper yourself with love today!

#1 Spa Aperial Beauty Hair and Nail (Marine Parade)

Introduction: Be professionally and friendly pampered by their Face, Body, Spa & Nail indulgences. Their staff are Certified Experience Therapists and Beauticians. They promised to fulfil a complete wellness with the Best Services, Quality Product and Edge Cutting Technology for you to achieve the results you desire. Leave behind the chaos and stress and let them take care of you to attain the perfect balance of Body, Mind & Soul.

The Treatment: Try out their Signature Body Therapy (Ladies only!) – they use warm stones to perform 5 classical movement to maximise the therapeutic benefit. It melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, increase circulation as well as metabolism. The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. It have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic and muscle pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

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#2 Avone Beauty Secrets (Kallang Wave Mall)

Introduction: Avone Beauty Secrets – Avone Beauty Secrets (ABS) is the only Beauty and Embroidery Faceworks Chain in Singapore to receive recognition from the prestigious International Beauty And Health General Union of Korea. They are fully accredited members of the International Semi-Permanent Association in Korea and Singapore Beauty and Wellness Association (SWAS). They believe in delivering a total experience to their precious customers – they get to be pampered with reliable and trusted services by top-notch professionals in a comfortable and cosy ambience, enjoying high-end treatments at very affordable prices.

The Treatment: For Refreshed Senses – Avone Hydrotherapy Spa If you are one who pulls all-nighters often, will do the trick in rejuvenating your spirits! Hailed as the answer to fighting stress and fatigue, the Hydrotherapy Spa session features a dry heat sauna treatment to fully detoxify your body of impurities. Recharged spirits aside, this treatment has been touted for its benefits, which include improving skin elasticity and treating cellulite. After the session, you can expect to leave the salon feeling great from the inside and out.

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#3 Oriental Remedies (East Coast)

Introduction: Oriental Remedies Group (ORG) is a leading patient-centred healthcare provider offering effective treatments grounded in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and enhanced with medical technology. From a humble single physician TCM clinic, they grew into a team of bilingual physicians who, on average, have each acquired more than 10 years of TCM experience. Trained in both Biomedical Science and TCM, their physicians are well-equipped with scientific knowledge as well as wisdom from traditional medicine. With their medical proficiency and passion to help patients, they aim to help everyone who passes through their doors feel better faster through the implementation of tech-enhanced treatments using state-of-the-art medical devices from the USA and Japan.

The Treatment: Tuina Massage is a traditional healing technique that is founded based on TCM principles. It requires the use of fingers, hands and elbows, to apply different techniques such as kneading, rolling, pressing and rubbing. The motion helps to remove blockages along the meridians and stimulate qi and blood to promote healing. However, unlike normal massages, Tuina targets problem areas directly to soothe a patient’s underlying blockages and imbalances. Therefore, a diagnosis by a qualified Physician is definitely required before tuina is performed.

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#4 Mary Chia (Parkway Parade)

Introduction: Mary Chia is a homegrown and leading beauty treatment and wellness spa brand with over 30 years of experience and expertise in providing premium and quality beauty, slimming and spa treatment for women. To date, Mary Chia has ten spa studios in Singapore and six spa studios in Malaysia. Their brand ethos has always been built on customer trust, combined with the intelligent use of beauty science and state-of-the-art technologies in their treatments and products. Now, more than ever, the Mary Chia brand is vibrant and dynamic, seeking ways to empower individuals to live life more confidently and in greater wellness.

The Treatment: From the beginning, the aim of the company has been to help the clients look and feel their very best through efficacious, safe, and effective treatments and products. Spa treatment menu at Mary Chia includes:

  • Body-of-light Awakening Glow
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Aromatherapy Renewal Massage
  • Ginger Infusion Exfoliating Scrub
  • The Wonder Bust Treatment

Check them out at:

  • Location: 80 Marine Parade Road, #05-15/16, Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269
  • Hotline: +65 6344 2866
  • Website: https://www.marychia.com/

#5 Urban Homme Face & Body Studio For Men (Parkway Parade)

Introduction: Urban Homme, a beauty salon in Singapore, is catered for Men. They offer a variety of treatments ranging from body massages, slimming, facials to aesthetic treatments, as well as slimming services addressing problem such as stretch marks and cellulite. It also specialises in facial treatments like the oxygenated facials.

The Treatment: Their signature treatment, the Beer Belly Trimming, is a unique treatment which promises to help you lose that paunch effectively using vibrating massage technique and state-of-the-art equipment.

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#6 Traditional Javanese Massage Hut

Introduction: Traditional Javanese Massage Hut is a spa in Singapore – these chain of spas have been dubbed as Singapore’s Leading Massage Chain & favourite family brand since 1999,. They are conveniently located at Novena, Goldhill Plaza and East Coast. The origin of their massage technique comes from Indonesia.

The Treatment: These techniques originated from Indonesia are usually rougher than Balinese massage. The spa has been known for its relaxing and rejuvenating massage. Among their long list of massage therapies, these the the ones that they are most sought after – Traditional Javanese Body Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Pre & Postnatal Massage & Care.

As a family friendly spa, they also offer Fertility Care and Slimming Treatments for soon-to-be mummy and those who just gave birth recently.

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#7 Wan Yang Health Product & Foot Reflexology Centre

Introduction: Wan Yang is the most established Foot Reflexology Centre in Singapore. With 15 branches across island-wide, they provide more than just reliable and relaxing foot reflexology and back massage services; They are also trained to focus on unleashing future health benefits.

The Treatment: Wan Yang’s signature foot reflexology service differentiates itself through the stronger strokes along the pressure/reflex points on the foot as compared to other reflexology establishments. The strong belief in the positive health effects of foot reflexology and the numerous testimonies from customers on its benefits motivated Wan Yang to establish itself with the core values of integrity, reliability, and accessibility.

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#8 Refresh Bodyworks

Introduction: Refresh Bodyworks is Singapore’s fastest growing spa. You will never be far from a Refresh salon wherever you are in Singapore. Providing a wide range of massages to promote good health, Refresh has built a strong reputation by offering excellent service in a fun, friendly and modern environment. Sit back, relax, and give your mind and body a break. Since establishing Refresh’s first outlet in 2005, offering foot reflexology and body massage, the group has extended its business to other forms of health and wellness treatment and services. From facial and beauty services, traditional Chinese medicine, aesthetic clinical services to Thai massage, its diversified solutions have benefited customers from all parts of Singapore.

The Treatment: They offer a wide variety of wellness services like foot reflexology, back massage, acupuncture body massage as well as oil body massage. One of the signatures include the Meridian Treatment which uses unique techniques to restore energy flow through the body’s twelve meridians. They work in a variety of ways to release blockages and restore balance in mind and body. These restored energy flow benefits physical and mental health in many ways, including detoxing the body.

Check them out at:

#9 G.Spa

Introduction: A one-stop rejuvenating destination, G.Spa is one of the largest spa in Singapore. They pride on being the best luxurious 24/7 spa experience for you to relax. They provide rejuvenating facilities such as hot pools, cold pool, steam baths, sauna, jacuzzi and relaxation lounge with reclining sofa bed — designed to improve your mental and physical health. Enhance your experience and indulge in their award winning massage treatments, soothing facials and free-flow buffet. The selections are endless for you to spend 24 hours here!

The Treatment: G.Spa offers a range of packages to choose from – A full body massage, feet massage, manicure and pedicure, and many other services listed. For just S$38, you get to enter the full fledged spa village filled with different facilities and perks for an overnight stay! With it, you are free to use the facilities such as hot and cold pools, jacuzzis, steam rooms and even saunas. Definitely money-worthy than getting a hotel room outside!

Check them out at:

#10 One Spa

Introduction: Spa-1 is conveniently located near Paya Lebar MRT Station, a residential zone just outside the city centre. As a CaseTrust accredited spa, guests feel at ease in their 10,000 square feet premises. Patron range from all walks of life; professional high flyers and businessmen seeking a place to unwind after a long day in the office, down to retirees who want to spend a relaxing day in a spa. Spa-1 is honoured to have received both the Singapore Excellence Award 2013/2014 and the Singapore Entrepreneur Award 2013. By constantly improving its service quality, Spa-1 seeks to become a leading spa provider and provide the best spa experience for all its guests.

The Treatment:

Signature Hot Stone Massage – Their signature pulled hot stone massage includes a full body massage and foot massage. The warm stones are placed on key points of your body known as energy centres which are sometimes blocked. The massage releases muscular tension, toxins, improves blood circulation and health conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromylagia, Hypertension and other musculoskeletal problems.

Japanese Shiatsu Massage – A Japanese massage therapy that uses finger and palm pressure, targeting the acupuncture points to rejuvenate your body. Based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine, Shiatsu improves blood circulation and relieves stiff muscles.

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