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Top 25 Best Seafood Restaurants in Singapore

Relish in the flavours of the sea with the best seafood restaurants in Singapore. We have some of the big names too. So why not try the signature dish for some of the most popular seafood restaurants in Singapore, such as  Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, Jumbo Seafood, TungLok Seafood, Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant, and Greenwood Fish Market. Whether you want chilli crabs or a delicious plate of lobster roll, our top picks for seafood restaurant are here to satisfy your taste bud’s craving for fresh seafood. Now we’re left wanting for black pepper crab and fish head soup!

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  • Culinary Delights: Explore exquisite seafood dishes crafted by renowned restaurants.
  • Fresh Catch: Indulge in the finest and freshest seafood sourced locally and internationally.
  • Varied Cuisine: Enjoy a range of culinary styles, from traditional seafood to modern fusion.
  • Ambiance and Views: Experience waterfront and scenic locations while relishing your meal.
  • Exceptional Dining: Delight in top-notch service and an immersive seafood dining experience.
  • Catering to All: Discover options for casual diners and those seeking upscale seafood feasts.

1. Nude Seafood


Thier family business is Hai Sia Seafood, a 3rd generation seafood wholesaler. Good ingredients is thier starting point.

Chef Kee Leng and his team bring these ingredients to life, using techniques from around the world with an Asian body, flavour, and soul. His background is fine dining, so they pitch high, but they always keep prices affordable and portions hearty.

At the heart of everything do is a belief—happy team, happy food, happy guests. When they cook for you, they are sharing their joy of feeding people well and building a good future together.From port to plate, they democratise good seafood.


  • Click link for menu
  • Hokkaido Scallops
  • Tuna Olio
  • Binchotan-Grilled Meats
  • Lamb Shashouka
  • Mushroom Carbonara
  • Desiree Potato
  • Hokkaido Mille Crepe

Location: 5 Straits View #01-23, Marina One East Tower, S018935

Contact: +65 8726 1576



2. Jumbo Seafood


JUMBO Seafood is where it all began. Their most prominent brand had humble beginnings in 1987, operating from a single outlet (now their flagship restaurant) in East Coast Seafood Centre. The restaurant soon gained a loyal following, garnering a reputation for serving only the freshest seafood cooked to perfection, with iconic dishes such as the Singapore Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab capturing the hearts of local and overseas gastronomes. As its reputation grew, so did the number of outlets.Today, JUMBO Seafood comprises multiple restaurants in Singapore and The People’s Republic of China, with franchises all over Asia.In addition to serving its JUMBO Award-winning Chilli Crab, JUMBO Signature Black Pepper Crab, Golden Salted Egg Prawns and Crispy Fried Baby Squid, the chain of restaurants offer other innovative and distinctive menu items, including special seasonal dishes.JUMBO Seafood has garnered many prestigious culinary and service accolades over the years. These include Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore 2018, Excellent Service Award 2017, TripAdvisor Certifcate of Excellence 2017 and the Ctrip Food Award 2016 [Singapore Choice: JUMBO Seafood (Dempsey Hill)], just to name a few.Underpinning its success is a simple philosophy. JUMBO Seafood thrives on doing what it does best – bringing diners the best seafood cuisine Singapore has to offer.


  • Click link for menu
  • Singapore Chilli Crab
  • Scallops wrapped in yam ring
  • Donut with seafood paste
  • Home-made vegetable beancurd
  • Mocha pork ribs
  • Bamboo clam steamed with minced garlic

Location: Multiple Locations.

Contact:  Multiple Contacts

Website: https://www.jumboseafood.com.sg/en/home


3. Humpback


Your great neighbourhood seafood restaurantIt all started with one trip to the Hama Hama oyster farm in the Pacific Northwest. With hands dipped in the coldest estuary of the region, shucking live oysters in waist-deep waters, eating them fresh…one holiday experience turned into inspiration for their breezy Seattle-style concept.Here at Humpback, expect the freshest offerings from sea, land, and garden, with ever-evolving flavours to sample as the seasons change. Their specially-curated beverage menu carefully complements your dining experience, with a focus on white spirit-based cocktails, wines, and beers. To top it all off, their team’s friendly hospitality will ensure you have a whale of a time!


Click link for menu

Location:20 Bukit Pasoh Rd Singapore 089834

Contact: +65 9772 9896



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4. The Boiler


The Boiler is a seafood joint that serves up fresh seafood known as seafood boil together with strong bold sauces which are infused with both local and western spices. It aims to ignite your five senses by bringing back the harmonious spirit of fresh tasty seafood and unassuming dining atmosphere all under one roof. 

In 2008, the owner, a banker-turned restaurateur, was introduced to a seafood boil restaurant in LA by his relatives where it was love at first sight. The owner was intrigued by the rich Cajun culture and was determined to share the joy of this communal experience back to his family and friends. After countless backyard crab feasts, he finally created the flavours that boasts a fusion of Asian and American spices and the rest is history. This secret recipe which comprises of 11 different spices and ingredients still remains a highly kept secret, which the owner himself hand-packed them every night after the restaurant closes.

With an ambience of intimacy and exceptional cuisine, The Boiler satisfies diners of all appetites. Come experience the seduction of the freshest seafood, greatest music and endless booze at The Boiler. Gather your family and friends and soak up the best camaraderie and dining experience ever before. They promise you tasty fingers by the end of your meal.

Be sure to check-in every month for limited-time only flavours,

concocted specially by the chefs.


Click link for menu

  • Signature Haddock Fish & Chips
  • Cajun Jambalaya
  • House Chopped Salad
  • Seafood Bag Combo
  • Chilli Crab
  • Miyagi Jumbo Fried Oysters

Location:Multiple Locations

Contact:Multiple Contacts



5. Greenwood Fish Market


There’s something wonderfully satisfying about eating foods from the sea – cracking through claw, slurping shell and savouring the freshest catch of the day.A retailer and family-run restaurant serving fresh western-style seafood cuisine, Greenwood Fish Market has become a roll off the tongue household name within the Greenwood Avenue community. Established in 2003, the restaurant stays true to its humble beginnings of offering value to the table and is the go-to destination for your seafood fix. Chargrilled dishes from the menu have an undeniably unique flavour profile, attributed to the charcoal-applewood blend used in their custom designed wood-fire griller from Australia; bread is also freshly baked before each service.The family is passionate about deep sea fishing, traveling to exotic seafood farms and also lives and breathes hospitality being in the business for almost 20 years. Guests can also expect a wide selection of the freshest catch of the day – up to 30 varieties to choose from. Let them know if you have a preference on how you like your fish done and Chef Alan and his team will be delighted to whip up something spectacular for you. They like to keep their guests swimming back for more through their friendly service, culinary craft, and seasonal menus.


  • Prawn & Scallop Ceviche
  • Crayfish Saffron Rigatoni
  • Cold Seafood Platter
  • Seafood Basket
  • Russian King Crab Legs
  • Fried Pork Belly

Location: Bukit Timah – 34/38 Greenwood Ave S(289236) /

Quayside Isle – 31 Ocean Way #01-04, S(098375) /

Japanese & Asian Cuisine -31 Ocean Way, #01-03 S(098375) +65 6977 9577
Contact: +65 6467 4950 ( Bukit Timah ) /

+65 6262 0450 ( Quayside Isle ) /

+65 6977 9577 ( Japanese & Asian Cuisine )

Website: https://www.greenwoodfishmarket.com/


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6. Roland Restaurant


Mr. Lim Choon Ngee & Mdm Cher Yam Tian started their seafood restaurant along the Kallang River with just a couple of kerosene lamps, wooden tables and stools. The seafood was cooked using an open charcoal fire at that time. As the number of seafood lovers grew, the restaurant was then relocated to Bedok Beach (before the reclamation of land, now the ECP) along Upper East Coast Road.

They served not only the finest quality food, but also the most generous helpings. Seafood dishes were kept to a minimum to simplify their operations. Their specialities were, of course their creation, the Chilli Crab accompanied by local Crusty French loaf for dipping into the sauce, Black Sauce Prawns, Sambal Mussels, Fried Baby Squids, Teochew Style Steamed Fish and not forgetting Cockles dipped with Homemade Mum’s Chilli Sauce, prepared by Mdm Cher.

Their Seafood restaurant soon earned a reputation purely by word of mouth. Up till today, the food consistently earns the highest praise.

In 1985, Mr. and Mrs. Lim together with the family decided to migrate to Christchurch, New Zealand, selling off part of their restaurant shares and leaving the remaining shares to his son. Mr. Roland Lim, together with his wife Lilian and younger brother Richard, now operates their latest three-in-one Restaurant – Seafood, Cantonese and Tim Sum Dishes at Block 89, Marine Parade Central, #06-750 with a seating capacity of 1100 people.


  • Steamed Half Shell Scallops
  • Lobster with Glass Noodles in Claypot 
  • Classic Pork Ribs with Chef ’s Sauce
  • Crispy Duck 
  • Curry Fish Head
  • TeoChew Salted Cockles 

Location: 89 Marine Parade Central, #06-750, Singapore 440089

Contact: +65 6440 8205

Website: https://rolandrestaurant.com.sg/


7. Tunglok Seafood


Offering you the freshest catch to welcome seafood lovers from all parts of Singapore, TungLok Seafood specialises in the best of Singapore-style seafood prepared with the quality and standards synonymous with the TungLok brand. Perennial favourites are the Black Pepper Crab, voted the best in town, and Chilli Crab that uniquely combines orange juice and tomato sauce to create a finger-licking good gravy, perfect for slurping up with man tou.


Click link for menu

  • Tunglok seafood platter
  • Deep-fried prawns with wasabi-miyo sauce
  • Black pepper crab with  fresh peppercorns
  • TungLok chilli crab

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts



8. New Ubin Seafood



With acquisition of Pulau Ubin by the Singapore government in 1992, New Ubin Seafood moved to the mainland, where they have been situated in several locations over the years (the most well known of which were the coffee shop at Commonwealth, Keppel Marina, Punggol Marina and finally the outlet at the junction of 6th Avenue / Bukit Timah Road), and Sin Ming Industrial Estate.

The tze char kitchen can now be found nestled in the heartland of Tampines. They also set up a restaurant in the heart of the city in the iconic CHIJMES building and first-ever restaurant in a hotel within Ramada by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park.

At each outlet, they continue their tradition of serving their customers sumptuous and authentic Singaporean cuisine in a casual, family-friendly environment.

Over the years, their culinary identity has developed and matured. Apart from the freshest seafood and traditional tze char fare, they are proud to present their own interpretation of other foods-a truly Singaporean-take on American, French, Italian and Indian cuisine. As such, their signature dishes include USDA Black Angus ‘Choice’ Rib-eye, Garlic Baked Crab, Smoked Pork Fried Rice and more… They were motivated to do this because it’s what they, the people behind New Ubin, love – and they know you will too.

They look forward to welcoming you soon, and promise that it will be an unforgettable experience.


  • New Ubin Seafood
  • Garang Grill
  • Fish Head Curry 
  • Salted Egg Squid
  • Seafood boil
  • SDA Black Angus ‘Choice’ Rib-Eye

Location: Multiple Locations.

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://newubinseafood.com/


9. Palm Beach Seafood


Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant is perennially ranked among the city’s Most Popular list, and has garnered various awards including Outstanding Service, Chef of the Year, Top 10 Best Dish from Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Tatler and other noteworthy food blogs.

Palm Beach is proud to be at the forefront of the F&B industry, with world-class practices that ensure their food quality and service standards will not be compromised.

They have implemented various systems and procedures such as the 5S Methodology from Japan as well as the HACCP approach to help them improve workplace efficiency and food safety respectively.

They have also created a Mystery Diner Programme, which enables them to maintain excellent service standards.

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Lobster Salad
  • Grilled Satay
  • Grilled Otah-Otah
  • Golden Beancurd Puff
  • Cuttlefish Kangkong
  • Crispy Crullers

Location: 01-09, One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road Singapore 049213

Contact: +65 6336 8118

Website: https://www.palmbeachseafood.com/#home


10. The Naked Finn


Naked was coined by my wife, based on how she perceives my philosophy of unadulterated simplicity. Finn is the name of the lead from the 1998 movie version of Great Expectations. Francesco Clemente was commissioned for the paintings and drawings in the film and I love the sketchbook of sea life that Finn ‘drew’.

With top quality ingredients, it’s a shame to embellish and hide their natural subtle flavours with unnecessary seasoning and so they usually stick with just olive oil, sea salt and occasionally, unsalted butter when cooking.

Achieving consistency in their products is based on having quality supplies coupled with maintaining a strong and capable team. Their entire core team has been with them since the beginning and that has allowed seamless knowledge and skills transfer to the new hires.

Their menu lists the official FAO and scientific names of the species they offer. This is their fight against seafood fraud in Singapore. Being informed, They believe their customers will be better equipped in making the right choices in the future, be it in their restaurants or others.

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Yamada Bay – Pacific cupped oyster
  • Wild-caught North Pacific giant octopus
  • Wild-caught sword razor shell
  • Wild-caught giant river prawn
  • Wild-caught Dungeness crab
  • Wild-caught golden king crab leg

Location: Block 39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109442

Contact: +65 6694 0807

Website: http://www.nakedfinn.com/


11. Long Beach Seafood Restaurant


LONG BEACH Seafood- Singapore’s leading seafood restaurant and also the CREATOR of the Original and Best Black Pepper Crab in Singapore.

It all started at Bedok Rest House (1946), where LONG BEACH Seafood was then one of the few restaurants that served local food. During that period, locals hardly ate out, except for major celebratory events such as Weddings. Located along the beach, LONG BEACH was frequently patronized by the British Army and soon became a bustling location popular with locals attracted by the sandy beach facing the sea.

The crowds continued to increase with time as word of mouth got around of the delectable seafood served.

Long Beach is also the first restaurant to bring in seafood where initially was never served but has now become popular favourites.

Brought in 20 years ago in the 1980s, these seafood include the Air Flown Live Alaskan King Crab, Razor Clam, or more commonly known as the Bamboo Clam, Abalone Conch, Mouse Cowrie, Tiger Sea Mantis, Geoduck, Robin Triton Clam, Japanese Hokkigai Clam, Alaskan Hokkigai and many more.

Growing in popularity of being the favourite seafood restaurant in Singapore, LONG BEACH propelled itself even further with the creation of their Legendary Black Pepper Crab, which has garnered the attention of not only the locals but of an International scale as well.

With years of continuous effort in providing Exotic and delectable LIVE seafood, the crowds continued to grow and eventually LONG BEACH Seafood became a household name as it is today.

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • House specialty prawn
  • Golden stripe live lobster
  • live Canadian geoduck

Location: Multiple Location

Contact: Multiple Contact

Website: https://longbeachseafood.com.sg/home/


12. Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant


Uncle Leong Seafood is a popular seafood restaurant in Singapore, known for its delicious and affordable crab dishes. Its signature dish, the “Shimmering Sand Crab delight,” is a must-try for any seafood lover.

The Shimmering Sand Crab delight is made with larger than average crabs that are drizzled with Uncle Leong’s signature sauce and topped with a sprinkle of oats. The sauce is a secret recipe, but it is said to contain a blend of spices and herbs that complement the fresh crab meat perfectly. The oats add a bit of crunch and texture to the dish, and they also help to absorb the sauce.

The Shimmering Sand Crab delight is a hearty and flavorful dish that is sure to satisfy. The crab meat is tender and juicy, and the sauce is rich and flavorful. The oats add a nice touch of crunch and texture, and they also help to soak up the sauce.

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Shimmering Sand Crab
  • Chili Crab
  • Creamy Pumkin Prawn
  • Spicy Fragrance Prawn

Location: Multiple Location

Contact: Multiple Contact

Website: http://www.uncleleongseafood.com/


13. Captain K Seafood Tower


The “Captain” behind the brand is former chief marine engineer turned restaurateur, Kenneth Koh. His global expeditions from shore to shore sparked inspirations for steaming tiers of fresh seafood goodness.

“They only buy from suppliers who are committed to sustainable fishing practices and the long term protection of sea life. They pride their selves in bringing in the best so that they can serve the best

Through his exposure to a myriad of seafood cuisines worldwide, he found that steaming fresh seafood in a tower is not only a healthier option but also the purest indulgent method.

When trickles of savory seafood essence condense into the soup base, it sets itself apart as a deep ocean flavoured broth perfect for a wholesome hot pot feast!

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Crab In Da Pot
  • Captain K’s Seafood Boil
  • Aburi Chirashi Don
  • Salmon Mekajiki Don

Location: 112 Middle Road, #01-00A Midland House, Singapore 188970

Contact: +65 6255 5744

Website: https://www.captaink.sg/


14. Majestic Bay


The design of the restaurant seeks to make the most of the impressive waterfront view of the Marina Bay, taking on nautical references in its design. The setting is reminiscent of a ship deck, with its modern palette of relaxing neutral tones, light oak floors, and a feature wall of round mirror ‘portholes’. The corporate colour of aquamarine further accentuates the ‘water’ theme. A live seafood tank at the entrance allows customers to select their catch of the day before it is freshly prepared for them.

Noteworthy touches in the restaurant’s interior is the display of artworks by Hong Zhu An, an award-winning Singapore-based artist specializing in calligraphy on layered pigments. Exhibited around the world, his works layer paper pulp on rice paper to achieve a 3-D texture. The restaurant features four sought-after pieces from the famed artist—Scroll I and Scroll II, which upon close inspection reveal thousands of calligraphic characters from Buddhist sutras; and Dragon I and Dragon II, which demonstrate the dynamic strokes of the artist, and his subtle sense of style.

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Black Peppered Crabs
  • Signature Kopi Crabs
  • Braised Whole Fish in Claypot Style
  • Fish in Two Ways Cooking

Location: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, #01-10 Singapore 018953

Contact: +65 6604 6604

Website: http://majesticbay.sg/


15. Pince & Pints


Born out of a love for crustaceans and seafood, Pince & Pints has been delighting their customers with their premium live lobsters and lobster rolls since 2014. As one of the pioneers in the gourmet seafood scene, Pince & Pints quickly gained recognition as the place to be for live lobsters at great value.

They believe in offering the best diners experience. Imagine tucking into Truffle Lobster Roll, and a Nonya Chilli Prawn Dish, while your friends enjoy a lobster and steak at the same time. The best of both worlds — all while having your favourite cold pints in hand!

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • The Lobster Roll
  • Live Whole Crab
  • Rib Eye Steak
  • Lobster Noodle

Location: 33 Duxton Road Singapore 089496

Contact: +65 6225 7558

Website: https://pinceandpints.com/home/


16. Crab at Bay Seafood Restaurant


Crab at Bay Seafood is located along Macpherson Road. With its Crab Bee Hoon acknowledged as one of the best in Singapore, many diners choose Crab at Bay as the place to go for savoury Chinese cuisine. With a wide selection of live seafood available, Crab at Bay is definitely your number one choice be it a business meal or a family dinner. Red wines are also made available here so that you can enjoy the best experience. Together with their friendly serving crew, They hope to provide you with a pleasant dining experience.


  • Lobster Ee Fu Noodles
  • Signature Crab
  • Steamed Soon Hock Fish
  • Butter Garlic Steamed Scallop

Location: 540 Macpherson Road Singapore, Singapore 368223

Contact: +65 6743 8366

Website: https://www.facebook.com/crabatbayseafood/


17. Kings Seafood


Here at Kings’ Seafood, they offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try their delicious seafood.

The key to their success is simple: providing quality consistent seafood that taste great every single time. They pride themselves on serving their customers delicious seafood dishes cooked by an expert that used to be the head chef of a MICHELIN GOURMET Restaurant!

Eat delicious food. Grab a drink. But most of all, relax! They thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your continued support.

Offerings: Click link for menu


Location: Tan Quee Lan Street #01-03, Singapore 188091, Singapore

Contact: +65 8828 5332

Website: https://www.quandoo.sg/place/kings-seafood-88679


18. Orchid Live Seafood


Orchid Live Seafood first started her humble beginning at Orchid Country Club, in 1999.

Situated right beside the Driving Range, their reputation slowly grew with the presence of the frequent patrons of the club.

As most of the tables are placed in the alfresco dining area, their business was very much affected by the weather. It was a great location yet due to the space constrains, they often find themselves scrambling for proper kitchen space.

The first location they moved to was Bah Soon Pah Road in the year 2010.

 It is within the Yishun – Sembawang vicinity and customers were easily directed to this “kampung – liked” environment as it is situated in the Green Valley Farms. 

They carried on their legacy to the Seletar area with a restaurant space of small seating capacity. 

Fully air conditioned, it provided a better dining experience for diners who preferred a full indoor restaurant environment.

​They have been preparing for this move since November 2019 and they are finally, at the last step of preparations. All safe distancing, hygiene cleaning have been stepped up and they aim to prepare a safe and pleasant experience for their diners! 

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Live Lobster Porridge
  • Live Boston Lobster Porridge
  • Steven Chicken
  • Steamed Bamboo Clams with Garlic

Location: Multiple Location

Contact: Multiple Contact

Website: https://www.orchidliveseafood.com.sg/


19. TianTian Seafood Restaurant


At Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant, their culinary specialists frequently hold meetings to generate new ideas keeping in mind the end goal to make and present inventive new dishes which are routinely added to the menu. Some of these dishes that have picked up acknowledgment are the Wild Empurau Fish, Live Lobster from Australia and New Zealand ,bamboo mollusk and Venus Clam, to wrap things up, their acclaimed Alaska King crab , Australia Snow Crab and King Crab.

Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant is also known for its acclaimed Alaska King Crab, Australia Snow Crab, and King Crab. These crabs are steamed or grilled to perfection, and the meat is so tender and juicy that it melts in your mouth.

Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant is a great place to try innovative and delicious seafood dishes. The culinary specialists at the restaurant are constantly coming up with new dishes, so there is always something new to try.

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Sliced Canadian Cod Fish
  • Wild Live Prawns
  • Fresh Fan Scallop
  • Live La La Clams

Location: 42-44 Boat Quay, Singapore 049831

Contact: +65 6536 2829

Website: https://www.facebook.com/tiantianfishermans/


20. Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restaurant


Tucked away in a quiet residential area, you’ll find this well-known seafood restaurant with over 30 years of history. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by a large tank filled with live seafood, from fish to shellfish. Choose your catch of the day and the chef will prepare it to your liking. Be sure to try the famous local dishes of chilli crab and black pepper crab, which are both made with fresh, succulent seafood and flavorful sauces. The restaurant also offers a variety of local cze char dishes, which are stir-fried dishes made with a variety of ingredients, such as seafood, meat, vegetables, and noodles.

Whether you choose to sit inside or outside, you’re sure to have a memorable dining experience. The indoor seating area is spacious and comfortable, while the outdoor seating area is more atmospheric and relaxing. Enjoy your meal with a cold beer or a glass of wine, and soak up the local ambience.

This restaurant is a great place to go with family and friends for a special occasion or simply to enjoy a delicious seafood meal. With its fresh ingredients, flavorful dishes, and relaxed atmosphere, it’s no wonder that this restaurant has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike for over 30 years.


  • cheese Boston lobster 
  • Flower Lobster with Black pepper Sauce Prawns
  • Chilli Boston lobster

Location: 01-59/61/63, Tiong Bahru Road, 160055, Singapore

Contact: +65 62223 0810

Website: https://guide.michelin.com/sg/en/singapore-region/singapore/restaurant/sin-hoi-sai-tiong-bahru




HolyCrab, Singapore’s beloved seafood restaurant, is embarking on a new adventure in its new home at the iconic Capitol Arcade, located in the heart of the city’s cultural district. The enchanting beauty of the Capitol Theatre, Capitol Building, and Stamford House, three beautifully preserved historical landmarks, provides a captivating and alluring backdrop for the restaurant’s new location.

The picturesque architecture evokes a romantic nostalgia of Victorian charm, creating a beautiful backdrop with a sunlit atrium where heritage and imagination seamlessly blend. The enchanting atmosphere transports guests to a moment in time, captured in memory.

HolyCrab’s new home at the Capitol Arcade is a perfect reflection of its philosophy of celebrating Singapore’s rich heritage and culture. The restaurant is committed to providing guests with an unforgettable dining experience, where they can savor the freshest seafood dishes while immersed in a vibrant and enchanting setting.

HolyCrab’s new location is also a reflection of its commitment to sustainable seafood sourcing. The restaurant works closely with local fishermen and suppliers to ensure that its seafood is fresh, ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly.

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Black Panther
  • White Peppa
  • Green Mumba

Location:13 Stamford Road, #01-85, Singapore 178905

Contact: +65 8444 2722

Website: https://www.holycrab.sg/


22. Dancing Crab


Welcome to Dancing Crab, serving a mix of robust, American style seafood and the distinctive richness of Singapore seafood cuisine. Dancing Crab is a refreshing counterpart to Singapore’s equally famed preferences for seafood, shellfish and rich flavors. Backed by one of Singapore’s oldest seafood restaurant leaders, TungLok Group, Dancing Crab sources their shellfish from the same vendors used at the group’s best seafood restaurants, offering a range from Boston lobster to Dungeness crab.Dancing Crab is known for its happy atmosphere, lively music, and high spirits. Always brimming with life, they bring the emphasis of taste, flavour and service to colorful locations across the world, welcoming its guests to eat, drink, and be merry.

Offerings: Click link for menu


Location: Orchard Central #07-14/15 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896

Contact: +65 6509 1878

Website: https://www.dancingcrab.com.sg/


23. Red House Seafood


Established in 1976, Red House Seafood is one of Singapore’s oldest seafood restaurants and is synonymous with Singapore cuisine. Over the years, the restaurant has evolved with the country’s growth and identity, representing the palette of flavours that reflect Singapore’s cultural diversity.

Today, local Singaporean Chinese food evolved from Canton, Fujian and Hainan origins, forming much of the basic flavours of local food. Their chefs worked tirelessly over the years to integrate the essence of Malay, Indian and Peranakan flavors into their dishes.

With this strong reputation of pairing fresh seafood with Asian flavors, Red House and its signature lanterns have been instantly recognized by patrons. Red House celebrates the gathering of partners, friends and family over local cuisine.

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Crab Meat Prawn Roll
  • Hakka Prawn Roll
  • Spicy seafood combination
  • Pumpkin Seafood Soup

Location: Multiple Location

Contact: Multiple Contact

Website: http://www.redhouseseafood.com/


24. Mellben Seafood


Mellben Seafood, a Singaporean seafood restaurant founded in 1987 by Sng Boon Chuan, has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a stall along Alexandra Road to become a well-known seafood destination with three outlets in Singapore. The restaurant has been recognized in the Singapore Michelin Guide and awarded a ‘Michelin Plate’ distinction.

Mellben Seafood is known for its Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup, Butter Crabs, and Chilli Crabs, and is considered one of the first dedicated crab restaurants in Singapore. The restaurant was originally located at Block 204 Serangoon Central in 1993, but has since expanded to include outlets in Ang Mo Kio and Bedok.

Mellben Seafood’s rise from a family of tze char stalls to an established restaurant is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Sng Boon Chuan and his team. The restaurant has built a reputation for serving fresh and delicious seafood dishes, as well as providing excellent customer service.

The ‘Michelin Plate’ distinction is awarded to restaurants that offer “good food” and is a testament to Mellben Seafood’s commitment to quality. The restaurant’s success is also a reflection of the growing popularity of seafood in Singapore, as well as the country’s rich culinary heritage.

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • chilli crab
  • clay pot crab vermicelli soup
  • butter crab, laksa crab
  • black pepper crab
  • salted egg yolk crab
  • ginger onion crab
  • shimmering sand crab

Location: #01-1222, 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3

Contact: +65 6285 6762

Website: https://www.mellbensignature.sg/


25. Shrimp Prawn Seafood


They are an independent Steelpot Seafood Vermicelli restaurant located steps from the center of town, and are proud to be rated number 1 by many food specialist & bloggers. The favourite for locals to meet family and friends for Thai Vermicelli (Tang Hoon), or order from their web Shrimp Prawn Seafood for delivery straight to their home. They serve varieties of seafood in steelpot with vermicelli and street food of Thailand every day from midday until closing time. Come and see them today!”

Offerings: Click link for menu

  • Steel Pot King Tiger Prawn Vermicelli
  • Steel pot Slipper Lobster Vermicelli
  • Dogmother King Tiger Prawn

Location: 53 Boat Quay, Singapore 049842

Contact: +65 8375 3888

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At Tropika Club Magazine, we’re all about bringing you the best of what Singapore has to offer. Our curated list of the top 25 seafood restaurants is a testament to our commitment to helping you discover amazing experiences. From savoring the freshest catch to enjoying creative seafood creations, these restaurants have it all.

Singapore’s culinary scene is vibrant and diverse, and seafood plays a significant role in it. Our selection not only considers the quality of the dishes but also the overall dining experience – from the ambiance to the service. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or just looking to try something new, these restaurants are ready to take you on a gastronomic journey.

So, there you have it, folks. Next time you’re on the hunt for seafood that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance, remember to check out our list. Tropika Club Magazine is here to guide you through the seafood wonderland that Singapore has become.



Q: What are the benefits of eating seafood?

A: Seafood is a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for good health. Seafood can help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, improve brain function, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Q: How to choose fresh and quality seafood?

A: Some tips to choose fresh and quality seafood are:

  • Look for clear and bright eyes, firm and shiny flesh, and a mild and fresh smell for fish.
  • Look for tightly closed shells, heavy weight, and a briny smell for shellfish.
  • Look for live and active movements, intact shells, and a seawater smell for crustaceans.

Q: How to cook seafood properly?

A: Some tips to cook seafood properly are:

  • Avoid overcooking seafood as it can make it tough and dry. Use a thermometer to check the internal temperature of the seafood, which should be 63°C for fish, 74°C for shellfish, and 79°C for crustaceans.
  • Marinate seafood for no more than 15 minutes to avoid losing its natural flavour and texture. Use acidic ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, or wine to enhance the flavour of the seafood.
  • Use different cooking methods to bring out the best of the seafood. For example, you can grill, bake, or broil fish; steam, boil, or poach shellfish; and stir-fry, deep-fry, or roast crustaceans.

Q: What are some of the best seafood dishes in Singapore?

A: Some of the best seafood dishes in Singapore are:

  • Chilli crab: A spicy dish that features crab cooked in a thick gravy made of chilli, tomato, egg, and garlic. It is usually served with fried mantou (buns) to dip in the sauce6.
  • Black pepper crab: A savoury dish that features crab cooked in a fragrant sauce made of black pepper, butter, soy sauce, and sugar. It is usually served with steamed rice or bread.
  • Cereal prawns: A crispy dish that features prawns coated with cereal flakes, butter, curry leaves, and chilli padi. It is usually served with salad or rice.
  • Sambal stingray: A spicy dish that features stingray marinated with sambal (a chilli paste) and grilled on a banana leaf. It is usually served with lime juice and onion slices.
  • Fish head curry: A tangy dish that features fish head cooked in a curry made of coconut milk, tamarind, spices, and vegetables. It is usually served with rice or bread.

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