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Top Winning Singapore Pools Outlets for 4D and Toto

Buy a piece of hope – that’s what everyone says when they queue for 4D or Toto at the many Singapore Pools outlets on a weekly basis. As Singapore Pools publishes an updated version of the winning outlets (see link; updated as on March 2020), many hopeful Singaporeans (and foreign workers) visit these “lucky outlets” with the hope to striking it rich. While some think of these outlets as lucky, others see it from a more statistical perspective. Maximise your winning chances by placing your bets in the best 20 Singapore Pools outlets and authorised retailers in Singapore, ranked by total winners! Either way, Tropika Club has compiled the top 10 winning Singapore Pools outlets for both 4D and Toto. While we do not guarantee that your chances of winning would be improved, you can at least convince yourself so!


Great article on Singapore 4D and Toto!

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