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Top Winning Singapore Pools Outlets for 4D and Toto

Buy a piece of hope – that’s what everyone says when they queue for 4D or Toto at the many Singapore Pools outlets on a weekly basis. As Singapore Pools publishes an updated version of the winning outlets, many hopeful Singaporeans (and foreign workers) visit these “lucky outlets” with the hope to striking it rich. While some think of these outlets as lucky, others see it from a more statistical perspective. Maximise your winning chances by placing your bets in the best 20 Singapore Pools outlets and authorised retailers in Singapore, ranked by total winners! Either way, Tropika Club has compiled the top 10 winning Singapore Pools outlets for both 4D and Toto. While we do not guarantee that your chances of winning would be improved, you can at least convince yourself so, especially with a huge prize pool!

Top Winning Singapore Pools Outlets for 4D and Toto

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • The article lists the top 10 winning Singapore Pools outlets for both 4D and Toto, based on the number of jackpot and group 2 winners they have produced.
  • The article also includes a map that shows the distribution of jackpot and group 2 winnings at Singapore Pools outlets, as well as some tips on how to register for a Singapore Pools account and how to place 4D bets.
  • The article ranks the outlets according to their total number of winners, starting with Tong Aik Huat at Hougang Street 61, which sold two Toto tickets that won some of the largest jackpots in Singapore history.
  • The article then features other outlets such as Delisia Agency at Middle Road, NTUC Tampines Mall, Tan Wee Fong Trading at Bukit Batok Street 11, Ng Teo Guan at Upper Serangoon Road, People’s Park Outlet, Mee Lee Cheong at People’s Park Complex, 7-11 Yishun at Yishun Avenue 5, IMM Outlet and 7-11 Eunos at Eunos Crescent.
  • The article provides some details about each outlet, such as their location, their winning tickets and their prize amounts. The article also mentions some interesting facts or stories about some of the outlets or their winners.
  • The article concludes by encouraging readers to try their luck at these winning outlets, but also reminds them to gamble responsibly and within their means.

Introduction to Top Winning Singapore Pools Outlets for 4D and Toto

If you’re an avid lottery player, you’re probably always looking for ways to increase your chances of winning. While there is no surefire way to guarantee a win, knowing which outlets have had the most jackpot and group 2 winnings could help you make an informed decision about where to purchase your next ticket. At Tropika Club, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 winning Singapore Pools outlets for both 4D and Toto. While we cannot guarantee that your chances of winning will improve, we believe that the outlets on our list have had the most success in terms of producing jackpot and group 2 winners.

Map Distribution of Jackpot and Group 2 Winnings at Singapore Pools Outlets

To help you make an informed decision about where to purchase your next lottery ticket, we’ve included a map that shows the distribution of jackpot and group 2 winnings at Singapore Pools outlets. This map highlights the outlets that have had the most success in producing jackpot and group 2 winners, giving you an idea of where you may want to purchase your next ticket. Our list includes outlets from all over Singapore, so no matter where you are, there’s sure to be a winning outlet near you.

1.Tong Aik Huat

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Location: Blk 685 Hougang St 61 #01-160 Singapore 530685

Tong Aik Huat sold two TOTO tickets that won some of the largest jackpots and prize pools in Singapore history. in 2016, a single winner went home with a prize money of S$7,884,082 after buying a Quick Pick System 8 TOTO ticket from Tong Aik Huat. In 2014, a person walked away with $6,410,229 after winning the top prize with a System 7 ticket from there. Tong Aik Huat has consistently created many winners, and because many Singaporeans head to Tong Aik Huat, that might have also indirectly increased the percentage of winning tickets at this outlet. There are also many reports of long queues at Tong Aik Huat as shown in this Straits Times report.

2. Delisia Agency

Location: 149 Rochor Rd, Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425

Delisia Agency Pte Ltd was founded in 1985 at Fu Lu Shou complex, and has seen consistent queues since the 1990s. They are not only popular with the usual 4D but also the quick pick system 7 for Toto. Delisia Agency becomes very crowed every year during the Hong Bao Draw and the Cascade Draw.

3. NTUC Tampines Mall

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Location: 4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-12, Singapore 529510

NTUC Tampines Mall is usually packed with Singaporean shoppers for their groceries, but most do not know that its Singapore Pools outlet is highly ranked in terms of winning lottery tickets. It is one convenient location where you can get your 4D or Toto tickets and shop for groceries at the same time. With a large prize pool, the chances of striking it rich becomes more possible.

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4. Tan Wee Fong Trading

Location: 24 Bendemeer Rd, #01-529, Singapore 330024

Tan Wee Fong Trading is no ordinary lottery ticket shop. According to the punters ’ history books , someone has won the top TOTO prize here every year. In 2017, the winner walked away with close to $4.5 million thanks to the numbers simply assigned by the machine. Every weekend, you will find a long queue of eager Singaporeans waiting for purchase their 4D or Toto. This venue gets most crowded during the Toto Hong Bao Draw.

5. Ng Teo Guan

Location: 301 Ubi Ave 1, #01-251, Singapore 400301

Ng Teo Guan usually draws long queues. But the queues get extremely long during the Chinese Lunar New Year period for both 4D draw and Singapore Toto draw due to the size of the jackpot draw. Ng Teo Guan has produced 7 jackpot winners and 44 Group 2 winners so far. Entry to consecutive draws for the 4D Game may be made either through the Account Betting System or at an Outlet, where available.

6. People’s Park Outlet

Location: 101 Upper Cross St #01-12 People’s Park Centre, 058357

Located in the busy People’s Park Centre of Chinatown, the People’s Park Centre Branch of Singapore Pools see a large influx of Singaporeans not only living around the Chinatown area, but also from the nearby CBD working district. This branch has created 7 Jackpot winners and 30 Group 2 winners. This is one of the more popular 4D and Singapore Toto outlets in the Central Business District area.

7. Mee Lee Cheong

Location: 139 Tampines Street 11, Singapore 521139

Mee Lee Cheong Pte Ltd is the second popular Singapore Pools outlet, after the one at NTUC Tampines Mall. Mee Lee Cheong was incorporated in 1978 and has seen 7 Jackpot winners and 28 Group 2 winners.

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8. 7-11 Yishun

Location: Yishun Ave 5, #01-137 Block 102, Singapore 760102

7-11 Yishun at Avenue 5 caters to all the hopeful pundits living in the Northern part of Singapore. In fact, the small outlet sees such long queues that they extend to the outdoor areas. 7-11 Yishun has generated 7 Jackpot winners and 27 Group 2 winners.

9. IMM Outlet

Location: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #02 – 63, Singapore 609601

Just like the NTUC outlet at Tampines Mall catering to the Singaporeans staying in the East, the outlet at IMM caters to the Singaporeans living in the west. With a history of 7 Jackpot winners and 15 Group 2 winners, you can queue for your chance to strike it big, and also do your weekly shopping at IMM itself.

10. 7-11Eunos

Location: Blk.1A Eunos Cres, #01-2469/2471, Singapore 401001

The second 7-11 convenience store to make it in the top 10 rankings, the 7-11 Eunos outlet is located in a quiet spot at Eunos Crescent. This does not shake off its accolade of creating 7 Jackpot winner and 13 Group 2 winners.

How to Register for a Singapore Pools Account?

A Singapore Pools Account allows you to place bets online, or by phone. To register for an account, you must:

  • be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident,or a foreigner residing in Singapore, with a valid Singapore Foreign Identification Number (FIN)
  • be at least 21 years of age
  • provide a local mobile number
  • provide a Singapore residential address
  • not be subjected to any of these exclusions:
    • a family exclusion order made under section 162 or 165C of the Casino Control Act (‘CCA’)
    • an exclusion order made under section 165 or 165C of the CCA
    • an exclusion from any casino premises by the operation of law under section 165A(1)(a) and (b) of the CCA

To register for an account, complete this online registration form. After completing the online registration form, visit any Singapore Pools branch with your NRIC or an official document containing your FIN to verify the information submitted. Singapore Pools will also verify your account eligibility within three days with the National Council on Problem Gambling. No action is required from you. You may log into your account with your username and password to check the status of your registration.

How to Place 4D Bets at Singapore Pools Outlets?

Place your Self Pick or Quick Pick bets for Ordinary, System Entry and 4D Roll for draws conducted on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, or for six consecutive draws (including the current draw). (Source: Singapore Pools)

Mark your selections with a heavy vertical line within the correct box.

  1. Mark your Bet Type.Use another bet slip for a different bet type.If you are selecting Ordinary Entry or 4D Roll, you need not mark anything.
  2. Mark the draw days you are placing your bets for.Mark ‘6 DRAWS’ if you wish to place bets for six consecutive draws, including the current draw.If you are selecting 4D Roll, you can only place bets for one current draw.
  3. Mark the digits you wish to place bet on and your Big and/or Small bet amounts.
    • For Ordinary Entry, mark four digits. Bet cost is the bet amounts marked.
    • For 4D Roll, mark three digits in addition to ‘R’. Bet cost is the bet amounts marked multiplied by 10.
    • For System Entry, mark four digits. Bet cost is the bet amounts marked multiplied by the number of combinations for your selection.
    • For iBet, mark four digits. Bet cost is the bet amounts marked.
    Each bet slip allows you to mark up to four boards of numbers – all of the same bet type.
  4. Mark ‘SG SWEEP’ if you would also like to place a Singapore Sweep bet ending with the same last four digits. Only for 4D Ordinary bets.
  5. Mark ‘VOID’ to cancel the board. Use another board to place your bets.

You will receive a ticket after placing your bet at the outlet.


While winning the lottery is never a sure thing, knowing which outlets have had the most success in producing jackpot and group 2 winners could help you make an informed decision about where to purchase your next ticket. With our list of the top 10 winning Singapore Pools outlets for both 4D and Toto, along with our map showing the distribution of jackpot and group 2 winnings, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about where to purchase your next lottery ticket.

We hope that our comprehensive list of the top winning Singapore Pools outlets for 4D and Toto has been helpful to you. Remember, play responsibly, and good luck! Well, you might be using this statistics to plan your 4D, but please always note that 4D or Toto should always be treated for a form of gaming and fun rather than investment. While the auntie-next-door might quip, “buy a small hope to a big fortune,” the reason to why Singapore Pools still exist and is a big donor to charities lies with the fact that the house always wins no matter what. Hence, there’s no free lunch at Singapore Pools – you have been warned!

FAQ Section: Top Winning Singapore Pools Outlets for 4D and TOTO

  1. How do I locate a Singapore Pools outlet near me? To find a Singapore Pools outlet near you, visit the Singapore Pools website and use their outlet locator tool. This tool allows you to search for outlets based on your location or postal code.
  2. What are the operating hours of Singapore Pools outlets? Most Singapore Pools outlets operate daily, but the operating hours may vary from one outlet to another. Generally, they open around 8 AM and close at 9 PM. It is recommended to check the specific operating hours of the outlet you plan to visit.
  3. Can I buy 4D and TOTO tickets online? Yes, you can purchase 4D and TOTO tickets online through the Singapore Pools website or their mobile app. You will need to create an account and verify your identity before you can start buying tickets online.
  4. What are the available bet types for 4D and TOTO? For 4D, the bet types include Ordinary Entry, 4D Roll, System Entry, and iBet. For TOTO, you can choose between Ordinary Entry, System 7 to 12 Entry, and System Roll.
  5. When are the 4D and TOTO draws conducted? The 4D draws are conducted every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, while the TOTO draws take place every Monday and Thursday. The draw timings are usually around 6:30 PM for both 4D and TOTO.
  6. How can I check the results of the 4D and TOTO draws? You can check the results of the 4D and TOTO draws on the Singapore Pools website or their mobile app. Additionally, the results are displayed at all Singapore Pools outlets after the draw has taken place.
  7. What is the prize structure for 4D and TOTO? The prize structure for 4D includes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, as well as 10 consolation prizes and 10 starter prizes. For TOTO, there are seven prize groups, with Group 1 being the jackpot prize. The prize amount for each group depends on the sales of the draw and the number of winners in that group.

Have a Place to Recommend?

Your contribution is valuable to us! Are there any outstanding businesses that you believe should be added to our list? If so, please send your recommendations to us at [email protected]. Tropika Club will review your suggestions and update the list accordingly. Thank you for your help in making our list of businesses as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

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