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Why Am I Losing Instagram Followers?

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  • Overly promotional content strategy: If your content is too focused on promoting your products or services, it can turn off followers who are looking for more engaging and interesting content.
  • Posting too often: If you post too frequently, it can overwhelm your followers and cause them to unfollow you.
  • A content drought: If you stop posting for a long period of time, your followers may lose interest and unfollow you.
  • Inappropriate posts: Posting content that is offensive or inappropriate can cause followers to unfollow you.
  • Using applications that violate Instagram’s Platform Policy: Using unauthorized software or applications that violate Instagram’s policies can result in your account being shadowbanned or penalized, causing you to lose followers.


What feels great is launching a Instagram account, starting to post, and seeing the follower count go up–“they like me, they really like me!” People value your articles to want to accompany you a lot more of what you’re posting will show up in their Instagram feeds. What doesn’t feel good? When you see that number sliding back down. On a societal networking analytics report somewhere, you see a negative number, in red, at the section on”follower growth.” Bummer. So, why would you be shedding Instagram followers? If you know why people are leaving, you can take steps to fix the issues that make followers wish to leave. Here are Tropika Club‘s six reasons people unfollow others on Instagram.

1. Overly promotional content strategy

If each article you publish resembles a distressed sales advertisement, you will lose followers. It’s possible to offer deals and promotions on Instagram, however when the exact same content is replicated and insistent, your follower list will become an empty follower list. Then focus on the beauty, functionality, and enthusiasm of your product.

Offer text-based images about promotions interspersed with photos of your products or photos that provide followers a “backstage pass” to your promotions or offerings. If you provide a service, then show yourself or your staff performing that service or grinning from behind the front desk. You and your goods ought to be front and centre, with promotions appropriately sprinkled here and there in your stream of posts.

2. Posting too often

You might lose followers in case your articles come in such quick succession that people are inundated with your content and have a hard time seeing other types of content in their feed.

When this happens, it’s always safer to scale back. Though there’s no one-size-fits-all frequency for many businesses — regardless of the ‘social media gurus’ out there are telling you –there’s the best frequency for you and your business. You can discover it through experimentation.

Post less frequently (like a few times a week) and proceed up in frequency by steps to find out what it does to your participation and follows. Instagram users are more forgiving of accounts that don’t post frequently enough and less forgiving of accounts that article too often. Similarly, you might be posting a lot of the exact same sort of content. The answer here would be to review which type of material is the most effective and when it was submitted.

3. A content drought

Even though you can go through eras of frequency, stopping entirely will almost certainly hurt you.

If you haven’t participated with users or published a post in quite a while, at some stage your followers will think they are after an abandoned or forsaken account. That may lead to some follows. If you know you will experience a busy period in your business where social media may get less attention, plan ahead by scheduling posts. So now, you don’t need to make content during a busy period. For those whose active seasons are somewhat inconsistent, maintain some evergreen content ready.

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4. Inappropriate posts

Some individuals will unfollow an account should they think the content, or perhaps the tone of their content, is improper. What is inappropriate? This depends upon the audience. If you’re a rock musician, posting videos of you smashing your guitar on stage could be appropriate, but submitting a photo of yourself wearing a “Classical Music is the Best” T-shirt can lead to you losing Instagram followers (unless you are being humorous and your followers love your sense of humour).

If you’re a vegan foods business and you also post a photograph of your current deer hunting, you may deal with your fair share of unfollows (and perhaps a increase in angry comments).

Hence, always know exactly what content is appropriate to your viewers. This will not merely apply to holding words back or images; it also applies to what your audience expects from you as a new brand. Some kinds of content are inappropriate for most viewers. Other types of articles may be appropriate for one audience and unsuitable for another.

5. You’re using applications that violates Instagram’s Platform Policy

If you use an application that simplifies this coverage, your Instagram account may be”shadowbanned” or, worse, deleted. Using bots to boost your interactions with others on Instagram “can not only attract an unengaged and inauthentic following to your account, but it can also get you in trouble.”

One major indication of a platform that doesn’t abide by the policies is whether it takes you to provide your login information. You should never be required to give anyone (or some other business ) your password. Another indication of trouble is if the tool guarantees direct engagement activities, like automatically enjoying and praying for you personally.

6. Buying followers

Sure, purchasing followers can raise your own follower count in the brief term. However, you are not buying actual followers; you are purchasing bot accounts. And bot accounts usually have discovered by Instagram and purged. Remember the terrific purge of 2014?

Whatever you purchase, you will likely lose again at the long run. It’s just not worthwhile to let your ethics slide like that. Thus, stop obsessing over vanity metrics. If your content is good and you use strategic hashtags, people will see your posts and be influenced by your content, despite whether they choose to follow you. Always try to be your authentic self.

Focus on real followers. Focus on what matters.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why someone might lose followers on Instagram, including being overly promotional, posting too often or not at all, posting inappropriate content, violating Instagram’s policies, and buying fake followers. It’s important to focus on creating engaging and interesting content and following the platform’s guidelines to maintain and grow your follower base.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why am I losing followers if I post too often?

A: Posting too frequently can overwhelm your followers and cause them to unfollow you. It’s important to find a balance between posting enough to keep your followers engaged, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.

Q: What is an Instagram shadowban and how can it cause me to lose followers?

A: An Instagram shadowban is when the platform penalizes your account for violating its policies, such as using unauthorized software or spamming hashtags. This can result in your content being less visible to your followers, causing them to unfollow you.

Q: Why is buying followers not a good idea? 

A: Buying followers can result in a lack of engagement from these fake accounts, which can impact your visibility on the platform and cause real followers to unfollow you. It’s better to focus on growing your follower base organically by creating engaging and interesting content.

Q: How can posting inappropriate content cause me to lose followers?

A: Posting content that is offensive or inappropriate can cause followers to unfollow you. It’s important to be mindful of the content you post and ensure that it aligns with your brand values and the interests of your followers.

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