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7 Things Re-Opening in Phase 2 (and When It Might Happen)

7 Things Re-Opening in Phase 2 (and When It Might Happen)

Phase 2 – What could happen next?

With Phase 1 in full-swing, around 75 per cent of Singapore’s economy is back at work. But as retail, F&B, and entertainment outlets remain closed, it’s no surprise why there’s a lot of anticipation for it. But there are things still up in the air. Tropika Club checks out the 7 Things Re-Opening in Phase 2 (and When It Might Happen).

A Look into Phase 2

Phase 2, which the Singapore government defined as “Safe Transition”, could commence if community infection rates throughout Phase 1 remain low and stable. During then, officials expect almost the entire Singapore economy to resume activity.

What is re-opening in Phase 2?

1. Restaurant and Cafés can begin to serve dine-in customers

Safe distancing measures will be put in place at restaurants and cafés, and only a maximum of 5 people will be allowed for one dining party.

2. Retail Outlets

From Challenger to Uniqlo, you can probably see your favourite retail shops and departments stores pushing up their shutters again in Phase 2.

3. Wellness and Health Service Providers

However, services with prolonged exposure to close contact between people, such as massages, will need to wait for further notice.

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4. Cultural and Entertainment Venues

Libraries, galleries, theatres, and museums can open in Phase 2. If you’re missing your social calendar, you can look forward to bars and nightclubs re-opening too. You might even be able to visit exhibitions and conferences as well, should the risk assessments be favourable and safety measures are up to par.

5. Places of Worship

In Phase One, places of worship are already allowed to host private worship for no more than five households at any one time. Religious services and congregations are set to resume in Phase 2.

6. Sports Facilities

Stadiums and Swimming Pools will be allowed to open in Phase 2, albeit with reduced capacity. The Singapore Swimming Association has even laid out a guide for swimmers.

7. Schools and Institutes of Higher Learning

Schools have been re-opening gradually since the start of Phase One, while Institutes of Higher Learning can gradually increase the number of students at their campuses at any one time from the end of June.

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When will it happen in Singapore?

The Singapore government is cautious to decide on the date for Phase 2 of Singapore’s gradual re-opening, saying that the decision would only be made around in mid-June. The Straits Times reported that Singapore seems to be on track for Phase 2 before June ends.

So far, community cases of COVID-19 have been hovering from a low of 4 cases to a high of 15 cases from the week of 2 June 2020 to 8 June 2020. With that, the average daily number of community cases has doubled from 4 to 8 in the first week of Phase 1. And the National Development Minister Lawrence Wong has stated that the increase was “within expectations”.

In other parts of the world, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has recently announced that the country will drop their COVID-19 restrictions. Officials there declared that there were no remaining known active cases of the coronavirus. In Taiwan, there have fewer than 10 active cases of the coronavirus. Perhaps that offers some hope that, with proper safety measures in place and a united, informed citizenry, the coronavirus can be contained.



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