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Empress Food Centre

Top 10 Best Eats at Empress Food Centre

Empress Food Place is commonly called Farrer Road Food Centre as it is situated opposite Farrer Road, just before Holland Road. It is nestled in the residential estate of Queen’s Road and next to the Farrer Road MRT. Hawker food is very reasonably priced here. Here’s our top few picks!

Empress Food Centre

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Laksa Delight: Enjoy the rich and creamy laksa, bursting with flavor.
  • Satay Sensation: Savor the tender, juicy skewers with delectable peanut sauce.
  • Char Kway Teow: Relish the smoky, wok-fried noodles with seafood and bean sprouts.
  • Chicken Rice: Indulge in the fragrant, tender chicken with flavorful rice.
  • Nasi Lemak: Experience the coconut rice with spicy sambal, anchovies, and chicken wings.
  • Hokkien Mee: Taste the savory noodles in a rich, prawn-infused broth.

#1 – Happy World Roast

Introduction: The char siew and roasted pork were really much better than usual hawker fare. Char siew was fat and tender, some of my pieces could be considered near to being ‘melt in your mouth’. Roasted pork had crispy crackling skin. However for 2 portions of this plus hubby ordered an extra chicken cutlet, it was priced at around 12 so basically about 6 for each set. The bean curd skin was the one that had the most generous serving! May not queue again if the queue is long. (Xying Lee from Burple)

Menu Items:

  • Crispy Chicken Hor Fun
  • Char Siew Wanton Noodle
  • Hainan Chicken Rice
  • Roasted Pork Belly Rice

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-107, Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Sun to Friday 10am-4pm, Sat (closed)

Website: Website Link Here


#2 – Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee

Introduction: Tucked in Empress Market, Ah Wing s revelarec can be spotted from afar thanks to the long line. The long line is due to the traditional method of making every last noodle in the wanton mee-made plate-by-plate. In partnership with a dynamic duo, Ah Wing makes noodles plates by plates quickly and diligently, and aunty works rapidly as well, so that people can enjoy their delicious noodles.

Menu Items:

  • Dumpling Noodle
  • Char Siew Wanton Noodle
  • Dumpling Soup
  • Mushroom Chicken Feet Noodle

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-108, Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Tue to Sun 8am – 2pm (Mon off)

Website: Website Link Here

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#3 – Farrer Road Chicken Rice

Introduction: Another popular stall at Empress Market with non stop queue and usually sold out before lunch time. White (Steamed) Chicken is usually my choice but it was sold out when I am there before 11am. The Roasted Chicken is not really my type as I feel that it’s not that juicy and tender, however, their rice is worth to mention. Typically, Chicken Rice can be quite oily but u don’t see there is much oil yet it’s fragrant. (Joe Yang from Burple)

Menu Items:

  • Char Siew Wanton Noodles
  • Shredded Chicken and Prawns Noodles
  • Mushroom Chicken Feet Noodles

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-98 260007, Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Tue to Sun 8:30am – 2pm (Mon off)

Website: Website Link Here


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#4 – Fu Gui Bak Chor mee

Introduction: The noodles are bouncy, QQ, and has a good bite. It is well-savoured, tasty but not over-salted, and provides excellent amounts of ingredients including ikan bilis. It is not vinegary like Tai Hwa (I like that, too) but has a nostalgic old school flavored taste that is comforting. For something so delicious, it’s only $3 per bowl, and you don’t get it soon!

Menu Items:

  • Laksa
  • Fish & pork Ball Soup
  • Fish Ball Noodle (Dry/Soup)
  • Fish Ball & Fish Dumpling Noodle

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-100, Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Mon to Sun 7:30am – 1:30pm

Website: Website Link Here

#5 – Heng Heng Nasi Lemak

Introduction: This Nasi Lemak and Economic (steamed) Bee Hoon stall is also one that items a quick waitlist early in the morning, although it moves rapidly. They have items such as fried meatballs, French fried wantons, Thai fish fillet, and not forgetting chicken wings with a soft outer coating and tasty meat.

Menu Items:

  • Beehoon
  • Kway Tiao
  • Noodles
  • Nasi Lemak

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-83, Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Tue to Sun 5:30am-2:30pm, (Mon off)

Website: Website Link Here


#6 – Soh Food Stewed Duck

Introduction: Soh Food mainly serves stewed duck, differentiated from Teochew-style braised duck by its light brown hue, since dark soya sauce is not used here. Diners usually opt for the Duck Leg, which is a whole portion of drumstick and thigh.

Menu Items:

  • Duck Wings rice
  • Fish Maw rice
  • Pan–Seared Duck Breast with Orange Sauce
  • Duck Leg rice

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-106, Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Thurs-Tue 10:00 am to 07:00pm

Website: Website Link Here


#7 – Bunga Raya Prata Hut

Introduction: At this particular Indian stall, you can find many other Indian cuisines that are very delicious and enjoyable, such as mutton biryani, which is a fragrant, heavy rice dish loaded with spice. They offer a variety of flavored Prata to choose from, including Plain, Onion, Egg, Cheese, Banana, Mushroom, and Cheese Mushroom. The prices run from a mere dollar up to $3.

Menu Items:

  • Chicken Briyani
  • Mutton Briyani
  • Egg Prata
  • Plain Prata

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-74 Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Tue to Sun, 07:00 am – 07:30pm.
(Closed on Monday)

Website: Website Link Here

#8 – Eng Kee Prawn Noodle

Introduction: V plump and there’s prawns inside. Commendable! We finally tried this place because there was no queue that time when we visited (super rare lol) and the dimsum beside was absolutely packed(the queue looped around the shop) (Wuu Yuizzhhouu from Burple)

Menu Items:

  • Prawn Noodle

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-76 Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Tue to Sun 8:30am – 2pm (Mon off)

Website: Website Link Here


#9 – Seng Kee Porridge Noodle and Soup

Introduction: Seng Kee Fish Soup is a popular stall selling sliced fish and fried fish soups with the usual selection of noodles or rice. Shown above is their double fish soup with thick mee hoon. This double fish soup comes with both sliced fish and fried fish nuggets with some fried egg pieces, vegetables, bitter gourd slices and tomato.

Menu Items:

  • Teochew Fish Porridge
  • Seafood Noodles
  • Koka Mee
  • Bittergourd Pork Soup

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-93 Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Mon to Sun 07:00 am – 02:30 pm

Website: Website Link Here


#10 – Kuehs And Snacks

Introduction: Crafted painstakingly by our experienced Ah Ma and Ah Shen (grandmother and elderly aunties), these handmade traditional Teochew treats have all the flavor and love you would expect.

To ensure quality, every snack from the company is handmade. Our food does not contain any preservatives. To preserve tradition, ingredients are ordered directly from the original source, such as Malaysia and China; for seasonal ingredients that are not always available, high quality canned ingredients are used.

Menu Items:

  • Rice kueh
  • Yam Kueh
  • Ang Ku Kueh
  • Black Kueh
  • Cabbage Kueh

Location: 7 Empress Rd, #01-84 Singapore 260007

Opening Hour: Fri to Wed 6:30am-2pm (Tues off)

Website: Website Link Here


As I wrap up my exploration of Empress Food Centre, I can’t help but feel grateful for the rich tapestry of flavors this place offers. Every stall has its own story and unique taste. From the smoky char kway teow to the creamy laksa, each dish has left a lasting impression on my palate. The diversity here reflects Singapore’s vibrant food culture, making it a must-visit spot for any food lover.

Visiting Empress Food Centre has been a delightful experience. It’s not just about the food but also the sense of community and tradition. The hawkers’ passion and dedication shine through in every bite. I hope this guide helps you discover your new favorite dish here. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the Empress Food Centre promises a memorable culinary adventure. Enjoy your foodie journey!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the operating hours of Empress Food Centre?
A: Empress Food Centre is open daily from 7 AM to 10 PM, providing a variety of meal options throughout the day.

Q: Is there parking available at Empress Food Centre?
A: Yes, there is a nearby parking lot, making it convenient for visitors to park their vehicles.

Q: Are vegetarian options available at Empress Food Centre?
A: Yes, several stalls offer vegetarian dishes, ensuring a variety of choices for vegetarian diners.

Q: Can I find halal food at Empress Food Centre?
A: Yes, there are halal-certified stalls at Empress Food Centre, catering to Muslim diners.

Q: What is the best time to visit Empress Food Centre to avoid crowds?
A: Visiting during off-peak hours, such as mid-morning or mid-afternoon, is ideal for avoiding crowds.

Q: Do the stalls at Empress Food Centre accept cashless payments?
A: Many stalls at Empress Food Centre accept cashless payments, including PayNow, NETS, and credit cards, for added convenience.

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