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Top 10 Facial Salons in Central Singapore

These hidden gems could be right around your corner, and they could be just as good as the fancy ones in Downtown Singapore. Located in neighbourhoods filled to the brim with amenities like Toa Payoh, Orchard, Bukit Timah, and Novena, you can easily run errands after you freshen up with your favourite facial treatments. Now Tropika Club lets you take your pick from the Top 10 Facial Salons in Central Singapore we’ve discovered.

#1 June Skin Care

Introduction: When it comes to facial treatments, this is the first name that comes to mind for their happy, satisfied customers, some of them have even been returning to their store for the past 18 years. Since 1999, they have garnered countless testimonials from a myriad at the very heart of the humble Toa Payoh estate.

They pride themselves on providing utmost trust and great value, winning tributes of trust for their experienced and professional service. It’s no wonder why the customers they served through the years have even transcended generations.

The Treatments:


  • Intensive Hydrating Treatment
  • Cellular Moisturizing Treatment
  • Aromatherapy Treatment
  • Spa Radiant Pro Therapy


  • Spa Radiant Pro Therapy
  • SDX Firming Treatment
  • Signature Facial Treatment


  • Crystal Ball Sensitive Treatment
  • Aromatherapy Treatment

Check them out at:

#2 Skin Health Aesthetics


Their carefully chosen and highly trained staff is here to exceed your expectations. The same goes for their elegant salon space —dedicated to guest comfort — and their devotion to innovation and artistry. They’re focused on making your day and continually raising the bar.

They are also proud to align with Skin Health Aesthetics’s mission of ethical and sustainable business practices and its high-fashion aesthetic. They share Skin Health Aesthetics’ exceptional standards of quality products, treatments, and guest care, and everything they do reflects the standards of Skin Health Aesthetics salon.

The Treatment:

Skeyndor Essential Facial


  • Deep cleanse
  • Balancing

Essential Aroma Facial


  • Soothes Your Skin
  • Treats Poor Skin Condition
  • Removes Fine Lines
  • Exfoliates

Check them out at:

#3 One. Skin Solution

Introduction: They pride themselves on providing individualized, superior Aesthetic services using only advance technologies. However, what truly distinguishes One. Skin Solution as a leader in the beauty treatment industry, is their passion for helping people and an unwavering commitment to their clients throughout the entire treatment process.

The Treatment:


Their patented micro-needling Skin Roller treatment has been shown to be as effective as ablative resurfacing laser, chemical peels, DIPL, in stimulating elastin and collagen production.

The micro-injury kickstarts the body’s mechanism to repair, which stimulates the release of growth factors and fibroblast activity which produce collagen.
The micro-channels left by the rolling mechanism allow better penetration of active ingredients found in serums and home care products.


Dermaceutic Milk Peel is formulated to treat for the appearance of fine lines, dull complexion and loss of tone without any downtime. At One. Skin Solution, we complete the treatment with a calming gel mask combined with LED light to soothe the skin and promote healing!

Check them out at:

#4 Theresa Body Skin Wellness (Toa Payoh)

Introduction: Established in 1987, Theresa Beauty started out in Ang Mo Kio with its first outlet and expanded to other outlets islandwide. Theresa Body Skin Wellness started out with humble beginnings and through their team of experienced aestheticians, they have established the brand as a household name with the support of their loyal customers and team members.


To help their employees and customers to get more out of life. Achieve optimal health, fulfilled life at work through supportive partnerships and genuine service from the heart.


At Theresa, they see every customer as a seed of potential beauty. Seeds come together to form the petals of a blooming flower, exemplifying Theresa’s mission to help customers develop a fabulous shape by unveiling the potential beauty within them.

The Treatments:

SygmaLIFT HIFU is the latest HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology designed to enhance non-surgical face lifts. The facelift transformation process is pain-free, injection-free & surgical-free.

Utilising the innovative Tri-Micro Focal Ultrasound, the SygmaLIFT HIFU can target 3 depth under the skin to regenerate collagen production. Used in conjunction with the cold laser, it can:

  • Promote more effective healing & tissue repair
  • Stimulate collagen production-Melt the facial fats to lift and tighten skin

Popularly known as 水光针, this treatment is the most requested in all of Korea’s aesthetic clinics as it’s the break through innovation from Asia that instantly quenches & hydrates skin. Skin booster will replenish the nutrients that our quenching skin loses over time with aging-Hyaluronic penetrating underneath the skin -Retains moisture for a longer period of time with Collagen forming from the Hyaluronic Acid

Check them out at:

  • Location: Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central, #01-134, Singapore 310177
  • Hotline: +65 6482 1187
  • Website: https://theresa.com.sg/

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#5 Wellaholic

Introduction: Wellaholic’s vision is to help its customers look their best with the best rates in Singapore. They offer a range of aesthetic services, including technology facials, microneedling, permanent hair removal, hair regrowth, fat freeze, RF body sculpting and teeth whitening.

Wellaholic has six outlets, with Tai Seng as HQ, Jurong East, Orchard, Clarke Quay, Tg Pagar and Lavender. They believe in offering quality services to their customers, with excellent customer service and definitely no hard-selling.


At Wellaholic, they are constantly reviewing their Brand Promise, which is to:

1. Provide affordable treatments for their customers

2. Help their customers see results with treatments that are backed by science and research

3. Ensure availability of capacity so that customers can make bookings easily online

4. Deliver exceptional customer service, and listen to their customers

The Treatments:

Elight Facial Collagen Boost RF & IPL: Effective way to rejuvenate skin, reduce wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity. It stimulates the structural change of collagen fibers to its original elasticity.

AFTERGLOW™: Red light therapy is the process of exposing skin to red light wavelengths which have low energy. Unlike other light wavelengths, this is absorbed into the skin to a depth of about 10mm where it can heat and positively affect cells and processes within the body.

DIAMOND PEEL: A Diamond Peel is a mechanical exfoliation that removes excess oil, dirt, and dead cells on the surface of the skin to reveal younger, brighter skin. This non-invasive treatment can improve the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines, even out patchy complexion, and reduce mild to moderate acne breakouts.

REFA with Retinol: REFA roller mimics the massage motions of an aesthetician and works to improve skin density and elasticity. The retinol serum works to neutralize free radicals, stimulate collagen production and accelerate skin turnover, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and blurring acne marks and other blemishes in the process.

Deep Repair Mask: Using the patented “FCP (Repair Factor)”, the formulation can activate the mechanism of the cell regeneration, stimulate the synthesis of the collagen and elastin, reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve ageing skin.

Check them out at:

  • Location:
  • 210A Telok Ayer Street (Level 2), Singapore 068643
  • 545 Orchard Road, #04-11, Far East Shopping Centre (Note: not Far East Plaza), Singapore 238882
  • 2 Havelock Road, #01-34, Havelock II Mall, Singapore 059763
  • 16M Penhas Road (Level 2), Singapore 208180
  • Hotline:
  • Tanjong Pagar Outlet: +65 8499 8984
  • Orchard Outlet: +65 8869 5640
  • Clarke Quay Outlet: +65 9058 5640
  • Lavender Outlet: +65 6816 8038

#6 Artemis Beauty (Bukit Timah)

Introduction: Get treated and pampered with relaxing beauty services such as facials, body treatments, massages, and nail therapies. The staff at Artemis Beauty Centre maintain the quality of their services with modern technologies from brands like Vinushape and Ortus.

The Treatment:

Microneedle Therapy

Hilumi-I Treatment

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne Treatment

VinuShape Mini RF Treatment

  • RF Face Lifting Treatment
  • Oligo Facial Treatment

Check them out at:

#7 Asia Wellness

Introduction: Asia Wellness was incorporated by a group of beauty professionals to cater to the exponential growth and demand for beauty and slimming services. Being a full-service beauty salon, they cater to all your beauty needs, ranging from Facial, Slimming to Wellness and Waxing.

Located conveniently at the Hub of Toa Payoh, they are dedicated to provide high customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality of services. In keeping with their company’s commitment, they focus on the continuous innovation of new and effective treatments to customers.

The Treatments:

  • Asia Wellness Mesotherapy Roller Treatment
  • Asia Wellness Living Cells Treatment
  • RF Treatment
  • IPL Treatment
  • Oxygen Treatment
  • Asia Wellness Face Gua Sha Treatment

Check them out at:

#8 Love de Beauteous

Introduction: Love de Beauteous is a spa in Toa Payoh Central, which provides a wholesome pampering service from facial treatment, body relaxing massage, to post natal/surgery massage and pain relief treatment. They specialise in sliming and body contouring treatment. Established in 2007, Love de Beauteous aims to provide you an affordable service to help you in health and beauty from the inside out. They serve you with their sincerit.

The Treatments:

Signature Energy Ion Facelift

Signature Energy Ion Facelift drains the toxins from the environment and the body, any condition that is interfering with the natural function of the muscles and nervous system are isolated and reduced through continued administrations of the therapy.

Signature Face Gua Sha

Signature Face Gua Sha is deeply relaxing and has an all over therapeutic benefits. Using meridian points, massage techniques and Gua Sha will directly improve the conditions and tone of your face and stimulate the organ on the affected meridian.

Signature MTM Face Therapy

Signature MTM Face Therapy firms saggy skin, reduces wrinkles, contours face shape, and eases headache and migraines.

MTM Eye Therapy

MTM Eye Therapy helps reduce dark circles and eye bags

Check them out at:

#9 Mary Chia (Novena)

Introduction: Mary Chia is a homegrown and leading beauty and wellness spa brand with over 30 years of experience and expertise in providing premium and quality beauty, slimming and spa services for women. To date, Mary Chia has ten studios in Singapore and six studios in Malaysia. Mary Chia is also the first lifestyle and wellness service provider to be listed on the SGX-ST Catalist board in August 2009. The Mary Chia brand has received numerous awards and accolades over the years. Founders Ms Mary Chia and CEO Ms Wendy Ho were both awarded The Entrepreneur of the Year Award, organized by ROTARY-ASME in 2004. In 2005, Mary Chia was awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award. Mary Chia was awarded Superbrands in year 2004/2005 and also in 2009. They are also accredited by CASETrust and ISO certified for service excellence.

The Treatments:

75-Minute Mary Chia Signature Cryoboost Facial

Combining hot and cold hammer massage techniques to stimulate cell activation under your skin, this treatment improves blood circulation and revitalises skin texture for a healthier glow and younger-looking skin. Blue light emitted from the application also has the added benefit of soothing sensitive skin and improving skin elasticity.

75-Min Supersonic Facial

Smooth out facial planes with this 75-min Supersonic facial that uses specific frequencies to penetrate the skin and stimulate skin tightening and rejuvenation. The treatment also helps to sculpt and tone the cheeks, jowl, neck, and jawline areas for more chiselled and defined features.

Check them out at:

#10 Skin Labo


Established in 2011, Skin Labo’s purpose is to help female city-dwellers combat the ageing of their bodies and skin. Incorporating the use of both Chinese and Western knowledge, Skin Labo takes care of their customers’ faces and specialises in weight management, ovarian care, hormonal balancing, infertility, irregular menstruation and other types of treatments and health maintenance therapies.

Skin Labo offers you a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the face, body and soul. With a customized and certified range of facial products exclusively from Dermalogica, you can indulge in skincare analysis, facial treatments for various skin types as well as soothing face massages in serenity and tranquillity.

The Treatments:


Real Time Results, Every Time! 100% Customized to each individual’s Skin Health Needs.

  • Skin Hydrating Facial Treatments
  • Blemish / Acne Control Facial
  • Treatments Ultra Calming Serious Relief (For Sensitized) Skin Facial Treatments
  • Brightening / Whitening Facial Treatments
  • Pigmentation Lightening Treatments
  • RF Multivitamin Power Lifting Facial Treatments
  • Pigmentation Lightening Treatments (CPL -Pigmentation Lightening Treatment)
  • Demabrasion Diamond Peel customized Facial


  • Hydrating Eye Treatments-Anti
  • Stress Treatments-Diamond Peel Eye Treatments
  • RF Eye Contour Power Lifting Treatments
  • Signature Neck Treatments-Diamond Peel Eye Treatments
  • RF Neck / Chest Contour Power Lifting Treatments

Check them out at:

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