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COVID-19 Circuit Breaker: What’s Allowed and Not Allowed?

From 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020, Singapore will enter a “circuit breaker” phase, to prevent the COVID-19 infections from spiralling upwards. So, what can you do or not do during this period? The Tropika Club team sifts through the various guidelines from the Singapore government agencies and has compiled it into a simple FAQ for your easy reference.

Eating Out

Can I still dine out? No you cannot dine out. While food and beverage outlets are still open, and can still operate, they are only able to prepare for takeaways and deliveries. Hence, while you can go purchase a takeaway, you are not allowed to eat or drink at any F&B premises.

What F&B outlets are operational? All F&B outlets include the following: coffee shops, food centres, food courts as well as any other food outlets with a valid food license. All cafes, bakeries, bubble tea chains, etc. are all open, but for you to order and collect as take-away only.

Are food delivery services still operational? Yes they are. You can choose from the usual food delivery services from the list below:

What about wine deliveries? Yes wine deliveries are also operational during this period. You can try from the list of wine and booze merchants below:

COVID-19 Circuit Breaker: What's Allowed and Not Allowed?

Buying Groceries

Are the markets and supermarkets still open? Yes all wet markets, super markets, wholesale markets as well as provision shops and the like would still be open for Singaporeans to make essential purchases. The food supply chain would be maintained to ensure that there will be adequate food supply for everyone in Singapore.

Can I purchase groceries online too? Yes you can, but do note that many online grocers have suspended or delayed deliveries due to demand. Nevertheless, you can check the list of online grocers here:

Are there any deliveries for specific fresh produce? Yes, you can choose from the following grocers for specific fresh produce besides the usual supermarkets:

Are there any deliveries for halal fresh produce? Yes, there are companies specialising in halal groceries and deliveries. Check them out below:

COVID-19 Circuit Breaker: What's Allowed and Not Allowed?

Going to Work

Can I still go to work? All businesses, with exception for businesses that provide essential services, must close for this period. If you are able to work from home, you can still work. For businesses that provide essential services, they must submit a general application at this link, and get a reply within 48 hours to inform whether the business is able to continue with the support of essential services.

Moving around Singapore

Am I able to move around Singapore? Yes you can still move around Singapore, but for only essential services, such as the purchase of groceries. If you are going to drive, the Electronic Road Pricing charges to all gantries will be removed until 4 May 2020.

Will public transport still be available? Yes, public buses and MRT will still operate as normal. Also, taxis and private-hire cars are still going to roam the streets.

General Shopping

Can I still shop in Singapore? As all non-essential services are to close from 7 April 2020 onwards, only stores providing essential services will be open. Here is an updated list of stores that would be open:

  • Capital Optical – All stores open with new opening hours (11am-8pm)
  • Owndays – All stores open with revised opening hours
  • Spectacle Hut – All stores open
  • Watsons – All stores open
  • Guardian – All stores open
  • 7-Eleven – All stores open

Entertainment and Recreation

Will I be able to go to museums or tourist attractions? All attractions, theme parks, museums, casinos, etc. will be closed. All sports and recreational facilities, such as public swimming pools, gyms, fitness studios and country clubs will be closed. Singapore’s two integrated resorts would also be closed, including the ArtScience Museum, Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark and Dolphin Island. Parks are still open if you are keen to go for a job or exercise, but always observe safe-distancing.

Am I able to go on a staycation in one of the hotels in Singapore? Unfortunately, you will not be able to do that as all hotels are not permitted to accept new guests during this period. Some hotels would be used to house returning Singaporeans who have to be on stay-home notices.

COVID-19 Circuit Breaker: What's Allowed and Not Allowed?

Banking and Finance

Can I still withdraw cash? Yes you can still make cash withdrawals and make deposits. You can also do fund transfers. Other services such as insurance and financial advisory services can still proceed.

Visiting Friends and Relatives

Can I meet my relatives or my friends? The government has instructed everyone to stay at home and avoid visiting friends and relatives. Instead of meeting them in person, you can try to use video or phone to get in touch with them. This is to prevent any further transmission of the COVID 19 virus. For seniors especially, it is crucial for them to stay at home as they are most vulnerable to the virus.

Can I visit someone in the hospital? You are strongly advised not to visit someone in the hospital. While ward visits are allow, there will be strict control, so in the rare event you need to visit someone in the hospital, be prepared for long waiting times. Please wear your face masks when visiting in the hospitals.

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